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The Verdict

The Verdict

" I found out about the verdict through a friend who called me telling me about the news on the radio.  I immediately called my lawyer, but he hadn't been notified and the verdict was not in the process.  It's sad, but my lawyer could only access the sentence, that afternoon, because a British journalist sent it to him by email.  There is no doubt that the couple's lawyer has good connections at the court.  My reaction was one of calm and a wish to read the full contents of the verdict as soon as it was available on the Citius website, which only happened the next day, but with the date of the previous day.
Mysteries which the webs of justice weave."

Dr Goncalo Amaral
May 2015

If there is one thing good people do not care for it is injustice.  A prime example of which is McCanns v Dr Amaral.

No matter which side of the fence one sits this legal action brought about by the McCanns has never been an equal battle, never a fair fight, not ever has it been conducted on a level playing field.

  • How can it be when the McCann have had on their side, the power of the MSM to print untruths, the most dreadful stories about Dr Amaral albeit their (MSM) motives not entirely to help the McCanns but to help themselves also.  The name McCann sells a story, and they, Murdoch in particular, and the McCanns both getting what they want out of this.   MSM makes £m's, and well...McCanns they get the propaganda they want printed about Dr Amaral out there to the British public, and beyond.

McCanns also have the Madeleine Fund, the fund set up to collect the donations made by the public to help some sort of search for Madeleine.  A search which is as much a mystery as the case of missing Madeleine.  A search which has seen £m's spent on a whole lot of stuff, arguably unconnected to finding this missing child.

  • This fund has enabled them to finance teams of lawyers, both in the UK and Portugal.  A press communication agency in Portugal, and very expensive spokespersons. (Clarence Mitchell being but one, who at a cost of around £70,000 per year when being paid on a full time basis must have burned a huge hole in Madeleine's search fund )   Spokespersons who have pretty much created and controlled the stories they would like published in the press:

Stories to condemn Dr Goncalo Amaral
Stories to protect the McCanns

The despicable and dishonest Clarence Mitchell was not the first to shape, create and control what stories the McCanns wanted out there-  never to be forgotten is the equally despicable Justine McGuinness.

Do read above blog 'Despicable, Dishonest, Distasteful'   (link below as always, to save anyone wishing to read scrolling through above blogs, easier to find using the link)

The Portuguese press/communications agency, in Gerry McCanns words was needed by them for the purpose of trying to get the Portuguese people on their side, to persuade them Madeleine was alive.

Gerry McCann:

"Well again, it is the agreement that it is funded out of Madeleine's fund and it's a decision that was made by the directors of the fund, because we felt... Kate and I are both directors - there are nine directors in total - that to really make the search successful we had to present the information to the Portuguese public, given how much, errr... had been written in a negative way about US and obviously we want to work with someone who understands the Portuguese, errr... culture and the Portuguese media and how we can persuade people that Madeleine is still out there and still can be found, just like Jaycee Lee Dugard."

Crucial to the Madeleine Fund being able to continue to exist, IS persuading the public, not just in Portugal, but the world over, that Madeleine McCann is alive and a 'findable little girl'  as her father describes her.

Please read blog above 'Findable Little Girl'

  • Clarence Mitchell to protect them.

Gerry McCann (on Mitchell):

"You know, the first, errr... period, errr... Brian Kennedy paid his salary and then he was subsequently paid by the fund and now, you know, he works part-time on this, and is a consultant, errr... for Freud Agency, so, you know, as the media interest has dropped down, we haven't needed a... a full-time spokesperson, errr... to do that. He still works with us, we are working very closely with him and he's done a brilliant job protecting us and allowing us to have some degree of normality as a family considering the very, very intense media interest."

Mitchell, according to McCann has: 

"become an extremely good friend during this."  

Mitchell, an extremely good friend who has made an extremely vast amount of money, out of his friend Gerry's missing child then? 

Mitchell has to have been paid around £1/2 m perhaps more, during this friendship.

Friends don't charge a massive fee to help find your missing child, certainly not extremely close ones!

McCann also stated in interview with Sandra Felgueiras in London, when asked if there was still money in the Fund:

Gerry McCann -  

There is some money, still, the fund, errr...and it continues to be used and we will use every single penny in that fund in the search for Madeleine.


Mitchell's massive fees, those of a press agency, and teams of lawyers testament to that.

  • Apart from ALL of the reasons I have already given, which make this action against Dr Amaral unequal in financial terms, is that he has been UNABLE to access his own finances to pay for legal representation.

This due to legal action by the McCanns, a prior judgement, where Dr Amaral's finances were frozen, and have been for over FIVE YEARS.

A fact, I am sure most now perhaps only beginning to read about this case, and perhaps some too who have followed it, simply did not know.

Further what might not be widely known is that the McCanns succeeded in having Dr Amaral's book banned on a previous occasion.

This decision was then overturned by the Court at a later date.  

In the UK of course the media were not as keen to report this, if at all, unlike when the boot is on the other foot.

The McCanns were ordered to return the copies of Dr Amaral's book - Maddie A Verdade de Mentira, to the rightful owner, that is the publishers (not Dr Amaral).

McCanns for many months refused, through their Portuguese lawyer, to comply with the Court Order.

It must be clear to all, no matter where you stand, what your opinion is as to whether this child Madeleine may be dead or alive, that the McCanns have acted abominably in causing such financial hardship to not only Dr Amaral, but to his family, his children.

