Lying in the Sun

Tidal Wave of Lies

Tidal Wave of Lies


One could be forgiven for thinking that the above title was a description of ‘Madeleine’ by Kate McCann.   As it describes her book accurately! 


They are the words of Miss Loach a person who appeared as a witness for the McCanns, and her words refer to Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book – The Truth of the Lie.


His book is based on the police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann.  An investigation which Dr Amaral a now retired police chief was co-ordinator.


Hardly could one describe the facts of the case, the police investigation, recorded in his book as a tidal wave of lies!


In so doing Miss Loach is suggesting the Portuguese Police/Leicestershire Police Investigation was not proper! 


Miss Loach:

“Imagine the public believing that you covered up your child’s death and then sought to make money out of it”

Indeed imagine that anyone might consider this when the parents:

  • Claim they left their children five nights on the trot alone in an unlocked holiday apartment
  • That they and their holiday group changed their stories, giving police statements which were clearly not truthful, contradicting each other due to this
  •  They started a Fund which raised £m’s… Most of which they claim to have given to dodgy detectives, most of whom, turned out to be criminals –

·       £hundreds thousands of the money donated by the public to search for Madeleine, lost to these criminals and fraudsters…

Money which has not been recovered, and to my knowledge they have made no attempts to do so.

Someone rips off the Madeleine Fund, takes Madeleine’s money and we hear not a jot about it!   No big headlines in the UK press.

Yet we have their lawyer in Portugal Madame Duarte declaring outside the Lisbon Court that they have not as yet found the legal earnings of Dr Goncalo Amaral!

And to Miss Loach -

She is right, people do believe in the exact scenario she describes above, and have done so, from the first they heard of Madeleine’s disappearance.  To many, the story told at that time by the parents, and their companions did just not add up.

Others coming to believe that Madeleine was not abducted, at different stages along the way no doubt.

And there will be those too who will never believe the McCanns could be involved in any way in the disappearance of their daughter no matter what is written, no matter what material is out there.


But is it any surprise that the public have grave doubts or simply disbelieve in the McCann story when much of it has been proven not to be true?  

The McCanns claimed their holiday apartment was broken into the window and shutter forced open, and Madeleine removed from apartment through same.  Which of course was not true – their apartment had not been broken into – Madeleine not taken out through the open window. 


From when the public first became aware the circumstances surrounding the child’s disappearance, the Fund which was set up – they became suspicious of the McCanns and not much has changed over the past six years, as more and more information has come to light, which casts much doubt on their version or rather versions of events – there is more than one version!


Was Madeleine abducted? – Not a shred of evidence to support their claim, not then, not now! 


Miss Loach:


“Once the book was published and it became clear that people were accepting Amaral’s version of events I think they felt utter despair”


It would be interesting to know who exactly it was that noted that Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book containing the facts of the Portuguese Police Investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was as Loach said 'being accepted as the truth of matters.'   

How did they gauge this?  How did they know people believed only AFTER reading the book, that the McCann holiday group had not been truthful with the Portuguese Police?  That the public believed they were involved in removing their daughter from the apartment?

Interesting to know at what point it became 'clear' to McCanns that people were believing Dr Goncalo Amaral and NOT them?

As let's face it - if people believe Dr Goncalo Amaral - it means they DON'T believe the McCann story of events, and it may also mean that if these persons would normally donate to the McCann Fund, they would not continue to.

Is this how they determined that people did not believe their story (though hardly an accurate method) - a decrease in donations?  Certainly would make them spring into action...

Without Dr Goncalo Amaral's book, a quick read of the police files online the statements given by the group to both the Portuguese Police and the Leicesteshire Police, and how truthful this bunch was is easily established.

I'm sure if it was at all possible the McCanns would seek to make these vanish too.

Which rather begs the question – How in heavens name has Andy Redwood and his team of crack detectives missed this? 

The Leicestershire Police must be shaking their heads in disbelief at their Yard colleagues! 

And, I would imagine, police forces around the world are too! 

But it is for the reader to decide in what they believe.

It is not for Mr and Mrs McCann to have books banned.

It is not for Mr and Mrs McCann to decide our reading material.

