Lying in the Sun

The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game

Well the Met do appear to like big numbers.

DCI Andy Redwood claimed to have, not two or three, five or six, ten or twenty leads in this case but  -

He also had, on a good day, upwards of 20 suspects/persons of interest, and on others - around a dozen, or 8, or 10.

Back in May 2013 Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell stated:

  • "That it is perfectly probably that the information needed to unlock the case is somewhere in the files in Portugal."
(That of course would be the files which the Met also had in their possession) 

The Metropolitan Police also stated:

  • 'Our work is happening to support the Portuguese'
  • 'Several people merit further investigation.'
And Martin Brunt had this to say at that time:
  • "Scotland Yard has said it has identified 'more than a handful' of suspects for the MURDER of Madeleine McCann in its Review of the Portuguese case."
And this too from Brunt:

  • Some of them or most of them are foreigners, non- British and they appear to be largely names that came up in the original investigation but weren’t properly investigated or interviewed. 
And Brunt also had this to say:  

  • "But it was unusual for Hamish Campbell the Head of Homicide at Scotland Yard to say what he did a couple of days ago, and you know he clearly believes that there are perhaps a dozen potential suspects, but he wouldn't go any further than that, that should be spoken to."

  • "But erm, the issue is, as it has always been since the official Portuguese Investigation was closed down after 15 months. Erm, it's a question of re-opening that, and to what degree does the Portuguese authorities have an appetite to go and talk to these people.  Scotland Yard can't do it."

So, the case was re-opened and the Portuguese seem to have found their appetite!

And would you believe the Metropolitan Police DO believe that Madeleine was dead when removed from the holiday apartment.

They took a while to reach the conclusion (either two or three years, depending if Brunty didn't slip up back in 2013 when he said he 'M' word) that is the same conclusion that the Portuguese Police reached almost instantly - that Madeleine Beth McCann died in the holiday apartment in Portugal!

Where the two police forces part company it would seem is that the Metropolitan Police, according to reports, believe that burglars murdered the little girl, then carried her through the streets of PDL!

The Portuguese Police 
(original investigation) believe that the child died of an accident in the apartment and her death covered up by her parents.  The now Portuguese Investigation, if correctly reported say that the child died at the hands of foreigner (s) now no longer in the country.   McCanns and their buddies, foreigners to Portugal and now no longer in the country?

Burglars don't murder little kids!   And in this case, do we really believe that locals, burglars who watched the apartment, the McCanns in preparation of a robbery, then murdered a child and then walked openly through the streets of the village?  Who, more than locals would know the streets how to make an escape in any circumstance, unseen?

Little kids have accidents, and little kids waking in an unfamiliar holiday apartment, having been abandoned to fend for themselves, left to their own devices, distressed, and finding they are alone, search for their parents, so easily they can come to harm, have a fatal fall when attempting to look out of a window or a fall on the stairs outside the apartment.

Kate McCanns best friend gave witness statement to the Portuguese Police, that Kate McCann told her, and the others at the dinner table on the night Madeleine was reported as missing, that she and Gerry McCann had left the patio door open/unlocked so that Madeleine could get out to go and look for her mummy and daddy.

A child in the dark, distressed, a fall on the tiled flooring, falling from a chair having climbed to a window, or falling on the narrow steep stairs in the dark of night - more likely than a burglar murdering her.

Andy Redwood needs to get a grip on that theory!

Nevertheless, both forces are in tune with regards the child having died before being removed from the apartment.

So why are the McCanns still insisting she is alive?   And this happy outcome Gerry McCann has been speaking of - it sure isn't, that Madeleine will come bouncing through the door, not if what the Met have said is anything to go by.

Could Gerry's happy outcome be that the Metropolitan Police are not including him and Kate, their buddies in their NUMBERS?

I think that would delight McCann!

But how can they not be included when so many lies have been told?

It is reported that the persons recently interviewed were subjected to 253 questions?

Whether that means that each were asked the same 253 questions or whether a total of 253 questions were prepared by the Met for the Portuguese Police to ask of these witnesses generally.

Whichever it is, it is way more than Kate McCann was asked when questioned by the Portuguese Police.  She failed to answer. Failed to help her missing daughter.

Perhaps some of these persons may have chosen to do likewise exercise their right to not answer.

But how many questions did Scotland Yard pose the McCanns and their buddies?  And what did they ask?

Did Redwood get the answer as to why they have all lied?

Why Gerry McCann changed his story 7 days after giving his first Police witness statement to Portuguese Police as to which entrance he used to access the apartment that night?

Why did Russell O'Brien say he had checked on the McCann children when he had not on one of the nights?

Why did Matt Oldfield say he checked the McCann children when he quite clearly did not?

Why did he decide on that night to listen at the McCann shutters when he had never done so before? Did he actually do this? Probably not!

Why did they ALL concoct stories of having checked each other's kids when they did not?   (See the blogs above - 'Just Checking')

Why did Jane Tanner say she saw a man carrying off a child, that the McCanns are still insisting on their website was Madeleine being abducted - when this was not so?

There are probably more than 253 questions needing answered by the McCanns - but did anyone at the Yard ask them?

It is impossible for Scotland Yard if questions were asked of the McCanns and their buddies, not to have them on the suspect list.

DCI Andy Redwood insists they are not suspects.

I wonder how he then is able to explain away the lies?

Quite obviously the simple fact that the McCanns and their buddies have lied regarding the events of that night, the checking of the children, indicates that they are covering something up?

Not possible for the investigating Met Officers to have missed this?

So what are they doing?

I've swayed back and forth on this one, at times thinking a whitewash at others giving the benefit of the doubt, hoping that the Met are doing what they must know they should be for young Madeleine.

Of late though I find it difficult to see that they are.   They appear not interested in the McCann party.  Which truly is quite inconceivable.

