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Thrown - Kate McCann

Thrown - Kate McCann

Since  Madeleine's disappearance it has been asked many times -

Why did Madeleine's parents not wake the little kids and ask them where was Madeleine?

Was it felt that the kids did not have the vocabulary to be able to express what they may have seen or heard?

These three kids were kids prone to wake in the night, and even if they were not, when one of three children who were all put to bed in the same room (were they really I wonder?) vanishes in the dead of night, then the first thing a mother would do on discovering this, is wake the two remaining kids to ask them - if they knew what happened to the missing child.

Kate McCann said she knew 'right away' that Madeleine had been taken.

So, why did she not wake the twin kids to speak with them?

Was it felt they did not have the vocabulary to be able to express what had become of their sister?

What Kate McCann did, as is her story, was to run from the apartment and leave the twins alone in the apartment, from where she was absolutely certain Madeleine had been abducted, and head for the bar to alert Gerry McCann.

Astonishing that a mother who "knew" someone had just abducted one of her children would then leave the other two alone again, not  knowing if the abductor was still lurking.  S/he could have been standing just outside that front door.   Kate McCann didn't look outside the front door!   She looked out of the bedroom window she said, stating she didn't know what she was expecting to see, but looked anyway.   She ran around the apartment she said, looking in closets.  But she didn't look outside that front door, where the alleged abductor could have been standing, standing where she could not see him/her from where she herself was positioned looking out the bedroom window.  S/he could have been standing on the pathway at Oldfield's door!

This alleged intruder could have been almost anywhere and very close, when Kate McCann ran out of that apartment and down to the tapas bar.

We have to believe though, according to the McCann story that Madeleine was taken in a moment.

The twins too could have been taken in a moment.
And in fact incredulous that the alleged intruder/s did not take all three kids, that they did not take the younger easier to manage kids. Madeleine was a screamer her gran McCann said, but even if she wasn't...two little kids, a boy and a girl, a little girl who looked very much like her sister Madeleine, still of an age, where they were young enough, if they were to be kept alive, to soon forget the life they had known, and depending on how well they were able to speak at this time, young enough perhaps not to be able to tell anyone they had been abducted!

And that brings me back to as to why Kate McCann when she discovered Madeleine missing did not wake the kids to find out what they knew, what they had seen, heard, if anything.

We know they slept through all the noise, screaming and shouting in the apartment that night, through the sound of their mother banging doors, walls and furniture, and all else.  Which we also know was most unusual for these kids who tended to wake in the night.

When these kids were taken from the apartment to another, to allow police to investigate, they remained asleep, despite being disturbed, moved around and taken into the cold night?

We know Kate McCann before this happened, placed her hand over their mouths checking their breathing.   This was the statement given to police by her best buddy Fiona Payne, an anaesthetist.  Kate McCann too is a qualified anaethetist!   

Payne said she thought it odd that Kate McCann was doing this?

But why did no one wake the twins to ask about Madeleine?

Why did Kate McCann leave them alone when there was according to her an abductor on the loose?  One who magics kids away in a moment!

How many moments from when she ran out of the apartment and left the twins to head to the tapas bar, and then return?

Enough moments for this alleged abductor to take two more?

So much about her story that makes no sense whatsoever.

The twins children were 2 years and 2 months old at this time.
How well developed their speech was at this time?  Bear in mind they are two and not one.  So chances are one twin had more advanced speech than the other?

In the interview in Sweden which I spoke of in the last blog.  We discovered from Kate McCann and Gerry McCann that the twins at age 7 years, knew probably/virtually as much about the case of Madeleine's disappearance as their mom and dad!

Kate McCann added to this, and in response to the host asking her if the twins could really remember the time of Madeleine's disappearance, stated that she had been 'thrown' by the twins having recently recounted things that had happened prior to May 2007!  (a time before Madeleine had vanished, five years previous to this interview)  

Now Kate McCann is prone to telling a porkie or two, and is most prone when she finds herself in a corner, or simply not liking the tone or nature of a question put to her by those interviewing, to blurt out something that is exactly that - an untruth.  

Gerry McCann tends, in these situations, to try and shut her up.

In fact, in one video I viewed yesterday, he is sitting close to her, and suddenly moves forward, but not straight forward, leans to the right as he does so, and in so doing gives her one almighty butt with his shoulder, stopping her right in her tracks.  So funny and so obvious! I'll find the link for that one.   In the interviews in Sweden Kate and Gerry are sitting opposite each other, which is not the usual set up for the pair, usually sitting close, holding hands, or hands placed over Gerry's crotch.  Gerry looks decidedly uncomfortable when Kate is speaking, as clearly from where he is sitting, he is unable to nudge her, or squeeze her hand to silence her, and we all know she is like the runaway train when she gets started, gets carried away, and the story becomes more and more far fetched.  She becomes more animated.

So, was she telling the truth when she rebutted the host when he asked if the twins would be able to remember the time of Madeleine's, disappearance or was it just Kate McCann being stroppy as ever, annoyed that he had dared to interrupt her when she was in full flow, when right in the middle of one of her performances?