And it is certainly not for Mr and Mrs McCann/their witnesses to tell us that what is contained in a book, a police investigation is a tidal wave of lies – and not, when they themselves have been far from truthful regarding their missing daughter!

Foolish of them when many have read the police files, available on line, and they know that this statement is an untruth! 

Miss Loach speaks of the McCanns despair at the book being published.

Innocent or guilty of crimes against their daughter – they would be in despair.


If innocent - despair understandable.


If guilty – perhaps their despair more understandable, that the public would become aware of the true facts of this case, and not only what Clarence Mitchell the £70,000 per year McCann spokesman instructed the press to put out there, most of which, spin and lies!  And perhaps more reason for them to want to silence Dr Goncalo Amaral.


Their attempts thus far to ban his book – have failed!


But now we have a libel trial.


Miss Loach said the McCanns, feel shame, humiliation and anguish.


And might the disgraced parents do at having left three children under the age of 4 years old alone night after night in an unlocked apartment while they wined and dined…one child vanished without trace, and then we have had the disgraced parents changing their police witness statements…regarding the events of that fateful night when a vulnerable little girl disappeared without trace.

Their actions are shocking and shameful!  What they did to Madeleine, Amelie and Sean, shocking and shameful.

Let us not forget at the heart of this is a little girl missing.

A child who was not able to care for herself but was left alone, night after night, her parents fully expecting her to be able to deal with whatever situation came her way when alone with her baby brother and sister, when she woke to find time after time that her mummy and daddy were not around.

They knew there was every chance, one, two or all three of their children might wake in their absence.

And that is shocking and shameful.

The result of their conduct - Madeleine has lost her life,the life she knew.  

But of course their shame and humiliation according to them is brought about, not by their gross negligence of their children, and perhaps more – Hey they have never admitted to doing anything wrong. 


Nope, their humiliation, and shame, y’all listening out there, was not according to them, anything whatsoever to do with them, they claim it is ALL brought about by the Police Investigation, or rather they would have us believe by ONE OFFICER!


An officer now retired who to this day would like nothing more than the case of missing Madeleine McCann to be re-opened in Portugal, with the parents and their holiday companions/cohorts manning up, and doing what is right for this missing child – taking the stand in a Court of Law and telling the truth!

They claim that Dr Goncalo Amaral's book hindered their private search for their missing daughter?

How are they able to provide the evidence to back such a claim..?

What can be proven is that:

Their reluctance, or rather, refusal, to help the child, the police investigation by returning to Portugal when requested to do so by police, has without question hindered discovery of what became of this child perhaps MORE than any other single act – that is apart from the untruths told - as it led to the investigation being shelved!


But the libel case is not about their refusal to assist police with the investigation which sought to discover what became of their missing child!

Interesting nevertheless how the McCanns, one or both have been able to travel to Portugal and more than once, when there has been a potential pot of gold at the other side.

When Madeleine may have been found, when Madeleine was "waiting at the other side" for them to come - they could not bring themselves to put a foot on Portuguese soil, to assist police with a reconstruction of events.

Very telling - and extremely sad for this child.

This past two days we have witnessed the UK press at its cowardly worse – their reporting as ever one sided!  

We have witnessed also a string of ‘McCann 'witnesses’ who are prepared to say anything, anything at all.


Bottom line is – The McCanns whether right in what they claim have the right to raise this libel action.

They can also march an army of witnesses in and out of Court all of whom can, and will say the McCanns were distressed, felt shame, humiliation, at this book, but none of it is evidence as such – hearsay yes, but it is not evidence!

Legal actions are not won on hearsay.

A perfect example as to why this is, provided by Miss Loach
herself, when she said she “thinks” the McCanns felt utter despair!

Their witnesses thus far have quite frankly I feel done their case more harm than good.

But it is early days yet...

Perhaps the McCanns have something more solid up their sleeves?

Perhaps they are able to prove their private search was hindered by this book? 

Perhaps the Court will accept what they say? 

Perhaps Kate McCanns presence there, as Duarte said, will help their case (how?)

Perhaps they will at some point be honest and accept responsibility for their part in the disappearance of Madeleine, and the effect this has had, and will have on Sean and Amelie for the rest of their lives?

Perhaps they will stop blaming everyone else for what they have done to their three children?

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps....
14th September 2013

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