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Time of Madeleine's Life

The Time of Madeleine’s Life


Timeline prepared by the ‘Tapas Group’ and presented to the PJ (Police Judiciary – Portuguese Police) at the commencement of the second interviews, 10th May 2007.

It must be noted that the Tapas Group – that is the McCann couple and their holiday companions - were first interviewed by Portuguese Police 4th May 2007. 

In the intervening seven days they had time to not only prepare the above timeline, but to collude in other ways, which resulted during this seven day period between the first interviews of the 4th May 2007 and the second interviews of the 10th May, their police witness statements, morphing, particularly so in the case of Gerry McCanns police witness statement, into quite a different account of his movements of the night Madeleine was reported as missing, than he first claimed was the case.


The group got together to compile their account of that night – a timeline of the last hours of Madeleine’s life that anyone knows of -


First a look at what the group decided were the movements of Jane Tanner and her partner Russell O’Brien:-


Thursday 3rd May 2007


20.40 hours


Jane Tanner arrived at tapas bar/restaurant.




Russell O’Brien arrived at tapas bar/restaurant.



***O’Brien had left the apartment a little later than his partner Jane Tanner (5 minutes it seems) as one of their daughters was ill and he waited until both children had fallen asleep.***





Jane Tanner leaves tapas bar/restaurant, and heads back to their apartment to check on their children.


***So 30 MINUTES passed before either Tanner or O’Brien went back to check on their children?   That’s a big gap in time considering one of their daughters had been ill a little earlier****



Jane Tanner returns to tapas bar/restaurant.


*** An extremely quick check of her children considering she entered the apartment to check on them, not just listened at a door or shutter, and considering also one of her children had been ill only a short time earlier.  She obviously spent little or no time inside the apartment.  She was there and back within 5 minutes***



Russell O’Brien leaves tapas bar/restaurant heads to their apartment.


*** So FIRST check of Tanner/O’Brien kids took place 30 minutes after Tanner and O’Brien’s arrival at tapas bar.


Second check –


Tanner returns to tapas bar (after completing first check) and within 2 or 3 minutes of her doing so O’Brien leaves tapas bar and heads to apartment, almost immediately really, to check again? 

How extraordinary! 


What was his rush if Tanner had only just come back and did not report to him anything out of the ordinary? ***





R. O’Brien remains in apartment


***daughter had been crying, vomiting***




Jane Tanner leaves tapas bar and returns to apartment


***Matthew Oldfield had told her O’Brien still in apartment as their daughter had vomited***



Russell O’Brien returns to tapas bar.


*** His daughter is ill but he is not going to miss out on his dinner, immediately his partner Tanner arrives back at apartment, he heads out to tapas bar***


JaneTanner remains in the apartment.




Now what is unusual about the Tanner/O’Brien checking on that night is the inconsistency.


He stays behind to ensure his daughters are asleep then heads to the tapas bar for dinner.  Both he, and his partner Tanner, sit for a full 30 minutes at the dinner table before going back to check on their daughters, one of whom had been ill.   So, it would seem there was no urgency, and they were not overly concerned about their sick daughter?


*** In their statements they said they had checked MORE on this night than their USUAL 15 MINUTE checks of previous evenings.  Yet, according to the timeline as above which the McCanns and their companions put together for the Portuguese Police that didn’t happen! 


30 MINUTES less than 15 minutes…Since when? ***


Next time around, O’Brien leaves to check on his children but he does so, the moment almost, that his partner Tanner returns from having checked?


Interesting too that in the short space of time between 21.30 and 21.40 while O’Brien was in the apartment, did he not claim to have bathed his sick child changed her clothing, the bedclothes also and popped the items in the washer?  Busy little bee!


Did any of the group have mobile phones with them that night while out at the tapas bar?  I ask, as if Tanner did, and O’Brien had one in the apartment it would make more sense that he call Tanner to tell her their daughter had been ill again, than to use Oldfield as his carrier pigeon more so when Oldfield was not intending to return immediately to the tapas bar but was planning on a detour in the shape of a visit to the McCann apartment before heading back to tapas bar.


The most difficult to believe in all of this is that these three, Tanner, O’Brien, and Oldfield were all busying about in and out of their own apartments that night, and outside the doors of not only their own apartment but that of the McCanns which are all located beside the bedroom window where the McCann children slept, a window where they themselves claimed to have listened at during that week – yet NONE of them noticed the supposedly open window shutter on that night! 


