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Three Cheers for Burglar

Three Cheers for the Burglars

Not sure why everyone is getting all hot under the collar over the latest in the press about three burglars in the Madeleine case.

The only thing which can be confirmed in the press articles is that another communication has passed between the Metropolitan Police and the Portuguese Police.

If there were burglars in and around Praia da Luz on the night Madeleine was reported as missing, or more specifically, around the apartment block where the McCanns and their friends were staying,  I can only see that as a good thing, that is from the aspect that there is quite possibly then three people, who may have seen the McCanns and their buddies popping back and forth to check on the children.

If the McCann party were going back and forth as often as they have claimed, and any burglar was intending carrying out a robbery at any of their apartments, then they would surely have been put off by the activity of the McCann group?

And burglars, they don’t generally have a key, or an open door with which to access a property they intend to rob, they tend to have to  ‘break-in’

Now if they saw that the McCanns were out for the evening, they saw too that the others also were out.

If they saw the McCanns go and check their children, they saw too that the others were doing likewise with their children.

And, what they would also have seen was that the McCann apartment was checked more than any other! Thus making it the last place any burglar would want to be around!

Is that not what the group told police? – They ALL checked the McCann children/apartment, but no one else checked on each other’s kids, and the McCanns didn’t check on the children of anyone else in the group?

So McCann apartment was one busy place on the night Madeleine vanished.

So why would any burglar target the one apartment where there was such activity?   People popping in and out both front and back doors, and listening at shuttered windows?

Short answer - they wouldn't!

If the Met want to interview anyone burglars or others, it is not as suspects, it is, as witnesses.

If the McCanns and their buddies were all bobbing around that night, Jane Tanner back and forth, Jez Wilkins wandering around pushing his child in the pram.  Jez and Gerry standing outside the apartment chatting.  Matthew Oldfield, Russel O’Brien up and down to the apartments, people who left the tapas going home to their apartment – the Carpenters but one – the man carrying the child (who was not Madeleine) walking home or if we believe Tanner (walking hurriedly almost trotting along) and any others who we don’t know of – why would a burglar even bother?

And these burglars if they had been watching, they knew there were children in those apartments – the last thing a burglar wants is to enter a property where there are children alone, who might wake and cry, raising the alarm!

Unless the burglars thought the McCanns were in possession of the crown jewels, they would not risk it.  If they had been watching the McCanns they would know to look at them that they had nothing of any great value, this wasn’t the Ritz they had checked in to!

This was a couple with three tots who didn’t have a pram or a penny to their name it seems – they hardly looked affluent.

And call me stupid but if the burglars had been watching them all week and saw that they didn’t lock the patio door, the burglar, as most would, would take that as an indication there was nothing worth stealing in that apartment!

If the Met want to interview three persons, be they burglars or whatever, that can only be a good sign – persons who would absolutely if they were hanging around that night, be able to throw some light on who in the McCann party went where, for how long and at what times.

Sounds good to me!

And out of interest – in the apartment block where the McCanns and Co stayed, did any robbery take place that night? –

We know that robbers did not strike at any of the McCann party apartments, despite the robbers knowing they were all out to dinner – so did they hit on any other apartment that evening?

Also, Kate McCann her big story of how an alleged abductor would have seen the note regarding their children being left alone at night, which she claims was left in a book at the tapas restaurant reception area for ALL ABDUCTORS to view, this latest, the burglars, rather blows her theory out of the window too…

Is DCI Redwood, destroying the McCann tale bit by bit?

I hope so!

Payne is not named in the Crimewatch Production, Tanner’s Sighting dispensed with, Oldfield’s and Gerry McCanns story of the ‘more open bedroom door’ TORN APART  - if we are to believe Madeleine was removed from the apartment closer to 10pm - as why would any burglar enter the apartment at just after 9pm and stay until just before 10pm?  And as for Kate well just about everything Kate has said now brought into question…

Three burglars, not suspects – but witnesses – Perhaps it should be three cheers for the three burglars - if they exist!

Seems odd burglars would be so careless as to their use of their mobile phones?  Not concerned that they were using phones which could be traced!

Or as petty thieves was that not a concern?

And, if a petty thief entered McCann apartment, Madeleine saw him/her - how did they manage to remove her without the child screaming her head off?

A burglar would not physically silence a little child, that is not what burglars do!

And it rather knocks on the head, the theory that the alleged abductor sedated the children - petty thieves don't carry chloroform that I'm aware of to knock out already sleeping kids!

So why did Sean and Amelie not wake then?  Did the burglar only disturb Madeleine, and when she cried her brother and sister remained sleeping?

Bear in mind these are the three kids who throughout that week either, one, two or all three cried on any given night -without a burglar disturbing them, opening doors, closing them, opening them again and closing them (well if we believe McCann and Oldfield that is what happened) and opening shutters and blinds, Madeleine screaming, the guy panicking, perhaps phoning his pals!

Then Sean and Amelie, remaining asleep after the alarm was raised. That blows Gerry and Kate's - 'the abductor sedated our kids' routine out of the water!

Burglars who know this area, would not walk through the streets carrying whatever is their booty to be seen by others, let alone carry a child off.

If Redwood is thinking that the person seen by the Smith family was carrying Madeleine, then he is not thinking any burglar is that person!

If he wants to speak to burglars, I would say it is as witnesses! 

Perhaps the burglars saw the person responsible for Madeleine having been removed?  Initially not knowing it was a child being removed from an apartment by someone who should not have been taking her?

Funny too how no one came forward to claim that huge reward that once was?  

Now that would have come in handy for these burglars eh?

As soon as they were aware that what they had seen (was an abduction and not a father carrying his child) they would have come forward to claim it surely?

The very same reward, that when Gerry McCann was asked, if it was still in place – couldn’t give a positive answer!   Funny that!

Just popped into my head – If Gerry and Kate want to leave no stone unturned, and as they are not at present searching for their child, have no private investigator on the job due to the Met investigation, perhaps they could offer the balance of the monies in the Madeleine Fund as a reward for any information as to the child’s whereabouts?


Especially now when the case is to the fore once again – some hard cash might just jolt someone’s memory?

And why they have never offered a reward in the last six years, strikes me now as rather remiss of them!

All that money in the Fund not being put to good use!
12th January 2014

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