But can they really remember?


Well obviously they were really young, but they HAVE recounted things that happened prior to May 2007 which has kinda THROWN me a little bit.


Now, IF she is telling the truth, and her twin children, not one of them but both, according to her statement, have spoken of things which happened prior to May 2007, did they speak of these things because they remembered them, or because they remembered hearing others speak of them, and were simply repeating what they had heard?

I tend to think she was lying, that she quite simply was annoyed at this host daring to both question, and interrupt her, and this was her way of putting him, in her mind, in his place!

But what if the kids, one or both of them actually remembered things that happened prior to May 2007.  WHY would that throw Kate McCann?   Would not a parent of a missing child be hopeful then that the kids might remember something of the time Madeleine vanished, something of that night?  Something that could help discover what happened to her, and help discover her whereabouts?

Course they would!

But equally the parents on that night would have been sure to wake the kids, not simply to ask about Madeleine, but to make sure the kids, the kids who normally woke at the drop of a hat, had not been harmed in any way by the alleged intruder.

Gerry McCann and Kate McCann, according to their story, made no attempt whatsoever to wake the twins.  Didn't get them checked out at hospital either.

Now one of your children has just been 'taken from her bed' stolen as the McCanns refer to the disappearance of Madeleine, your other two kids were in bed in the same room.  A parent would be frantic with worry that whomever had been in that room had harmed the remaining kids in some way.  McCanns didn't bat an eyelid.

We only have anaesthetist Kate McCann periodically placing her hand over their mouths checking their breathing?   And best buddy, Fiona Payne an anaesthetist also, looking on and finding it strange she said that Kate McCann was doing this?

Two anaesthetists one Kate McCann doing as she was doing.  The other Fiona Payne finding this odd.

Is that not odd, that Fiona Payne thought Kate McCanns actions were odd?   Clearly Fiona Payne must have understood what Kate McCann was doing, and surely as best buddies, there was some conversation between them as to why the twins did not wake? Two mums, two best buddies, two anaesthetists, a child allegedly abducted, two little kids who had been alone with the alleged abductor, and NO conversation between these two females as to the two little kids not rousing at all?

What happened to all that medical training, medical mode as Gerry McCann keeps telling us that kicks in?  Why didn't it kick in, in respect of the twin kids?

Now that's odd!

And for every reason I have mentioned, it makes it all the more suspicious that the mother and father of these kids made no attempt at all to wake them, or to have them checked out by an independent doctor at a clinic or hospital.

Incredulous that they did not wake them, firstly to be sure that they were okay, unharmed, but also to ask if they knew anything about Madeleine having vanished!

In the Jane Hill interview Gerry McCann speaks of how well his twin children could speak.  This interview was 3 weeks after Madeleine disappeared -  May 2007.  He tells of how well their speech is coming along, and especially that of Amelie!

In this same interview, Kate McCann said that Amelie did ask, and early on - "WHERE HAS MADELEINE GONE? 

Clearly Amelie McCann could speak, and very well indeed to construct such a question, and to understand also that Madeleine was absent!

Gerry McCann said that their speech, Amelie's in particular IN THE LAST FEW WEEKS HAS REALLY COME ON!

Madeleine vanished on 3rd May 2007.  Jane Hill interview 25th May 2007.

Gerry McCann said that in the few weeks prior to the interview, Amelie's speech had really come on.  

So, at least, if not before Madeleine vanished on 3rd May, little Amelie's speech had really come on?   And Kate McCann said from early on Amelie had asked - Where had Madeleine gone?  

So this child for her age could speak really well, and in this Jane Hill interview of 25th May 2007, 21 days after Madeleine's disappearance, Kate and Gerry McCann acknowledged this.

I find these statements by the McCanns quite interesting, as the entry in Kate McCanns diary of 17th July 2007, EIGHT WEEKS AFTER the Jane Hill interview, Kate McCann wrote of Amelie of how well she could speak, and of how this was such a surprise to her.

According to Kate McCann Amelie had said:

"I miss my sister.  Where is my sister?
Kate McCann followed this by writing:

"I couldn't believe it. I DIDN'T realise that Amelie's vocabulary and use of words was so good!"

Really Kate McCann?  How come?

How come on 25th May 2007 Gerry and Kate McCann in the Jane Hill interview raved about how well Amelie could speak of how she had, early in May asked - WHERE HAS MADELEINE GONE?


Yet EIGHT weeks later, when the child's vocabulary must have progressed leaps and bounds, we have Kate McCann saying she was SURPRISED that Amelie could have said what she did, that she didn't know Amelie could speak so well?

When the McCanns are asked a question which they are not comfortable with, they start to spout more lies and nonsense than usual.  The immediately go on the defensive.

Jane Hill asking them about going home back to UK for the sake of the twins clearly irked them, and both automatically went into defense mode, stating how, remaining in Portugal was not affecting in a negative way, the twins development, and of how well Amelie in particular could speak.  Just as Kate McCann did in the interview in Sweden?

