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The Truth, Whole Truth?

The Truth the Whole Truth

Not long ago I received a few messages from members of a particular forum.  I did a blog based on the messages left here for me.

It is par for the course that on forums, all will not agree – that is the very nature of forum for people to debate, converse, and bounce off each other their views and opinions.

Always there will be some more forceful in their delivery than others, in getting their point across.  As long as all are permitted their ‘say’ all is fair in love and war, so no problem.

The latest goings on over at the OK Corral is the Cristobell Crisis.

This lady has been suspended for a few days. 

Members were asked to take discussion concerning a particular topic to the thread allocated for same.  She was not asked to refrain from speaking on the subject.  Same as the others, just asked to take it to the appropriate part of the site.  Any argument she may have - to the members’ lounge, where non-members would not be able to view any further conversation.  Her response was that if she could be ‘arsed’ she would! 

She had before this, been rather snippy also with other members.  I read the conversation.  A very able lady for sure, and not some shrinking violet when it came to making comment or responding. She didn’t hold back.

I found it therefore very interesting though not altogether surprising based on her past performance, to see on Twitter, this lady post with all manner of reasons for her being ‘banned’ not a lifelong ban – ‘sent to the cooler for a few days’ as the administrator of the blog stated.

But hell did she play the martyr card beautifully, spun some fancy tales along the way.  

And dog gone, just so no one would be left in any doubt that she saw herself as the injured and innocent party, she took to her own blog and voila ‘Buried by the Anti’s' (for having an opposing opinion) was born!  

Now personally I don’t give a flying fruitcake, if she is banned or not, but I do hate to see people being untruthful, and the reasons this lady is stating for having been banned are not truthful.  How can they be when she has posted so many versions?  Cannot all be true!

If I didn’t know better I’d have thought Kate McCann had either written that blog as she knows a whole lot about burying stuff, and having a few versions up her sleeve, or had given her advice on how to try and pull the wool!

When there is more than one version of an event – it ain’t good news, and it makes me sit up and take notice.

This ‘Buried by the Anti’s’ is nothing short of a blatant attempt to get folks on side.

She lays all blame, all that has befallen her, (a ban of a few days - she hasn’t received a death sentence, though anyone reading her dramatic account could be forgiven for thinking when she said her 'number was up' - that she was referring death row)  on this guy TB.

This guy might not be everyone’s cup of tea, his views not to their liking, but neither are the views of this lady.  He might be a stinking rotter.  She might be a stinking rotter too.

He might be a liar (I don’t know) She IS, I do know from what I have read on her blog and on her twitter.

The duo, don’t agree on a particular topic.  So what!  All sounds like school kid stuff. He said/she said.

What does piss me off though is the LIES!   Yip, them lies, them lies, them darn lies.  And the manipulation – never seen anyone work so fast to paint themselves as the innocent party, the injured party as Miss Martyr did - went into overdrive!   Well that's not entirely true - McCanns might just pip her to the post on how quickly, self protect mode kicked in!

Now who in hell would even have known she’d had her knuckles rapped, if she had not taken to Twitter to her own Blog with the crap she did?

Let’s look at some of the comments she has made:

“I am banned from the Jill Havern’s for telling the truth”

“But let’s not digress.  Why was I banned.  Firstly, I was set up and I fell for it.

“My disagreement with Tony, and indeed the reason for my ban rests with the evidence of the Smith family”

“Unfortunately my days have been numbered for quite some time, and dancing on egg shells was becoming tedious.

Cristobell Author @RosalindaHu · 18h

Banned for having an opposing view. #mccann

Cristobell Author ‏@RosalindaHu  17h

@collywobbles54 There was a plot against me M'lud! Buggers couldn't get me with semantics, so they played dirty :( #mccann


  • Cristobell Author ‏@RosalindaHu  17h

  • @collywobbles54 Kudos Colette! You were right to stand by your morals. I've been hanging in by thread, but enough was enough.

  • Cristobell Author ‏@RosalindaHu  17h

  • @DaSteelMan Cheers David, I like to have my views challenged, but TB missing for a week and all they had were insults.

I I'm now banned from Jill Havern's forum for objecting to the harassment of witnesses in I can and will reply.

Now did you ever read such a shed load of bullshit in all your living days, a crock of contradictory crap if ever there was one!

If this forum wanted rid of her, they could have done so at any time.

They DIDN'T get rid of her, NOT EVEN NOW have they gotten rid of her. She's in the friggin cooler for a couple of days/on the NAUGHTY step for being, well... NAUGHTY.

So what is all of this crap:

  • ‘My days have been numbered for quite some time?’
  • There was a plot against me and I fell into the trap? 



Bloody good plan boys!

This woman cannot be serious!



I hate it when folks do that – MANIPULATE AND TWIST THE TRUTH OF MATTERS.