Just not possible for them to have missed an open shutter!


But then we know that there never was an open shutter that night – not until, that is, some time, much later.  Much later than the time the McCanns have claimed their daughter was abducted.

Which means only one thing – the alleged abductor did not open any window, shutter, or curtains!


But someone did - Someone else who had access to apartment 5A, and to my knowledge the only persons who had access, were the McCanns themselves!


If Oldfield wants to continue to insist though that he entered the apartment he places himself under suspicion – as that makes him, Gerry and Kate McCann as the only three other persons who had opportunity to open the shutter from inside.


But then again we must remember too:


Oldfield claims he checked McCann children around 21.30 hours.   All well at this time.  No open shutter.


So that rather rules out Gerry McCann as being the person responsible for having opened the shutter as he left the apartment around 21.15 hours.


Then there were TWO!


Tanner was back round at the front entrances to these apartments where the McCann bedroom window was located at 21.40 hours, that is, AFTER Oldfield left the McCann apartment and she did not see an open shutter.


Remember also – O’Brien left the apartments at 21.45 hours and he did not see at this time, any open shutter!  Or hear a shutter being jemmied open.


That rather rules out Oldfield as having opened the shutter!


And then there was ONE!


Around 15 minutes later Kate McCann claims that the shutter was open!


So somewhere between Russell O’Brien and Tanner coming and going 21.40/21.45 hours and Kate McCann arriving 22.00 hours SOMEONE opened that shutter.


Our alleged abductor was long gone by this time…He left, the McCanns say, at 21.15 hours hmm…  So not him!


All of the tapas group were back at the tapas bar, save Kate McCann and of course Jane Tanner who was in her apartment tending to her sick daughter, while Kate was in her apartment close by searching for Madeleine…


Kate McCann would have known Jane Tanner was in her apartment at this time, just next door, two doors down whatever it was but so close by, so much closer than the tapas bar yet she did not alert Tanner ask for her help if only even to keep an eye on the twins while she ran to the tapas bar, or ask Jane Tanner to call or run to reception to alert the others…


We seem to forget Jane was right there…on the doorstep all of the time..!

Jane is so crucial a witness:-

She saw more than anyone else that night:

She saw Gerry speak with Jez Wilkins

She saw the alleged abductor. 

She was right there, in her apartment close to the McCann apartment at the very same time Kate McCann was in her apartment searching and banging about looking for Madeleine.

She came and went from the apartments more times than any other member of the group, equaling only that of Oldfield.

She left her apartment that night.  Returned and entered!  Left again!  Returned and entered again! 

So Tanner had the McCann apartment, the bedroom window to be precise, in her view – 4 times no less within an hour!


Her partner, the apartment within his sights 3 times – He left.  He returned entering his apartment. He left again.


And Oldfield - Well he left.  Returned, but only stood outside the apartments.  He returned later, this time entering his apartment.  He then left again.  So, 4 times, for Oldfield round at the front entrances.


A grand total of 11 times the three were there!


And, if we add Gerry McCanns, three appearances round the front entrance (though he changed his story) as he too left, then returned, then, left again.  That gives us a grand total of 14 times that someone from this group was at the front doors/bedroom windows of these apartments on that night.


Or more precisely within the space of 1 hour 15 minutes – 14 times, a member of the group was either entering or leaving the apartments close to the bedroom window where the McCann children were sleeping. 


That is an average of 1 member making an appearance either going in or out, every 5.30 minutes!


But of course the gaps between members checking were not equal, mostly though of 5 minute intervals, at most 10 minutes apart, and this excludes Kate McCanns check, and excludes the Payne’s leaving their apartment and being on the street that night. Excludes too all other persons, Jez Wilkins and other persons who were on the streets that night.


Really not much time for anyone to ‘break-in’ as the McCanns have claimed and take their child!

Madeleine's 'best day ever' ended rather tragically - her day, reduced to no more than a timeline on the front and back covers of her colouring book, a book torn by her parents/their companions to scribble down a timeline which they hoped would save their skin...a book which should have been precious to them...

I doubt this day was Madeleine's best day ever, or rather I doubt that a three year old child would describe any day in this way...

And I doubt the timeline is a true reflection of the last hours of Madeleine's life that is the last times she was seen alive by any member of this group...
31st August 2013

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