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Timeline - Redwood

Timeline - Redwood

Simply my opinion of course, but I cannot see how Redwood can alter a timeline.   It is rather impossible.

He may expand a little on matters, include another person in the tale try to lengthen the 'window of opportunity' that Kate McCann spoke of as let's face it, that hardly gives an intruder time to wipe his nose, but he cannot feasibly 'change the timeline of events.

If he emphasises the Smith sighting wonderful - as that guy was a ringer for Gerry McCann!

If they catch him and he is not McCann then a bit worrying that in this world there are two "Gerry's!"

Redwood doesn't have any evidence of abduction, that is for sure - if he had the only appeal he would have been making was to the Portuguese authorities to have the case re-opened.

As he has not done this - tonight's Crimewatch is simply an appeal to the public, raising awareness that Madeleine is still missing, and of course to announce once more to the world that the McCanns and their companions he does not consider suspects.

Which clearly shows he has not paid any attention to their police witness statements!

They may not have removed Madeleine from the apartment but they have lied with regards their movements on that night - Gerry McCann in particular.

The Metropolitan police appear able to live with ignoring the facts!

What Redwood is doing tonight is putting across another theory - simply that.  Nothing for anyone to get hot and bothered about.

If it reaps rewards and someone comes forward and says - hey I saw that guy McCann, he entered by the front door and I then saw him leave by it too - wonderful!

Not likely to happen - as they are only interested in someone who can say they saw someone else!  Preferably someone who saw Madeleine being removed from the apartment - and that is not likely to happen either!

Apart from Jez Wilkins throughout that holiday, day or night, did anyone ever see the McCanns and their companions coming and going, particularly so on the night Madeleine vanished?

Of course Redwood is NOT going to explain that :
  • The police witness statements in the Crimewatch production.
  • He is not going to tell us the McCanns lied re the window being jemmied. (that open shuttered window is a real hot potato - no one wants to go near it.  It just doesn't fit in at any time in any timeline.  
  • Not going to tell the public that  Gerry McCann changed his story
  • Not going to the public about Kate and the infamous Dr Payne's their little get-together.
  • Not going to tell the public that Fiona Payne told the police that Kate McCann said to her she had deliberately left the patio door unlocked/open so that Madeleine if she woke could get out and go and look for her mummy and daddy.

That is not the purpose of this programme!   

Redwood has to account for the funding he has been given to review this case - he had to produce something.   He could not produce a suspect or any evidence, so he has done the next best thing - a bit of PR - declared the tapas bunch non-suspects - and thrown in an of some poor guy (if he even exists) who happened to be in Praia da Luz when the McCanns were there.

Watch out Brunty they might be coming for you as it bears a remarkable resemblance to you.   Perhaps the witness has got their days mixed up and they saw you on the 4th May 2007 reporting from Praia da Luz during an identity crisis wearing Dutch clogs and calling out to Guten Morgen to passersby, and not creeping around in the 3rd May or earlier?

If Redwood can tell us that this guy is a suspect and with good reason, that he was actually seen doing something he shouldn't have been - like carrying Madeleine off  - then I will sit up and take notice! 

As it stands at the moment we have the tapas bunch who were behaving suspiciously that night, according to their police witness statements.  Listening at shuttered windows (as if) - I think any possible witnesses to that must have wondered what was going on, a bunch of British men creeping about an apartment block listening at windows!   What could have been more suspicious looking to locals and holidaymakers alike than that?

Can you imagine if you were a resident in that block coming or going to your home and encountering, McCann, O'Brien, Oldfield, three guys foreign to you in every sense of the word lurking around in the dark, listening at shuttered windows.

They are lucky they were not arrested!

Would not surprise me if we don't see the same faces as we saw in the Madeleine Was Here documentary - the ones the Portuguese Police investigated checked out, and that Dave Edgar thought - hell, I don't know if they have looked at these guys but I will include them in the documentary anyway - makes for good viewing figures.

The poor individuals, innocent persons who had already been checked out, innocent members of the public who had simply been going about their business, splashed on TV around the world because Dave Edgar could not bother his ass checking it out before including them.

What does it matter to the McCanns and their team if others are hurt by their actions?  Not a jot!   They are not fussed don't give a fig who they hurt along their merry way.

The poor guy who drove the white van.  He too, was checked out, but didn't stop them he too was pestered and splashed across the news.

Innocent people are happy to come forward in such circumstances, happy to be questioned to assist police (as was the chap with the white van and others) but what they are not happy about is when persons like the McCanns use this information for their own agenda.

Kate McCann should have been more than eager to answer when questioned by police as were the public - she wasn't!

The McCanns and their companions should have been knocking each other out of the way to board a plane bound for Portugal, to help police with their reconstruction of events -  to help Madeleine - they didn't!  

They point blank refused to assist police!

And neither are they Kate McCann and her husband eager to tell us why Gerry changed his story, and why Fiona Payne said what she did, not eager to tell us anything which is of relevance - they simply stick to their ridiculous story!

As I said Crimewatch appeal nothing to be getting all hot and bothered about, tis but another theory being presented to us.  

If the Metropolitan Police had any solid evidence, any real suspect, the only appeal being made and that should have been made by now was to the Portuguese authorities to have the case re-opened.

Has it?

No!  -  I think that answers our questions.
13th October 2013

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