Lying in the Sun

Tiny Tears Hat Trick

Tiny Tears a Hat Trick

Court adjourned for THIRD time today due to Oscar Pistorius turning on waterworks.

Gerrie Nel suggested break.  Lunch break followed.

Judge Masipa requested that Counsel speak with her outside.

Sky News speaks with Lleweln Curlewis during break

Back to what his defence, and that is what Mr Nel is getting at?


What we have here reminds me of a game we played as kids – musical chairs – but this instance maybe more better to refer to it as musical witness stand.  We are going in circles we are going all around and around and every time  we are getting to the same question- So what is your defence?

Remember Oscar Pistorius at the outset said 'I’ve acted in self-defence.'   'I was trying to protect myself as well as Reeva Steenkmap against an imminent danger.'   Because that is the definition of self- defence. 

That was repeated in the plea explanation at the outset two or three weeks ago.   Today, we heard by now the third or fourth different version of why he aimed and fired those four shots.

First of all he said -'I was protecting myself' at some stage.  Then at a later stage he testified 'I made a mistake.'  At some stage he said 'I can’t remember precisely why I shot those four shots.'  Also he said at some stage, 'I can’t properly remember I made a mistake' – a combination of the previous ones. 

 So what we have here is a constant amendment of his initial version, and that is unfortunately for him and the Defence, suggesting that he’s amplifying his version, and ultimately maybe a total disregard for his version will be expected by Court a total rejection of that suggesting that he is lying under oath and that the State’s version is the only reasonable conclusion of what precisely happened that night.

14th April 2014

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