Lying in the Sun

The Shifts

The Shifts


1.   From  - Paedophile suspects, swarthy characters  To - Rich childless couple

2.   From - Metropolitan Police Investigative Review To - Full Blown Investigation by Met.

3.   From a Met confident, sure in progressing this case – To - now shaky ground – paperwork hasn’t been done, and Andy Redwood not sure if he will be able to solve it.

4.   From urgency to find the child To- Two years and however many more months of investigating is okay.

Paedophiles to Childless couple

Kate McCann has said that as soon as she realised Madeleine was not in the apartment she knew she had been ‘taken.’  Gerry McCann echoed this, telling Ryan Turbridy on Late Show that as soon as he tried to lift the shutter from the outside, he knew too she had been taken.

He also knew it seems that Madeleine had been taken by a paedophile gang, ringing friends to tell them this.  From then until recently they have brought us stories of dead paedophiles, sick and dying paedophiles, far flung paedophiles, paedophiles in lairs, paedophiles in shopping centres…it seems it was raining paedophiles in Praia da Luz, Portugal in May 2007.


Before any police investigation had begun – Madeleine had been, according to her parents Kate and Gerry McCann, abducted by a paedophile gang.  Furthermore they decided she was alive when removed from the apartment.


Why call the police when they had it all figured out?

Then only recently, out of the blue, a rich childless couple are thrown, into the mix or rather, they replaced the paedophiles in the rankings, took centre- stage.  Well the paedophiles had been in the Number 1 spot for 6 years, had a good innings!

One wonders why the change of direction?

McCanns have a libel trial coming up soon perhaps this has a bearing on matters…


Of the two:

(a)  Madeleine being taken by paedophiles

(b)  Madeleine being taken by a rich and childless couple desperate for a child of their own

Which scenario holds out the best chance of Madeleine being alive?

Which scenario is more beneficial to the McCanns in the libel trial?


The rich and childless couple win hands down!


Best if they can have some support and what better way to aid their cause than have the world now believing that oops, 6 years on, she wasn’t taken by paedophiles - who would almost certainly have used, killed and disposed of this little girl. 


The rich, childless couple?  – Well, they just wouldn’t do that!


And that is more helpful to the McCanns in a libel trial, to have the Met say she possibly is alive and that the McCanns are not suspects, a rich couple have the child – hence the ‘shift?’.


From Metropolitan Police Investigative Review to Full Blown Investigation by the Met


The Metropolitan Police began their Review of this case two years ago.  They are 2/3 of the way through it.   They had funding granted to complete the Review.  Doing the math, they then still have in their kitty, enough monies to complete said Review, the final 1/3.

They now tell us they have been granted further funding authorised by David Cameron, so as to enable them to begin a ‘Full Blown Investigation.’

I think there are a couple points here we all need clarified –


It was reported by Donal MacIntyre that the Met have known about the mystery couple since they first began reviewing the case, that is, two years ago.


It was further stated that they could not investigate this until they were granted more funding for a full blown investigation.


Two years ago at the start of their Review, they had the funding for same.


A year later they had funding.


And this year, 2 years down the line, with still 1/3 of the Investigative Review to complete the funding for same still available to them.


It therefore seems extraordinary that they are saying they could not do anything to track these people as they did not have the funding?


Is it written somewhere that the funding they already have in place for the Investigative Review cannot be used, if they stumbled on a credible lead, and that the child must languish in a lair perhaps as Edgar once described until David Cameron has time to dot the ‘i's’ and cross the ‘t’s regarding authorisation, of funding for a Full Blown Investigation?


More extraordinary, if they were anywhere close to having any valid evidence regarding this couple, that they did not take this information to Portuguese authorities and allow them to decide as to how credible it is, if it was sufficient to re-open the case.  For that, they didn’t need funding.

Perhaps more curious of all – The McCanns who Redwood said he keeps updated, keeps in close contact with, did not themselves, begin a search whilst the Met supposedly waited for this funding.


Could the McCanns if they did not themselves want to begin a search, simply, have transferred the Monies from their Fund to the Met allowing them to get on with it, rather than everyone twiddling their thumbs for two years?


I’m just being silly now eh?  Spend the Fund money on a search, what was I thinking of..?


Like everything in this case, the truth is thin on the ground. 


Not only does the story of the funding, not add up, but we hear also that the full-blown investigation, which Redwood boasted, requires legal documentation to be drawn up by CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and presented to Portuguese authorities, this has not yet been done.


They’ll get round to it as soon as is possible the CPS spokesperson said.


So at this point in time there is NO full blown investigation – so funds promised for this purpose, we must assume are waiting to be released?


We have to assume then that Met involvement in this case still remains an Investigative Review and that they are still using the funds provided for this purpose? 

From a Met confident in progressing Case to a Met who don't think they can Solve it?

Dear oh dear –  More funding, great leads, a couple took the child to raise as their own, Madeleine, she is possibly alive, to – ‘Not sure I can solve this case but erm I’ll come up with something, some sort of resolution, will that do?’

Not really Andy!

And why exactly if they are raising her as their own is she only ‘possibly alive?’

Urgency to find Madeleine/Mystery Couple


Is there any?

Two years already passed since Met ‘uncovered?’ this information, and discussed it with Kate and Gerry McCann (according to Redwood  he keeps them updated regularly on the Review where it is at)  the Full Blown Investigation hasn’t commenced, and when it does it will take many months we are told.

Seems Madeleine can wait!   What's another year...or two...or three...or more?
14th July 2013

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