For Kate McCann, a mother who refused to fully co-operate with police regarding her daughter's disappearance, and who cared not about the suffering she had brought upon Dr Amaral's children, and who now is asking the public to sponsor her when she takes part in a cycle in her role as Ambassador for Missing People Charity, rather goes against the grain.

A reporter in Lisbon, asked Kate McCann - What of Dr Amaral's children, they have suffered?

Kate McCann filled with the hate and spite which she is now known for showed not one iota of care or compassion, for Dr Amaral's daughters, she continued to spit her venom.

Dr Amaral, his wife Sofia, on the other hand, in interview (at an earlier) time, spoke of the pain Kate McCann as a mother must feel at the loss of her child.  Sofia Amaral spoke with great compassion and understanding for Kate McCanns loss.

Friends of Dr Amaral pulled together to assist him with legal fees, so that he could defend the actions of the McCanns.

Justice should never be about,  WHO CAN AFFORD IT!

And for this reason Projecto Justica Goncalo Amaral was set up. 

More recently set up also, to level the playing field:

Putting the financial situation of this case to one side for a moment, what is rather more disturbing, and going back to the words of Dr Amaral as quoted above, is:

HOW can it be, HOW was it possible, that the McCanns, and the UK MSM were supplied with the outcome of this case, THE VERDICT, ONE DAY BEFORE, that of Dr Amaral's legal representatives?

  • A friend of Dr Amaral's on hearing the news on the radio, contacted Dr Amaral in this regard.  Dr Amaral contacted his lawyer who had not been informed of the court decision?
  • A British journalist then contacting Dr Amaral's lawyer by email?

Whilst the financial side of this case, for Dr Amaral to be able to defend himself, is crucial, what should be concerning one and all, no matter who you are, where you are, or what is your belief happened to Madeleine McCann, is the DIRTY TRICKS.

Make no mistake the McCanns are being supported by persons who are less than honest, who lack integrity.  

This year was the 8th anniversary of this child's disappearance.

Normally we have the McCanns out with the begging bowl the stories of how there is no evidence that she has been harmed.

This year was quite different, and for a couple of reasons.

  • The tragic death of Brenda Leyland, an innocent lady, who Martin Brunt, Sky's Murdoch, Jim Gamble, a whole bunch of horrid vicious people who support the McCanns online, Summers & Swan got together, and which the McCanns clearly KNEW of, to attack this lady.   She later died.  Reportedly she took her own life.

  • This legal action against Dr Amaral.  An action which right up until the final verdict was given, and based on the statements already issued by the Judge, favoured Dr Amaral.

It is NO coincidence that the lead up to the 8th anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance involved the 
 re introduction  of the horrid pair that are Summers and Swan with more utter nonsense (this clearly deranged pair of individuals seem to believe they are the official spokespersons of not only the Metropolitan Police but that of the Portuguese Police who are the lead in any investigations regarding Madeleine McCann) up they popped to declare once more the innocence of the McCanns, and to condemn Brenda Leyland, and pretty much anyone who dares question the McCanns.

Ask yourselves - WHY would this pair who have NOT A THING to do with missing Madeleine McCann in any way whatsoever, SUDDENLY appear at the 8th anniversary of her disappearance to support the McCanns, with their incredulous claims of their innocence and to condemn Brenda Leyland, an INNOCENT lady by writing the abhorrent piece which they did?


NO coincidence that Martin Brunt Sky popped up and did 'another hatchet job' on Brenda Leyland, by way of promoting the McCanns, in an attempt to
 take the heat from them, himself and all the aforementioned persons who played their part in the infamous dossier, the false accusations against Brenda Leyland, and in Martin Brunt's Special Report, which cost this lady her life, which caused her family, her son Ben the pain and suffering which he now has to endure for the rest of his life, the loss of his lovely mum. 

Make no mistake, no matter what, the McCanns have persons covering for them, shaping stories for them, persons happy (for a price?) to say or do what is necessary for their agenda.  Why else expensive spokespersons, press agencies, top lawyers.

What were the chances that at the 8th anniversary of this missing child, when the McCanns were pretty much in the shit over the death of Brenda Leyland, had it hanging over their heads, and a legal action against Dr Amaral, that ALL should all come together for them just when they needed it most? 

  • That the Metropolitan Police would suddenly tell Martin Brunt Sky News that they were taking NO action re the dossier?
  • That the McCanns would hear the verdict of the case against Dr Amaral (one day before his legal representative did)
  • That Martin Brunt would put together another SPECIAL REPORT in time to be aired WHICH included NONE OTHER THAN Summers & Swan (who just happened to have added a page or two to their book which failed to make them any money) A book promoted by Sky's Murdoch!
  • That Kate McCann would take the opportunity to announce her sponsored cycle, all done to deflect from the real issues.

Not a snowballs chance in hell folks! 

All manipulated.  Just as the public are! 

How could the McCanns have gotten to know of the verdict in this case BEFORE Dr Amaral's legal representative is the question we should all, not simply be asking, but DEMANDING an answer to. 

We should all be asking Kate and Gerry McCann: 


Dr Amaral: 

"There is no doubt that the couple's lawyer has good connections at the court." 

No doubt at all sir, no doubt at all that they have connections, both in the Court in Lisbon, in the Governments of both countries, in the press in the form of Murdoch, and elsewhere all prepared for whatever price, for whatever gain, to conduct themselves in an underhand manner. 

Dirty Tricks Sir.  Dirty Tricks!
17th May 2015
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