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The Open Door

The Open Door

Well Andy Redwood really has landed the McCanns and their companions with a huge problem.

We now know, according to Redwood there was supposedly a British father – a swarthy looking Brit - who walked through Praia da Luz with his little daughter the night Madeleine vanished, the child dressed only in pyjamas. 

It is hardly likely that a British tourist would do this – they’ve got a thing about wrapping up warmly and making sure their kids are well wrapped in cold weather.  And it was cold that night!

This little two year old, but a baby really, out in the night only in pyjamas her daddy all cosy in his jacket and heavy brogues...

Didn’t happen! 

Even if the father forgot to take along a blanket he could have borrowed one from crèche or wrapped his child in his jacket as any parent would.

When this guy was thought of (by the gullible) as being the abductor, it was okay for him not to have wrapped the child warmly, he was in a hurry to make his escape – abductors don’t wrap kids warmly was the general consensus of opinion.

An abductor would not wrap a child warmly but a loving caring  parent of a two year old baby would have made sure that child was wrapped up on such a cold night!

But we understand, for the purpose of the PR for the McCanns to make them appear like innocent parents Redwood had to get  Tanner’s sighting out of the picture somehow – He came up with his dad and daughter story – this way he wasn’t saying that Tanner was an outright liar – people already knew she was so I guess he and McCanns weighed it up, and weren’t too bothered by their latest plan how it would reflect on her – they just couldn’t allow her version to stand in the way of what they were going to present to the public…

If Redwood had only listened to the Portuguese Police six years ago – he’d have been saved all of this hassle!

What remains is the Smith sighting.

Could this guy be the same guy Tanner saw?

Could he just be another tourist carrying his pyjama clad child home just as in the first sighting?

Why ever not, if we are to accept one father did this, why not more than one?

Seems this is what British tourists were doing in Praia da Luz – either abandoning their children at night – or carrying them through the cold dark streets in their nightwear!

If the first sighting was an innocent father taking home his child, so might the second one.

The first guy took six years to notice Madeleine was missing, and that there had been an efit circulating online around the world of ‘him!’ – the second guy might take six more!

What we do know for sure though is that the second guy looked like Gerry McCann according to Martin Smith.

What we now also know and more crucially is that Andy Redwood forgot to do a reconstruction?  I wonder why?

Doing a little bit jiggery pokery deeming a sighting of an alleged abductor not to be - is not a reconstruction!

Without it we cannot establish the movements of the McCann party and without that we cannot establish at what time the alleged abductor struck!

Redwood by ruling out Tanner's sighting as the alleged abductor, ruled out also the alleged abductor having struck at  9.15 –  which was his purpose.  But when then did this alleged abductor strike?

Could it be that Redwood did not do a reconstruction as it would throw up all of the inconsistencies?

Dabbling with the Tanner sighting, whilst it gave him a bigger wider window of opportunity – as we thought would be his aim - still leaves the investigation with the same problems as before in fact it presents more problems!

Getting rid of Tanner’s man as being the alleged abductor was supposed to alleviate the problems, not exacerbate them.

One problem being that darn bedroom door in the McCann holiday apartment!

Gerry McCann on his check at 9:05 approx found the bedroom door to be wide open (not as he had left it.)

McCann assures us that none of his three children were awake or had been awake.  If the twins had been they would not have been able to climb out of their cots. 

And Madeleine he said was sound asleep, exactly as he had left her on top of the bed, in the very same position.  She had not moved an inch.  Her soft toy cat and her pink blanket still beside her!

So Gerry and Kate McCann left the apartment around 8.30 pm.

Gerry McCann returns just after 9.00 pm and finds the bedroom door where his children slept wide open.

So who opened it?    

We now cannot lay the blame on the guy Tanner saw, as Redwood has said he, like the McCanns and their holiday companions is a non- suspect.

For six years those who believed the McCann story have thought of this man as being the one who was in the McCann apartment before Gerry arrived the one who opened the bedroom door.

Redwood has ruled out this man as the abductor – so someone else was in the McCann apartment before Gerry arrived for his check and opened that door?

Must have!

Gerry then closes the door back over so that it is only a tiny gap, and leaves to head back to tapas bar.

Matthew Oldfield arrives at apartment at around 9.30.   What does Oldfield find?

The bedroom door open wide!  So wide he can see right in the room, a clear view of the twins in their cots and he can also see over to the bed which was under the window, he can see the end of it.

So after Gerry McCann left and closed the bedroom door.  Someone opened it again before Oldfield arrived?

Wasn’t the innocent guy Tanner saw he would be home by then trying to warm his baby daughter's cold bare feet!

Now Gerry finding the door open, closing it over, then Oldfield finding it open again – was all fine when they ‘made it up’ to tie with Tanner’s supposed sighting of the alleged ‘abductor’ at 9.15 – but oh dear – it now doesn’t fit!

If we are to take it that the man the Smith’s saw was an abductor carrying Madeleine off – Why would he have been in the McCann apartment before 9pm opening the bedroom door just prior to Gerry McCann arriving, and either still being in the apartment or having returned to it, after Gerry left, in time to open the bedroom door again before Oldfield arrived at 9.30?

Even if we say he was in the apartment at this time and left right after McCann did – why was he still wandering around almost 45 minutes later the time of the Smith sighting?

An abductor would not have been hanging around the McCann apartment all of this time.

So who opened the bedroom door – twice?

Looks like the bedroom door has them snookered!

Indeed, Redwood disposing of Tanner’s sighting as in saying the guy seen was not an abductor, widened the window of opportunity, but that would only have worked if not for the darn bedroom door!

That wide open bedroom door is what alerted the McCanns on their separate visits that someone had been in their apartment.

Someone therefore had to have been in apartment 5A - 

  • before Gerry McCann did his check at 9.05 pm for that bedroom door to have been open when McCann arrived.

  • still there or returning to the apartment after McCann left to open it again before Oldfield arrived at 9.30 pm.

This is what happens when people lie, they have to keep lying, then they get in a mess forgetting what they said previously, trying to change events move the pieces of their so called puzzle around, take pieces out, and then when they try to put it all back together again - nothing fits!

Back to the drawing board for the Yard and I don't doubt for a moment - the are re-writing their next chapter as we blog.
15th October 2013

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