Lying in the Sun

The Refusals - 1

The Refusals – 1


Matthew Oldfield

Rogatory interview Matthew Oldfield with Officer 4078, Leicestershire Police.

Oldfield is asked his thoughts on whether he intends returning to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction of events, to assist Portuguese Police with the investigation to help discover what became of Madeleine McCann, her whereabouts.


"For something else. Err and I think for, for us it was a question of (sighs)

 we’d do anything that would make a difference to this
. IF 
it was gonna be

helpful then there’d be no question that we’d go and do it.

There are a number of sort of practical issues in terms of you know 

 childcare and would it be the seven or would it be the whole nine, I mean

 err you know to recreate the entire night
. It would need to be Gerry and

, of course they are arguidos and they’d be feel, I’m sure they’d feel

 a bit more nervous about going back to do it
once that was err whilst they

 would struggle under that and I think from our point of view we couldn’t

 see, or from
MY point of view I can’t see quite what extra would people

 get out of it given that we’ve already given the statements err and

 timeline and been questioned about that as much as we can remember it,

 so we’d basically just be following what we, what we said in terms of

 timing and
we have concerns that it’s NOT really gonna add anything and

 maybe that if you were to play devil’s advocate and be very suspicious you


Now that might not be the case and there may be very

 good reasons that something else would come out of it but in terms of

 how it’s gonna help find Madeleine I don’t see yet why that would be a

, and its use such as whether not necessarily the Police sort of

 video but
whether somebody sort of in all the apartments that overlooks it

 could be videoing it and releasing it in sort of an edited form or, or just in

 general because there’s been moments when we’ve sat round a table

 going, did you sit there and looking at watches and it might look a bit sort

 of odd and we wouldn’t want that to be out in the err out in the open

 without good err you know good a, a reason to think that it was going to



 "I think you also mentioned that you were concerned about

 perhaps the weather conditions might not be the same as they were that night.”


 "Yeah, I think that was more of the practical side that if it, if its

 being done now because of the weather conditions then what happens if it

 was, you know, stormy for a week, I mean it wouldn’t be quite the same,

 it might be darker because the storm clouds would, would that then mean

 that we’d wait for a week or two, how open ended would it be err and

 also a bit of concern that this is a sensitive time, its going to be a year anniversary.”

4078 "Mm.”


 "And you know Kate would rather be doing, and all of us would rather be doing something that was err a more sort of reflective on the time rather than being, I suppose the horror of that night and getting on that particular anniversary time, the timing is not good.”

4078 "Yeah.”


"You know, I can understand the reasons for asking for it for being the same time of year.”


"Yeah. So you’re not sort or refusing to attend the re-enactment because of
just being awkward.”

Reply "Yeah.”


"You’re just, can’t see the value in it.”

Reply "Yeah.”


And you have a number of concerns that you’d like to be resolved before you commit yourself.”

Reply "
Yeah, and I think I’m fairly sure everybody else will say similar sort of thing. I think Gerry and Kate, a bit more tricky from err the legal point of view.”

4078 "Yeah.”


"And actually, bizarrely enough I’ve got, I was supposed to be going on a friends, supposed to be a friends stag do that weekend and the best man rang up and said we’re now going to Lisbon, well maybe not that weekend, it might not be the best but I might have been out there anyway, but its not gonna happen now.”


So Matthew Oldfield was worried that the Portuguese Police wanted a reconstruction so that they could create problems and create inconsistencies?

I rather think they missed the bus on that count - Oldfield and the rest of the group created their OWN PROBLEMS AND INCONSISTENCIES when they LIED to police re the checking of the children.

The police have no need to create problems - they solve them - and that seems to have been the greatest concern to Oldfield and the others, that the police KNEW their statements were not truthful!

And it comes as NO surprise that Oldfield, like the others COULD NOT SEE how a reconstruction could benefit Madeleine - they were ALL too concerned
about saving their OWN SKINS - Madeleine just didn't come into it!

Now isn't that the funniest thing.   He could see the police perhaps wanting to create problems and inconsistencies, but he could not see how a reconstruction could have helped Madeleine.

This guy is a joke!

He is worried too about childcare arrangements!  Now that is even funnier, as childcare is the
thing this bunch was ever concerned about.

I'm sure they could for the sake of doing the reconstruction, have
organised one of their
self- checking childcare/listening systems.   You know, the ones they have in every other resort but the OCEAN CLUB, but that they claim to have 
been copying on the night Madeleine vanished!   As if!

And we must not forget the

Matthew was concerned about the weather!  Storm clouds may have appeared and made things darker!

And Matthew knows all about darkness wouldn't have thought that would have concerned him - he can see through the dark - he saw the McCann twins, the movement of their little bodies, their breathing as they lay in the darkness in their cots, in the room they were abandoned in every night!

Maybe their God will forgive this bunch their actions against this child, their excuses for not helping her because few in this world can find it in their hearts to do so!  

Shame on Oldfield and the rest!
April 2013

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