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The 'F' Word

McCanns - the ‘F’ Word


In this libel trial a number of the witnesses for the McCanns have been heard.


Each had their own sad tale to tell of how Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book had caused Kate McCann, well…to stop functioning…


Strangely none of these people knew Kate McCann before Madeleine vanished, save her mother and Gerry McCanns sister.


Generally when called to Court to testify as to the change a tragic event, an accident or whatever the case may be, has had on someone, those testifying would have known the person concerned before the accident for instance and generally pretty well, as how else could they honestly say they saw any marked differences?


They have to be able to demonstrate these differences, tell the Court how the injured party was before they became injured and after. 


If someone suffers a physical injury we can generally see this – we know right away there is a difference.


Emotional differences though are not quite so easy to spot, unless the person is in a more or less constant and outwardly state of upset, distress.  And if they are not, it would be usual for those only who know the injured party very well, those who have a close relationship with them who would be able to identify any changes.


In this case a claim for financial compensation for “injury” is not as the result of a car crash, or some other type of accident which caused injury - it is the book  Maddie The Truth of the Lie/Maddie a Verdade da Mentira.


The persons giving evidence would then surely have to have known well the injured party before the publication.  And after this, see, speak with, and meet with them on a regular basis to be able to note any "differences." 


When Madeleine first vanished – I have no doubt whatsoever that Kate McCann suffered pain at her loss, a raw pain.  How could a mother not.  I am sure she will have, particularly so in the early days, found her pain unbearable.  I don’t think that can be disputed.


I say Kate McCann, and do not include Gerry at this time, because it would seem that the strategy by team McCann is to play on public sympathy, the sympathy of the Court with respect to the libel trial- a frail mother weeping- gaining more sympathy than an angry arrogant father- and that, in my mind is partly the reason why Gerry did not show his face.


The picture they would want painted for the Court and the press, is the tragic mum who lost her child, fighting alone, facing her tormentor, the evil Dr Goncalo Amaral – who Kate McCann said deserves to be miserable, feel fear!


He sits only feet away from her in the Court Room but this brave “single” mother will not be scared of him, she will show no fear.  That is what is to be presented to the Court, the public, the press - a pantomime!


She will though, shed a tear as her witnesses try desperately to answer the questions put to them, try desperately to recall the script as given to them beforehand, testing the powers of retention of the ageing bunch.

A tear escapes as Kate hears Ma Hubbard say she has never heard of Oprah Winfrey,

Another when Loach said she saw Goncalo Amaral’s book on sale in book stores in the UK…

It’s not going to plan the witnesses becoming more and more confused…

Floods of tears now roll down Kate’s cheeks.  She knows what this means understands that this case is going badly…Still though she will get the headlines she wants…the UK press will not let her down…


When we know that this is orchestrated, that Kate McCann has an army behind her of high profile lawyers both in Portugal and the UK, when we know that the UK press will print everything Clarence Mitchell the McCann spokesperson instructs them to, for fear of being in the same position as Dr Goncalo Amaral, then matters become much more clear!


This libel case is but a game - Kate McCann choosing for it to be played out in public in open Court.


She could have, for Madeleine, for Amelie, for Sean opted for this case to be heard in closed court but then if she had, there would be no headlines in the UK of the poor mother, so brave to battle alone, while husband Gerry stayed home to save the lives of those of us who have eaten one too many donuts resulting in dicky hearts, to look after his twin children - in case they steal a sneaky peek at the internet in their parents absence – google Madeleine McCann, or  read  page nasty nine’ or whatever it is, in their mothers book.


The sacrifices the pair make…


I do not have a problem with anyone, the McCanns included, if they feel they have suffered injury in some way, physical or otherwise raising a legal action against the person they feel is responsible for their pain and suffering.


When we have people as in this case though who march through the Court, a string of persons who quite frankly they really don’t know from Adam, persons who obviously know little of the case, persons who fluff their lines, persons who insult the Court with the nonsense we have heard thus far, and let us call a spade a spade it has been utter and absolute nonsense they have spouted.  Stuff that makes any sensible person both cringe because it is clearly too ridiculous for words, but angry too that honesty seems not to be top of their agenda, and in this particular case not Madeleine either it would seem.  Already the McCann witnesses have messed up on this count!


Angry that they have done everything in their power over the past six years to blacken the name of Dr Goncalo Amaral – yes if they feel they have a case against him – bring that case to court – but do not play dirty! 


The action they have taken against Dr Goncalo Amaral is not about their private search being hampered, being interrupted – they cannot possibly demonstrate that.


Their action is about revenge about causing harm to Dr Goncalo Amaral, doing as much damage to this man his family as they possibly can.  As Kate McCann said, she wants him to be miserable to feel fear.  She wants him to disappear!


Why would she?


Dr Goncalo Amaral wrote a book based on the information and evidence gathered during the investigation in Portugal into the disappearance of young Madeleine.


They speak of Dr Goncalo Amaral as though he had harmed them in some way - he hasn’t – and they have yet to prove that he has, either by writing his book or otherwise.


They speak of him as though he is someone to fear an evil man a monster.


Truth be told Dr Goncalo Amaral has never at any time harmed in any way the McCanns.  He has never tormented them.  He is not someone who Kate McCann the brave mum need fear.  He has sought only to discover what became of Madeleine.


