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Treasure in the Attic

Treasure in the Attic

All those hopeful little faces as they stand queuing desperately keen for the experts to view whatever treasure they have discovered in their attic, and brought along for valuation, hoping that it is worth $millions, and will change their lives forever...Bless!

Kate and Gerry McCann not disclosing those crucial E.Fits after having had them drawn up is kinda the reverse of Treasure in the Attic, more - Treasure Buried in the Attic!

Funny old world some digging out the treasure in their homes in the hope that it may have financial worth.   While others, like the McCanns buried what one would have thought was precious to them, that which may have resulted in the discovery of the whereabouts of their missing child, truly a treasure beyond compare - E. fit images of a suspect in the case of their missing daughter?

But it would seem that they feared, to give this particular treasure an airing, an outing would bring them financial ruin!

I imagine those e.fits being out there and the suspect being found was a risk the McCanns were not prepared to take.  It may have resulted in Madeleine, her remains being discovered, and that would mean an end to the Fund!

And of course if the perpetrator was caught there would have been far more serious consequences for the McCanns than the loss of their Fund monies!

Whichever way you cut it the E.Fits were worth more to the McCanns if they remained 'buried in the attic'

Of all the heinous acts and actions 
by Kate and Gerry McCann before and after little Madeleine's removal from that apartment, to not immediately disclose those E.Fits to help their daughter has to be one of the most most damning pieces of evidence against them.

To have contemplated for a second withholding from the public (who the McCanns for years have asked to remain vigilant, to always look out for their daughter) is pretty sick, to actually have done so, is mind blowing!

To have hindered a 'chance' of the daughter they claimed was abducted, from being found, is evil beyond words or understanding.

But it begs the question - Did they hold back these e.fits because they KNOW where Madeleine is buried therefore no urgency, and the process of having the e.fits drawn up was simply so that they could discover how close the description the Smith family would give would be to that of Gerry McCann or any other male member of the tapas lot?

And it further begs the question why on Crimewatch there was NO mention made by DCI Redwood as to how he came to take possession of these E.Fits.  The presenter said only that they were produced as a result of information given by two of the witnesses (Smith family presumably)

Is it not more than a little odd that the female presenter on Crimewatch never asked them about those e.fits?

(neither did Lorraine Kelly, but that comes as no surprise)

Just as on programs such as Treasure in the Attic, where the viewers are eager to hear the story behind the newly discovered treasure, and the owner equally eager to tell their story, in the case of a missing child, one would have thought that the McCanns would have been bursting to enlighten the viewers of Crimewatch of all the ins and outs regarding the efits.  That they would have been ecstatic that they had such a treasure.  The viewing public would I am sure have been more than interested to hear the McCann story, of how, when and why they had approached the Smith family to ask them  to co-operate with them in the production of the e.fits and of how AND WHY they reached the decision to keep such crucial information from the public.

By doing so, while asking the public to keep their eyes peeled for Madeleine, was truly deceitful.   They played the public for fools on this one.

And how do parents of a missing child live with themselves every day knowing that they buried such crucial material?

Yes they say they passed it on to police at some stage (before Redwood got his hands on it) but that does NOT EXCUSE them not publishing them as part of their own investigation, does NOT EXCUSE them not posting them on the missing Madeleine website, their own site.

It would have cost them not a jot to do so.  

What harm would it have done?

So why didn't they?

And it most certainly does not excuse them accepting donations from the public during those years when they were sitting on the e.fits.

And they say a book written by Dr Goncalo Amaral not available in English language, not available in the UK hindered their search for Madeleine! 

What could have hindered any search more than burying those e.fits?

Like all stories in the McCann case there is more to them than meets the eye, and I feel that the tale of the E.Fits is no different.

Crimewatch took months to produce.  So for a very long time the McCanns knew the content.  They knew the E.Fits would be screened, and the would have discussed with the Met exactly that.   So it leaves the question - WHY was Redwood in no rush either to get those images out there in the public domain?

The only conclusion anyone can reach is that EVERYONE knows Madeleine is not alive!  The McCanns, the Met and all involved in team McCann.

And the conclusion I reached is that there is much more to the story of the efits than has been disclosed.

Redwood, to me is no different than the McCanns, a slippery character!

Wonder what else they buried in the attic?
18th March 2015

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