Lying in the Sun

The Verdict - 2

The Verdict - 2 

The McCanns hoped to silence Dr Goncalo Amaral by taking the legal action which they did.

The recent verdict, their Portuguese lawyer Isabel Duarte hailed as having achieved just that.

How wrong could the McCanns have been!

How wrong could their lawyer Isabel Duarte have been!

How wrong could the UK MSM have been when they sprung into action to print the lies which they did about Dr Amaral.

How wrong could Antonella Lazzeri of the Sun have been when she too sprung into action and referred in the abhorrent way she did regarding Dr Amaral, writing a piece which she might find leads to her finding herself in Court!

All wrong to believe that the public were about to accept this 
any more.

The UK public decided NO MORE LIES from these people.

The UK public and beyond decided they would NOT ALLOW Dr Amaral to be silenced, not by the McCanns, the very people who STILL AS YET have given NO EXPLANATIONS whatsoever for much in the case of their missing daughter.

They simply avoid answering direct questions.
They simply refuse to answer direct questions.
The simply ignore that there are questions needing answered.

They still ask the public to send them their cash.  

Kate McCann asks that the public donate, sponsor her on a cycle ride for charity.

A charity which in itself a huge question mark hangs over in the minds of many.

Dr Goncalo Amaral has not been silenced by the McCanns far from it.

Their legal action and the recent verdict has in fact given him a stronger voice.   The people have become his voice.

They are speaking out loud and clear as to their feelings regarding the treatment of this good and gentle man, and the abhorrent and vile conduct of the McCanns.

They are not only donating to the fund to assist Dr Amaral with legal fees so that he may defend himself against the McCanns (McCanns had his personal assets frozen over FIVE years ago now, leaving this man unable to defend actions against him.  Friends coming to his assistance) the public are speaking out, leaving very poignant messages of support for Dr Amaral, whilst also not holding back as to their feelings about this case, the dirty tricks, the stench that it emits.

Each day the numbers expressing their anger at the McCanns grows, with no sign of any let up.

For justice - May it long continue!  May the momentum continue.


Please read the hearfelt messages at at:
17th May 2015

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