And one has to ask, which of the 4 persons already questioned as arguido in the last few days, does Redwood think carried Madeleine through the streets?

The same one whom he believes murdered her?   Perhaps the lad of 16 or the guy with mental health disorder?

Imagine a gang of burglars all set to steal a watch or a wallet or two. They come across a little girl awake crying for her mummy and daddy who had abandoned her.   They don't club the child over the head kill her, and carry her off.

They take to their heels and run as quickly and as far away as is possible leaving the child the wallets and the watches behind.

There was no sign of a break-in at the McCann apartment, and no sign, evidence of any intruder.  Nothing taken.  The apartment forensically clean.

Well almost, apart from the alerts by the cadaver/blood dogs.

DCI Redwood has to apply a bit of common sense here.   If he believes the McCanns and their buddies were checking these children as frequently as they say.   If he believes a burglar entered the apartment and killed Madeleine then these same burglars must have spent some time in that apartment doing a clean up job.

And that too is just not possible in the time they would have had between the McCann party checks.

Doesn't make any sense Andy!

But what difference to the investigation does that make?  Not a jot it would seem, as DCI Redwood plods on with his ridiculous theory - with no proof or evidence to support it!

If Redwood and his team are going to plod along with this theory then there are a whole lot of questions he/they need to answer...

How did the burglars gain access?
At what time?
Where in the apartment was Madeleine murdered?
How was she murdered?

The above, and a million and one others, he will need to give explanation, and not least how Gerry McCann found the bedroom door to be more widely open if the burglars didn't strike until after the alleged Oldfield check!

It's really not necessary for Redwood to speak to every person whose phone pinged in Portugal on that night.

Hamish Campbell said the answer to what became of Madeleine, lay in the Portuguese Files - and it does - because the Portuguese Police investigated thoroughly - they put it there.

Unfortunately people who commit heinous crimes are not always caught, charged, found guilty in a Court of Law.   Knowing who did the deed is one thing, obtaining sufficient evidence to prove it absolutely, quite another.   The Portuguese know what happened to Madeleine for sure, and they know she did not die at the hands of a burglar.

The information (that we know of) contained in the files points to involvement in some way by the McCanns and their buddies.   NOT to burglars!

If DCI Andy Redwood and his Met team had anywhere close to any evidence against those interviewed, charges against the burglars would have been brought.

As it stands, he appears to be ignoring what he does have - the information contained in the files in respect of the McCanns and their buddies.

Ignoring also crucial statements made by various police authorities in respect of the McCanns and their buddies, their police witness statements! 

Portuguese Police:

'If these witness statements do not totally exclude the possibility of an abduction, they make the theory LESS CREDIBLE.   As a result, the answer MUST lie elsewhere.  NOTABLY WITH THE GROUP OF FRIENDS (parents included)  

Carlos Anjos, Association of Police Investigators:

"They said that every half hour they would go and look in on the children, and ALL of them, we found in EVERYBODY'S statement some questions that suggest that actually they DIDN'T go and see the children."

The Assistant Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police speaking of Gerry and Kate McCann:

"While one or both of them MAY be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine's disappearance.  

And British Forensic Scientist Professor Barclay said the scene at the apartment appeared staged.

Retired British Detective John Stalker said the McCanns and their buddies are hiding something!

Why is it then that only DCI Andy Redwood and the team of Met Detectives assigned to this case appear not to see what ALL others do?

Some say that the Metropolitan Police cannot possibly be in the middle of a whitewash that they cannot possibly pin the blame for Madeleine's disappearance on an 'innocent' as they would have to falsify evidence so to may or may not be a whitewash...but falsifying evidence is really not that difficult and certainly pinning the blame on an innocent, not something that hasn't happened before.

If the McCanns are being protected and the Mets instruction is to 'look the other way' that is something that is even more easily done than pinning a crime on an innocent victim, though if it has to be pinned on anyone, who better than if that person is no longer of this world/ has mental health problems/ was no more than a child at that time/black/a Johnny foreigner!

At the moment that looks exactly like what is happening - they are ignoring the obvious, so easy, for them to now say, they have investigated all avenues, done their best, and close the case.

I would not be surprised if this happens!

Interesting though, that some seem to be of the opinion, that a whitewash, pinning blame on another is something impossible.

Even the Tapas Bunch believe this is possible - they accused the Portuguese Police of doing exactly that to them!

Read the Tapas Refusal Blogs above - particularly Refusal 1 and Refusal 2 - Oldfield's and Tanner's the accusations they made against Portuguese Police.   These two, two of the main players in the events of the night Madeleine was reported as missing.

They both feared the police would find holes in their stories.

Truth is, they and the others, already knew the police had discovered holes in their stories.

They, in my opinion already knew Madeleine was dead - Why else would a bunch of doctors REFUSE to help a missing child?

They would, however they said, (Oldfield) return to Portugal if it in any way helped the arguido status of the McCanns being dropped.

Proof positive to me at least they knew the fate of Madeleine.

Who refuses to go back and help the missing youngster, but declares they would be happy to go back to help the parents who abandoned and neglected her, to aid in any way the dropping of their suspect status?

Time for Redwood to wake up and smell the coffee - re-shuffle his numbers - only the number EIGHT should be of interest to him - but he knows that!

I'd love to believe he is fooling this horrible lot, but sadly I am far from convinced.

The pantomime the Met have been part of these last couple of months, with everything filmed - that's just farcical.

If any of the persons they planned to interview were guilty, does Redwood really think they would all be still hanging around Portugal after the weeks and months of advance warning the Met gave that they were coming?

And whenever do the police when about to pounce on suspects, real suspects make sure that it is filmed for the watching world?

I'm just not buying it!
3rd July 2014

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