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The Warm Up Act

The  Warm Up Act

Two days to go until the 8th anniversary of Madeleine McCann being reported as missing by her parents.

And what a lot of work has had to be done by Team McCann this year before the stars of this show, Gerry and Kate McCann can show their faces.

We've had all the spin about the trial in Lisbon which the UK press just failed to inform the public that the McCanns did not WIN.   Failed to inform them what the McCanns claimed as truth was REJECTED by the Court.

And they failed to state also that the McCanns must pay costs of over 58% for that very reason - THEY DID NOT WIN!

I get another blow to Madeleine's Fund.  Poor child her money being spent in this way.

Then we had Martin Brunt earlier today, informing us of the DISMAY felt by the persons who put together a dossier of names of persons they would like investigated by police, as they felt these persons had committed a crime against McCanns by abusive twitter messages, their DISMAY was at the police telling them - WELL NO ACTUALLY, THESE PEOPLE DID NOT COMMIT A CRIME.

Their comments in these tweet messages the police felt extremely distasteful but not criminal.   Just like those of Kate McCann, extremely distasteful but not criminal.

And of course Brunt told us that Gerry and Kate McCann will be astonished at this, this non action by police.

Yeah right Brunt.

And if that was not enough DISMAY for one day, UP Brunt popped again with another dollop!

Brunt/Sky wheeled out that god awful female Robin Swan the author of a book titled - LOOKING FOR MADELEINE - she is filled with dismay too he told us.

She had this to say about those who compiled the dossier:

"The individuals who presented this document to the police firmly believed that they were acting in the public interest that they were acting in the interests of the McCanns.

There was a large group of them, there were some ten individual involved.  They had collected material over a period of many months, and  they were genuinely frightened by what they saw."


See what she did there, same as Brunt did earlier when he said McCann only called for prosecution of persons AFTER he Brunt revealed the dossier.   McCann already knew about dossier before Brunt revealed it.  Who does he think he's kidding.

And Madame Swan - it was the TEN, honest, it was them wot did it. They thought they were acting in the best interests of the public and best interests of McCanns!

With every dismayed character he introduces, another statement of how McCanns knew nothing.

Up to their necks in it same as the rest of the cast in this little drama of today.

Seems top in the McCann case if someone FIRMLY believes something then it has to be taken as truth/evidence of a crime.

McCanns FIRMLY believe, so their spokesperson Mitchell said that the alleged abductor (of whom there is no evidence) CLIMBED OUT OF THE NARROW OPENING OF THE BEDROOM WINDOW WITH MADELEINE AND LEFT NO TRACE.


Did I ever tell you I could fly, how night after night I go out, leap from building to building, while balancing a ball on my head, and eating my favourite snack without dropping a crumb?

So TEN persons put together the DIRTY DOSSIER according to a very serious and pained looking Swan, that is Robin Swan, not 'a' Swan. Not a robin either for that matter.  Sorry, difficult to remain serious at their antics, those practiced expressions are killers.  Have me doubled up laughing.  Such is their desperation. Yip, Ms Swan was pained looking. Not astonished looking, but pained.  Perhaps constipation, or maybe concentration, trying so hard to get her script right.

It comes as no surprise what Swan had to say, not like she doesn't have an axe to grind.   Her book flunked!   She didn't make a penny out of Madeleine as was the plan.

You see, she appeared in Brunt's Special Report, but not before she and her other half were given so much air time by Sky's Murdoch, to promote their book, and tell the world that she and he had decided that the McCanns were innocent of any involvement in their daughter's suspicious disappearance.

I guess she and he never got round to reading the police files!

Brenda Leyland's tragic death certainly without question put a stop to the shenanigans of this lot.

And here they all are back together as I said earlier - re-grouped, one big ugly family, trying to wriggle out of any involvement, trying to paint themselves as the victims, the innocent party, all the usual poor me stuff that we have been accustomed to especially at this time of year.

The day is yet young.

I wonder what other dismayed individual Brunt will parade before the public, present at the next News Round, who will be the next performer in this Sky/McCann warm up act?

What about that quite creepy guy Gamble?

Perhaps the TEN who compiled the dossier, led out by the chunky legged duck lady? Or would that be too much dismay for Sky viewers at one sitting, those legs!  No, I mean, all that dismay on the Sky sofa at one time?  Oh lordy, lordy, group hugs all round by way of consolation, I can see it now. 

All the while, feigning astonishment also of course at the non action of Leicestershire Police.

Oh Team McCann have been busy little bees for sure, plotting and planning this, all in time for the 3rd May.

Is any of this about Madeleine though?   Not a bit of it.

It is all about face saving for the McCanns!

As for Brunt.   He has no shame.  Still he is choosing to be party to this.

Wonder too when the stars of this little drama will make their entrance - Sunday morn?
1st May 2015
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