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Today - Go Fund Goncalo

Today - Go Fund Goncalo Amaral

  • From a retired Scots lawyer. A small contribution from my pension. Proud to support a man who stands up for truth and justice. The fact that the McCanns have attempted to suppress your book and make money from it confirms to us all that these greedy money grabbers have something to hide. Shame on the McCanns.

  • Dr Amaral "desejando-lhe sorte, paz para você e sua família. Abençoe por procurar a verdade"! I wish you peace and good luck for you and your family. And bless you for searching for the truth. The truth will prevail!

  • I am a retired professional. I do not do twitter and have a facebook account just for my grandchildren abroad. I comment on political issues such as Janner, imigration and human rights. All comments are accepted and printed in the MSM. The moment I attempt to comment on the Mccann case, my comments are never published. I don't hate the McCann's - I just question their version of events. Why am I suddenly a 'troll' ? Everything else is accepted and debated with the exception of the Mccanns's. What is being covered up? Goncalo, you have the courage and integrity to do something amazing! I worry about your safety and only wish someone wealthy with courage would adopt your cause. The corruption in both the UK and Portugese establishments must be stopped. Democracy is finished otherwise. God bless you!

  • Dr Gonçalo Amaral has shown us all what integrity, honor, and dignity look like in a decent human being. The courage and strength he has demonstrated throughout this ridiculous farce, are nothing short of monumental. I believe in you 100%. Truth and justice will be your legacy Sir, of that I have no doubt. I am enormously grateful to you for loving Madeleine enough to fight for the truth and for justice to be served on ALL those who let her down.

  • With you 100%..Ignore the filth of the gutter press. May truth and justice prevail. ..x

  • Everyone deserves a fair defence. I hope you get your appeal, Mr Amaral. Please accept my small contribution for justice to be done.

The above,  just a sample of the hundreds of wonderful messages posted in support of Dr Goncalo Amaral on the GoFundMe Site


Today, please take a few minutes of your time to read more, so that you may come to understand what this good man has been subjected to by Kate and Gerry McCann and the UK media who have printed lie after lie.  Horrendous stories aimed at destroying Dr Amaral, his good name, his life, his family, and of course to destroy him financially by their legal actions.  Most stories bought and paid for by Gerry and Kate McCann, stories created by their hired spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell.   Who at £70,000 per year while working full time for the McCanns, he does not come cheap.   All paid for from the Madeleine Fund.

A fund which was set up initially to accept donations from the public to search for the missing child.

I am sure had the public known then what they now know, that vast sums of money from this fund have gone on paying legal fees, dodgy detectives, and even dodgier spokespersons, that they would never have given of their hard earned cash, the elderly of their pensions, the children of their pocket money.

And not forgetting the McCanns paid some of the mortgage payments for their home from the Fund also.   It is reported that they later repaid this to the Fund, after this was highlighted in the press. 

One can only assume for them to have used the money donated for Madeleine on mortgage payments that they had NO personal funds available to them to keep up payments on the mortgage of their home.   The alternative to this line of thought...

The point here being.   These two doctors were not, financially soundat the time of this little girls disappearance.

Two years later being interviewed by Sandra Felgueiras they are asked how they are able to afford ALL that they do.

Transcript of same, and link to the video in the blog:

'A Fraudulent Fund?'

It is a very enlightening interview.

To learn of the teams of legal experts, spokespersons, and press agencies which McCanns have surrounded themselves with by way of protection, is utterly astonishing.

It is a must read transcript and a must watch video.  

It highlights absolutely the unfairness of this one sided case on a financial level.  Dr Amaral unable to defend the action against him as the McCanns had his assets frozen, leaving him no access to personal funds.  Leaving this man dependent on the generosity of friends and of the public who hate to see such injustice.  A public who hate to see a good man destroyed.  

From the very moment the first police officers arrived at the scene, the apartment from where Madeleine was allegedly abducted (eight years have passed since, and not one shred of evidence of an abduction has been discovered.  The abduction story, remains exactly that.  A story told by the McCanns and their buddies) the McCanns began their condemning of the Portuguese Police.

One has to ask why.

The Metropolitan Police in the UK have 30,000 files, some with hundreds of pages, according to DCI Andy Redwood, ALL of which are the Portuguese Police Investigation Files.   

Difficult to see how anyone can say that the Portuguese did not conduct a thorough investigation.

In the video I have given link to.   McCanns are asked IF in the files which they possess (they paid £100,000 from the Madeleine Fund to have these translated) if they had discovered anything NEW, any leads etc.

Listen very closely to Kate McCanns reply, how she avoids giving a direct answer.

This she does in most interviews, that is what the McCanns do.   Rarely do they give a direct answer to a direct question.   Always evasive.

Again, one has to ask why!

The video is interesting for many reasons, not least it demonstrates the ignorance and arrogance of this couple.  Demonstrates how they accept no responsibility whatsoever for the events of the night they reported Madeleine as missing.  Everything is the fault of someone else.

Many such videos out there, but one which has to be viewed is Gerry McCann not getting it all his own way, and how quickly his expression turns nasty.

Another is when the McCanns are asked which, if any of the reported sightings of Madeleine had given them hope.

This couple, could NOT EVEN REMEMBER any, not any at all.  They stuttered and stammered, and Kate McCann, seemed to find it all rather amusing.

And for those who may not know, Dr Amaral's book A Verdade de Mentira (The Truth of the Lie) it has never been on sale in the UK, no English version.

The UK have had to rely on translations by others for both the book and the documentary based on the book.

Such a translation can be found on the internet.    (book)         (video documentary)

Please do take the time to read the wonderful comments left on the site:

and perhaps you may also wish to consider making a small donation. All donations are most welcome no matter the amount.

By donating it also allows for one to be able to make comment add their view on this case, something which is NOT ALLOWED in the UK MSM,   On the rare occasion comments have been allowed in the past 8 years they have been heavily censored.

Thank you

Today had Madeleine McCann 'survived' her vacation with her parents, she would be celebrating today, her 12th Birthday.

Dr Amaral has fought for justice for this child, has been her voice for 8 of those 12 years.  Let us not ever forget this.
12th May 2015
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