Now why would someone take to twitter, write a blog about how she was banned, how she was ‘set-up’ saying they wanted her OUT and now they have achieved it – when NO, she is NOT OUT she has been suspended for a few days, like has happened to others, including this guy TB on occasion.

What in hell does that mean -
'Now they have achieved it?'

Achieved suspending her for a few days!     

Don’t know about anyone else but I cannot stand liars.  People who will blame others rather than take responsibility for their own actions. Her pride has been hurt that she wasn't above a ticking off so she went off on one and looking for sympathy, to play the martyr.

Hell I have watched this gal in action – as devious as they come.  Just so surprised so many taken in by her!

This guy TB might be the biggest prick that ever walked the planet – but he has a way to go to match this female, and for sure she ain't on the naughty step because of him - He wasn't even part of the conversation which led to her suspension - in her own words - she told us he wasn't around all week - he was missing she said, when she received her suspension, it was others who had sent reams of insults.  (There were not reams of insults against her - go read folks-but why let the truth get in the way of a good POOR ME story.)  

A word of advice darlin' as Judge Judy would say – Suck it up, get a grip gal.  YOU BROKE A RULE, GOT TICKED OFF FOR IT, got your ass kicked, AND NOW YOU WANT TO BLAME SOMEONE ELSE.

And for Christ’s sake all that crap about how she is now unbound free to speak.  When was she ever gagged?  Who in hell has ever stopped this female saying what she wanted?

As for this:

“As a lefty, anti establishment, libertarian, tree hugger, I had been dodging the bullets from the moment I joined.

Dangerous place the OK Corral by sounds things, how the tree hugger has coped all these years dodging bullets - Fuck knows!

In Kate McCann mode she continued – (pissing my pants at this)

“In fact on joining I received a long winded diatribe from one of the more prominent members telling me off for my immoral and louche approach to life and my support for legalising drugs.”

She then likens herself to Hyacinth Bouquet!  Bloody hell!  I think she's been at the cleaning fluid!

Her imagination is running wild, and she ain't never gonna be able to catch it, the speeds its racing away at.

As I said, this TB he might be a liar, a stinker, I don't know, but for sure he wasn't around, didn't play any part in the conversation which resulted in Miss Martyr receiving a suspension.

Loads on that site don't agree with this guy, they are STILL there, disagreeing - so NO Miss Martyr was NOT BANNED, because of this guy.


I do wish folks would tell it like it is and not how IT IS IN THEIR HEAD.

She goes on to say:

"As I am now able to post 'unbound' I can state that I never supported any of the tactics used by Tony Bennett and the Madeleine Foundation, as I believed them to be tasteless and harmful to those seeking justice for Madeleine.'

That may well be so - BUT who prevented her previously from saying what she is saying now?   And why in hell would she have been on that forum so long?

"Tony's insistence that he is right, dead right, is not an endearing trait, and as we have seen makes discussion impossible."

Both tarred with same brush then.  She insists she is right too!

Believing you are right all of the time and lying neither trait endearing, and neither of these two characters is endearing.

She doesn't stop there:

"I am not even sure that what Tony is doing by investigating the private lives of witnesses in major trial is legal.  The McCanns have wisely stayed away from them.  If this case ends in a mistrial because of the over zealous actions of a self appointed vigilante.  I don't think any of us will be very happy"  



"I believe that he may even be harming the official investigation by trying to meddle with the witnesses."

After having read the complete and utter nonsense by this woman - the words that come to mind are PLOT and LOST IT! 

A cross between Clarence Mitchell and Kate McCann, his spin and her woe is me  routine - 'Yeah next she''ll be saying she was banned because her boobs weren't big enough.' 

Grow up girl.  Stop acting like a prima donna.  Stop the whining and whinging.   If you have something to say to this guy go say it to him directly on that forum.  Spreading shit on Twitter and writing a blog where you are derogatory towards others who remain on that forum, who don't hold your views - That makes you as bad as what you say this guy is.   You took your ball and pissed off to your blog to create a crisis out of NOTHING!

A bigger load of drivel would be hard for anyone to write.

And do note the further contradiction -

"Tony also believes that the investigation by Scotland Yard is a whitewash, a means to cover up Madeleine's disappearance and clear the parents of any involvement.  I am not so cynical."

Get a noose round that guys neck now!

But funny she should say she's not so cynical, because she also said:

"I think we all in agreement that a whitewash was going on from the start and people in power were sticking their noses where they shouldn't."

This woman is all over the place!  

I hope when folk read 'Buried by the Anti's' they can see past the 'poor me act' and see how nasty and devious the motive behind it.  I hope they read it carefully, 'hear' what is being said.

I so detest drama queens, almost as much as liars.  

Kids stuff and nonsense the ramblings of this woman dispensed with, maybe we can all get back to business in hand - little Madeleine.

This is not about Bennett and it sure in hell is not about Cristobell.

Sad day when some think they are more important seek the limelight.
17th August 2014

*** I don't have a cake stand and I don't drink afternoon tea!

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