Lying in the Sun

The Truth, Really?

The Truth Really?


The Sun- Hillsborough Disaster - ‘The Real Truth’

Kate McCann – ‘Madeleine’ - An ‘Account of the Truth’


Kate McCann:

“The decision to publish this book has been very difficult, and taken with heavy hearts…My reason for writing it is simple:  to give an ACCOUNT of the truth



Editor of the Sun Thursday 13th September 2012:

“Twenty three years ago the sun newspaper made a terrible mistake, we printed an inaccurate and offensive story about the events at Hillsborough we said it was the truth, it wasn't, and for that we are deeply ashamed and profoundly sorry!”



Seems for some they are able to have more than ONE truth and more than ONE account of the truth!   

Sun serialised Kate McCanns book 'Madeleine' ONE of the accounts of the truth, the one for which Kate McCann makes no apology!

Seems they both made a pot of cash out of their truths, real truths and accounts of the truth!

Seems nothing has changed in 23 years...

Lying in the Sun


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