He has shown Kate McCann -  the disgraced mother who left her children alone night after night despite knowing her children had been awake and crying in her absence -absolute respect recognising that she is a mother who has lost her child, and he has openly voiced his feelings in this regard,


He has shown the greatest of sensitivity in this case also, requesting it be heard in closed court out of respect for young Madeleine.


But Kate did not want this – she wanted the publicity the fantastic headlines, no matter how farcical, no matter how foolish it made them lookNo matter how much damage it may cause her children Madeleine, Sean and Amelie!


The McCanns I believe dug themselves a hole with this libel action, having tried to get out of it, or rather having tried to get some money out of it, without having to set foot inside a Court Room asking Dr Goncalo Amaral to settle out of court!


That did not happen.


Time for them to change tactics a change of plan was needed one that would allow Gerry not to look the loser, something he does not like – hey presto their plan the pantomime that we are seeing played out now was put in motion…


I would very much doubt, if they lose this case that they or, rather that Madeleine’s Fund has anywhere close to the sum that will be needed to meet all legal costs involved.


I doubt very much too that if they win, that every penny will go towards any kind of ‘search’ for Madeleine.


That one is long played out.  Time, to change the tune as they say!


And apart from all else, a million bucks in McCann world doesn’t go far.  It will only take them to lose yet another legal action and the Fund will be once again in a desperate situation!

And this can only cause damage to Madeleine the so called search for her.  Has Madeleine her Fund not suffered enough with their foolish and selfish behaviour?


Who next would they get to search with only a million bucks?  What other dodgy detective agency will they choose, or will Edgar who believes Madeleine is in a lair in PDL and hasn’t done a jot about it, be once again interviewed for the job?


(loud laughter)


Did Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book interrupt Edgar’s investigation?  Did he trip over a couple of copies of it in PDL preventing him heading out to the lawless land that surrounds Praia da Luz where he said he believes Madeleine is held by her captors?


Well that is their claim, not that Edgar tripped up (they have all done that) but that the ‘Truth of the Lie’ interrupted their private investigation?


If this is so they will have to be able to demonstrate, when exactly the interruption occurred…oh silly of me it would have been when they decided they could make some money out of it?


If Edgar gave the British Police as he has claimed,  leads (whether to Scotland Yard or Leicestershire Police) – Did they investigate them?


Either way, his leads must have led them up a dead end if after 2 years or more (if he gave them to Leicester Police) nothing has come of them…


If the McCanns have a case to fight – fight it – but a clean fight.


Not with strings of persons/witnesses who seem happy to sin their souls.


All of them have told the Court in what ways they believe the McCanns have been affected by Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book – and how it has ‘in their opinion’ affected areas of their lives.


But there is one area that ALL witnesses failed to address have avoided like the plague - the ‘F’ Word!


But we are not talking again about Kate McCanns foul language – we are talking Fund!


How healthy is it at present I wonder?  Has, not having to pay for a private search whilst Scotland Yard investigate courtesy of the UK taxpayers, helped them keep it ‘in the black?’


Whatever is the state of play of the Fund at this point in time, for sure, if as the McCann witnesses claim ‘all’, ‘everyone’ believed in the thesis contained in Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book then it follows that ‘ALL’ would have stopped giving to this Fund – that is of course if ‘ALL’ who read ever gave at all, or if by reading the book ‘potential’ givers changed their mind.


The witnesses claim to know at what point Kate suddenly decided to ‘give up’ due to ‘Maddie the Truth of the Lie – they are sure of this.  They spoke with Kate they know they discussed how she felt how this book had affected her.


I would think they would have discussed too then how the sale of Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book may have affected the Fund?


If ‘all in the world’ had stopped believing, then all must have stopped giving?


Yet no one – not a one of them while telling the Court of the affects they feel the book has had on Madeleine, Sean and Amelie and the McCann parents, their lives - which the Fund is a huge part - mention the F- Word?


Now if I had a Fund and it very much depended on the public donating, very much depended on the public believing in my story of how my child vanished, and if as in the McCann case they are claiming ALL stopped believing in them, they would have surely noted a drop in donations?


I would suggest that this case is more to do with the McCanns finding ways to top up the Fund which naturally through time would not pull in the same level of monies as it did in the early days – people move on, people cannot give for the rest of their lives.


Goncalo Amaral’s book did not it seems, affect them in any way not until it had been on sale for many months, a year or more..?   Not until their Fund was drying up did they see that this action may be a way to earn a quick buck - or so they thought?


And it is at this point we are asked to believe the book suddenly affected them, and forced them to stop searching for Madeleine such was their distress, as is the claim of their witnesses, and instead, put all their energies into protecting themselves!


Now isn’t that the strangest thing?


One may believe that the book caused them upset at some level– whether innocent or guilty of crimes against Madeleine, Sean and Amelie it may do - but to cause them to STOP looking for Madeleine that is the McCann couple, as all their energies (monies?) were required to defend and protect themselves – is stretching it more than a tad too far.


What type of parents would abandon their search for their missing child choosing to defend themselves instead, and dare I ask against what?  What was it the McCanns needed to defend that was considered more important than their search for Madeleine?


I may have answered my own questions:


This case appears to be about:


  • Kate McCanns hatred of Dr Goncalo Amaral.

(a police officer said of him, he came too close to what actually happened to Madeleine)

  • Revenge
  • Greed
  • Their need to Control & Manipulate
  • The F – Word!
17th September 2013
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