Whichever it is, whether Amelie was chattering nineteen to the dozen in May 2007, or not until July 2007 could this little girl, string a few words together, it matters not, as in matters not at what stage of her development she could speak.

What it does prove and once again, is that the McCanns lie through their teeth, and about things that really in the grand scale of things may not be really relevant.  (though whether these kids, one or other could speak well on 3rd May 2007 is rather relevant)

It proves how easily they are able to lie, how the lies roll off their tongues with the greatest of ease.  

And if they can lie about what might be considered trivial matters, how easy for them to not be truthful about the serious matter of Madeleine's disappearance, where if the truth was known, they would almost certainly be in deep shit!

Were the McCann twins given something to keep them asleep on that night?

The twins tended to wake and cry, and Madeleine had to then go alert her parents.  Did they give the twins something to keep them quiet so as not to disturb Madeleine, give the twins something as they would be less likely to tell anyone of this?

Did Madeleine get out of bed and take some sort of medication that had been left lying around, have an accident, had she become more ill after her parents abandoned her, and died as a result?  Kate McCann said Madeleine had been pale and tired that night!

Did she climb on the sofa to look out the window in search of her missing parents, and had a fall resulting in her death as was the belief of the Portuguese Police investigating at that time?  Even the Met said that it seemed more likely the child was NOT alive when removed from that apartment!

There are a couple of things in this case which we know for absolute sure

  • That the McCanns and their buddies have not been truthful in their account of that night - John Stalker sir, you are spot on - they are hiding something!
  • That the McCanns continue to be untruthful about any matter, trivial or most serious that can arise out of any interview situation when faced with a question not to their liking!
Gerry McCann said in the interview in Sweden, of 6 years ago, that if Madeleine was not back within the 'next period' that they would be faced with more difficult times as the twins get older and go on the internet and see some of the vile material that is there.

One cannot argue with that, there is indeed vile material on the internet.   That is the age we now live, and not only about the McCann case.

But lest he forgets, his twin children will view all of the interviews their parents have given.  They will see, hear their parents tell the tallest tales.  Hear and view them as they try to worm their way out of giving an honest answer.  They will see their parents behave very badly indeed as they lie their way out of situations.

  • They will read about how they refused to help Madeleine, by not fully co-operating with police.  Of how their buddies, condoned by their parents refused to return to Portugal to take part in a re-enactment of events, knowing as they said, that Madeleine was in the hands of paedophiles!

  • They will learn of the many untrue stories created by and for them, in their partnership with the lowlife that is Clarence Mitchell.

  • They will learn of how their parents, kept from public view, the E. Fits of the now main suspect, in the Metropolitan Police Investigation, for over FIVE YEARS.

That could hardly be considered, leaving no stone unturned!  HOW could any parent not make public the E.Fits, keep them for years and years, hidden from public view when they could have helped their missing child.   McCanns have NEVER given any explanation for this.  PERHAPS by the time the twins get round to asking them WHY, they will have a reason ready.  But whatever that reason might be - it cannot possibly justify their actions, in hindering their missing daughter's chances of being found!

  • They will hear of all the money in the Madeleine Fund, which their parents promised every penny would be spent on finding their sister, and of how it WASN'T!

  • They will hear of the vast sums of money £hundreds of thousands of money donated to the fund for Madeleine having been spent on Clarence Mitchell.

  • They will hear of the vile conduct of their parents.

  • They will hear of how Kate McCann wished pain suffering, fear and harm to come to another person.

  • They will hear of how their parents ignored Madeleine when she told them of her and Sean crying.

  • They will hear of all the underhand goings on in the case of their missing sister.

  • They will hear and read of the evidence of the dogs.  How their parents went out of their way to discredit in this regard.  Why would innocent parents do that?

  • They will hear of Brenda Leyland!

Gerry McCann is right, there is a lot of vile stuff out there, and it mostly originates from himself, his wife Kate McCann, and Clarence Mitchell!

It is vile when a child vanishes and her parents and their buddies those who ALL claim to have been looking out for her and her brother and sister on the night they reported her as missing, are untruthful about those events.

It is vile when not a one of them have accepted any responsibility whatsoever for the part they played in this child's death/disappearance.

Gerry McCann in the interview said they made a mistake a COLLECTIVE MISTAKE.

I wonder how the other buddies feel about this, that the McCanns HAVE NOT AND WILL not accept that the responsibility for their kids was theirs and theirs alone.  

I wonder how they feel that Gerry McCann is in fact accusing them?



And that is what these twin kids inevitably will soon come to know!

And that is terribly, terribly sad that they or any child should be faced with this.

And more sad for the kids - as everyone who has followed this case, who know the McCanns have form when it comes to untruths - will know that whatever they tell the kids, it will not be an entirely true account.

The McCanns know what their kids will find on the internet and elsewhere, in their mom's book, other places, and that is what they must now fear more than anything. 

This book of Kate McCanns is to be a gift to her children?

Cannot think of a more vile gift to give a child!

1st March 2016

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