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The Poulton Pong

The Poulton Pong

An adult and a professional she declared on Twitter last evening, who does not need the permission of others to do as she pleases, or doorstep at the home of young children presumably?

But isn't that the oddest of things.

For weeks Poulton has been promoting a documentary which she will bring to the world.  She cannot speak too much about it (of course she can't ) she'll wait until after the inquest into the death of Brenda Leyland before she does.

But why the wait?

It cannot be out of respect for Ms Leyland, else she would have kept silent completely until after the inquest?

So what else could explain the wait?  What else could explain her promoting a documentary which she has no date of airing?  

Poulton has been drip feeding her frenzied followers, feeding them a diet of Kate McCann for weeks now.  All salivating at the thought of Kate McCann being doorstepped, pertinent questions put to her.

As if!   In the real world like that is going to happen.  Kate McCann standing politely answering questions. Questions she refused to answer when put to her by police.  Questions which for almost 8 years she has avoided like the plague.  Paid top lawyers, Clarence Mitchell £hundreds thousands to make sure she was never made answerable for ANYTHING in connection with the suspicious disappearance/death of her daughter Madeleine.

So what are the chances that this documentary will feature Kate McCann co-operating with Poulton, she never fully co-operated with police, so why would she entertain Poulton on her own doorstep?

Short answer - she would not!

So is Poulton's hype, exactly that, just hype, and the only thing the viewer will be getting their teeth into, is not Kate McCann, but a damp squib?

Only time will tell.

But it is the curious pong that surrounds Poulton that is concerning.  Haven't quite put my finger on exactly what is the stench, but I think safe to say, I think I smell a rat! 

All the hooha from Gerry McCann, demanding that people be silenced, that those persons online who dare question him, his wife, their outrageous story of abduction, be sent to prison no less!  Yet here we have Poulton who has now posted pictures, pictures taken of her, standing right outside the front door of the McCann home, a cameraman filming her.  So at least three persons present.   Poulton, cameraman, and the person who took the still.

Now if I turned up and hung around the McCann front door this morning, just stood there on their front path, their lawn, whatever, taking pictures, filming, you can bet your boots that a few burly British Bobbies would have me removed pretty darn quickly, and I would have been made an example of - the horrid individual who had stalked the McCann family.

You can be sure that Gerry McCann would have contacted Clarence Mitchell (before the police) who would in turn have had this splattered across Sky News, the press, the story of how Kate and Gerry McCann had been been threatened by an intruder on their property. How the McCann family feared for their lives, the lives of their children.  Stories of how the little ones had been so affected by this.  You can be sure Clarence would have had a team down there pronto to capture on film the evil do'er being arrested.

Brunt, in his little piece, accused people of threatening McCann family simply because they lived in the same area, frequented the same stores, leisure centres, in fact they were a threat simply for having breathed the same air as the McCanns!

But what do we have here, in case of Poulton -  Perfect silence!

Poulton has been on about her documentary for many weeks.  She has been bickering on twitter (so utterly unprofessional) with the nasty individual that is Jim Gamble.   So has made no secret of this documentary.

The McCanns have there man 'Wright' trawling the internet on a daily basis we are told, so it would be reasonable to say that the McCanns knew to expect a 'visit' from Poulton.   And knowing this, it seems extraordinary that Kate McCann would then be 'caught out' by Poulton (if as Poulton is saying, this is the case)   Also the McCanns it has been reported in the press in the past have some state of the art security system in place at their home.

Yet Poulton from what we can establish, waltzed onto the McCann property and 'tackled' shall we say Kate McCann, and not a murmur from Clarence Mitchell, Sky, Murdoch, not even a word from that nice man at the Sun, who brought us Cristobell's Trollgate.  

More importantly, not a word from Gerry McCann, the police!

I haven't as yet figured out as I said what the pong around Poulton is, but it pervades the internet.

Poulton last evening declared that she will NOT be answering any more questions put to her on Twitter regarding this documentary, but wait for it, she will throw you a bone bring you good folks a bit more to chew - very SOON... Mmm yummy.

Two main questions here:

  • Why is Poulton behaving as she is, on twitter arguing with others, drip feeding the twit people, what she wants them to hear? Not professional.

  • And why have the McCanns not said a word about all of this?  Not like them to pass up an opportunity to play the victims.

Not like them, not by a long shot.

Do the McCanns not want to say anything about it, as it might draw unwelcome attention to them the part they played in the circumstances which led to the tragic death of Brenda Leyland?

I don't think that would stop McCann.  They are not that sensitive.

They appeared at a function just after Ms Leyland's death, and McCann smirked when a question about same was put to him.  So he really doesn't give a rats ass about that.  We're talking the two people who have stood on the steps of a Lisbon Court in front of TV cameras from around the world, and lied through their teeth about many things.  They are the people who have stood in Court and before the Court been untruthful.   They are the people whose police witness statements could have been written by Pinnochio!

So NO, if McCann their teams of lawyers, Mitchell et al have said not a thing about Poulton parking her fanny on their property, I'd hazard a guess that fanny was welcome!

Poulton's build up to her documentary is panning out just like DCI Redwood's build up to Crimewatch 2013...trailers and all!

The Poulton Pong certainly pervades the online air, she knows what it is, possibly the McCanns and their team know too, together concocted this new scent?  And  of course that nice man, rat face from the Sun he for sure is used to splashing Eau de Rodent all over!

I find the idea of Poulton having doorstepped at the home of the McCann children abhorrent absolutely nothing can justify her actions in this regard.

If it is a case that the McCann couple are somehow involved in the Poulton Pong, then all hang their heads in shame!
2nd February 2015

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