Lying in the Sun

Time Now to Kick Ass

Time Now to Kick Ass

                 From The McCanns and the Con Man...

Henri Exton and the team completed a report on Operation Omega explaining all the work done and recommendations for future action.   Its authors are legally bound not to discuss it publicly but the report is in the hands of Scotland Yard Detectives.

The report funded by public donations reveals that amongst the most ground breaking leads were these two photo E. fits of a possible suspect, not revealed publicly until five years later when they were released by the current Scotland Yard investigation, who described the E.Fits as vitally significant.  


"Obviously I can't go into any details but I suppose the regret is that the work we presented, it didn't solve the mystery of her disappearance, but the work that we did do provided significant, significant opportunities to take it to the next level." 


So here we have
Exton and the producers of 'The McCanns and the Con Man' confirming the press reports, that they, Operation Omega Team were legally gagged/silenced by the McCanns regarding the Report, the publicly funded Report detailing their findings whilst investigating the mystery of Madeleine's disappearance. 

Clearly something therein that the McCanns do not want the public or anyone else for that matter to know.

What we do know, is that:

  • The report is said to be hypercritical of the McCanns and their friends.
  • That it contained E.Fits of a suspect which the McCanns kept hidden for FIVE YEARS!

What we don't know is why:

  • Madeleine's mummy and daddy would hide the E.Fits of a possible suspect, now the main suspect in the Metropolitan Police Investigation?   E.Fits paid for by the public.
  • Hide a Report, also publicly funded?
  • Why the parents of a missing child would betray her in this way?
We can all have a good guess as to the why - because let's face it - there can be no innocent or justifiable reason to have hidden information crucial to the disappearance of their daughter information which may have led to the whereabouts of Madeleine/her remains being discovered.

Add to this that one of the E.Fit looks like Gerry McCann...

There is no justifiable reason that can be given to the public for spending the monies in the way that they have, to then not disclose information which could have helped the child, and to deceive the public.

This together with the stories the McCanns and their buddies invented, and told the world make it extremely difficult to believe that DCI Redwood is seriously considering that a bunch of burglars removed Madeleine from Apartment 5A one of them walking through the streets for all to see, kill the child, and then bury her close by.

It is also extremely difficult to imagine that he is not looking at Gerry McCann his wife Kate Healy McCann, David Payne, Fiona Payne, Rachael Oldfield, Matthew Oldfield, Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien.

If he really isn't, he must have police forces around the globe watching him digging dirt in the scrub land area of PDL in complete and utter amazement.  The McCanns quite literally having the Met on their knees!

Extremely difficult to think that Scotland Yard did not find the hiding of crucial information in the case of a missing child, by her be suspicious!

If Exton decided to speak up - to ignore the legal gag imposed on him there is not a person in the world who would blame him for doing so -  To have been silenced by the McCanns their legal team, a most despicable callous act on their part when their daughter is missing.

It is simply beyond comprehension if they are not involved in her disappearance that they would do so.

One question though for Exton he spoke of the E.Fit of the long haired guy with the moustache and the person who supplied the description appeared in this documentary.  The other two E.Fits, released by Redwood and his team -  still as yet no confirmation as to who provided the descriptions for these!

No clue as to where the persons in the E.Fits were seen, what location, the when and where. Redwood hasn't supplied this either,and there is nothing stopping him from disclosing!

Does Redwood have what it takes to kick ass..?

The producers of McCanns and the Con Man, Exton and others had the guts to give them a kick in the teeth...

Ball is in Redwood's court now!
7th June 2014
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