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The transcripts of the libel case make interesting reading I think all will agree.  


On the night Madeleine vanished we have been told by the companions of the McCanns who holidayed with them that the twin children never woke that night. 


Despite the mayhem, the screaming and shouting, their mother and father wailing, police in and out, their daddy banging on shutters trying to open/close them.


Despite also being then taken from their cots and taken out into the cold night air to another apartment the children remained fast asleep.  Did not wake or stir until morning.


These children throughout that week woke in the night, sometimes the parents were in the apartment, and at other times they were out at the bar.  The twins, their crying, always though waking young Madeleine!


The unfamiliar surroundings of the holiday apartment, not their usual bed/cots may have caused these kids to wake more than perhaps they did when at home.


Waking nights, not finding their parents around must though have added to their fear and anxiety also.


And as I said in a previous blog perhaps a good thing if the McCann twins do not remember back to this time, to a time when they would have been distressed at being alone.


It could perhaps then be considered most unusual,  for the twins, either of them, not to have woken on a night when there was much disturbance and noise in the apartment. 


Extraordinary even!


Always has there been the suspicion that their parent’s had given them something to aid sleep.


When this issue rears its head I always find myself considering, IF the children were given by their parent’s something to keep them asleep would it have been:


  • So, as to, keep them asleep whilst they were out dining?


 - particularly so on the night Madeleine vanished as only that morning the little girl had told her parents over breakfast that she and Sean her baby brother had been awake and crying the previous night when McCanns were out dining.  So perhaps something given to allow McCanns to go out and join their companions knowing their kids would not wake?  Shockingly after hearing what Madeleine had to say they didn’t stay home that night with the kids)




  • IF McCanns are involved in the removal of Madeleine from the apartment, concealment of crimes against her, did they give the twin children something to ensure they would stay asleep while they did what they had to do – a “clean-up” job?


Kate McCann we know on the night of the disappearance, according to her best friend Fiona Payne, continually checked the twins breathing (both Kate McCann and Fiona Payne are qualified anaesthetists) Fiona Payne thought it odd that the twins slept through undisturbed, and odd also that Kate McCann kept checking their breathing!

Did Payne act on her thoughts/concerns?  Did she ask Kate McCann what she was doing and why?Did she herself not take over from the distraught mother and check the children?  Or did her medical training not 'kick-in?'


IF McCanns are in some way involved in Madeleine’s disappearance, of concern to them would be that either of the twins would wake, witness something, remember it, and then be able to articulate this to others.


What better way to ensure that they didn’t witness anything of any ‘clean-up’ than to make sure that they slept soundly.  What better way to ensure that no one asked these children anything – than if the children were comatose?


But could the McCann’s be 100% sure the twins knew nothing at all or absolutely did not see or hear anything.   Depends on the scenario what had become of Madeleine beforehand and when exactly it happened.  If an accident earlier had the twins seen something?


McCanns insisted the twins could not speak very well at that time.  Perhaps they could not - they were but two years old. But they would surely have a little vocabulary?


I have said several times that although the twins were young they probably could have, if asked in a gentle way, sensitively, been able to at least reply with a yes or no as to whether they saw Madeleine getting out of bed, or whether they saw someone in the room take Madeleine. 


I would also have thought that the McCanns themselves would have gently roused the twin children on that night from their sleep, to not only ask of them – Where is Madeleine?  But to ensure that the twins were not harmed.


And I would further have thought that these parents found it strange that their twin children who we know were prone to waking and crying during that holiday had not done so?   Both being doctors is appears more odd that the “comatose” state of their twin children seemed not to be of great concern, that is of enough concern for them to have the children checked out independent of their group of companions, and at a clinic or hospital.


Kate ‘knew’ even before any search of the apartment, before police were called, before she had alerted Gerry McCann their holiday companions, that Madeleine had been abducted?


All the more reason to want to wake these children to be sure they were not harmed – a stranger having been in that room alone with them, the children so vulnerable.


I would think the McCann parents would have wanted, someone, someone qualified to speak with their twin children, and as soon as possible after the discovery of Madeleine being missing to try to get as much information as possible to help discover her whereabouts. 


That didn’t happen!


I think too, that if the parents were involved in concealing a death they would be more than keen to know if either of the twins had seen or heard anything, remembered anything, anything at all.  Keen to know what the chances were of either of the children remembering something... in the future!

Enter David Trickey child psychologist who was contacted by Kate and Gerry concerning the twins, and went to Portugal to meet them, some weeks after Madeleine vanished.    ‘Some’ = 2,3,4, or more?  And who as we can see is able to give opinion as to what he thinks might happen in the future in respect of the twins, their understanding of matters.


He stated when questioned by Isabel Duarte the McCann lawyer, that the twins had been asking ‘Where was Madeleine?’


This is what, we are to take it, prompted the McCanns to make contact with him.


Trickey said “he helped answer that question”


In response to questioning by a defence lawyer Trickey had this to say:


GP = Guerra and Paz Lawyer

DT = David Trickey



Guerra & Paz's lawyer's questions 


GP - Confirms that DT saw the twins only once in PDL (Praia da Luz), some weeks after Madeleine's disappearance. –

What about the memory of a 2-year-old child?   Will the child remember?

DT - answers that the twins' age then was just around the time when a child's memory develops.

- What about the meetings with the McCanns?

DT - says the first meeting (actually his second intervention) was requested as a support for the twins.

GP - Did the twins show preoccupation for having been left alone when sleeping?

DT - says he's not aware of that.

** The lawyer explains it was the reason why she had asked about memory.


I guess the big question is –


Did Kate and Gerry McCann call in David Trickey ask him to come to Portugal to “question” or observe the twin children to discover what they may know about the night Madeleine vanished as it may help the investigation?


Would it help the parents, if involved in the disappearance,  give them a bit of re-assurance as to what they could expect the children to perhaps remember, or to discover if the twins one or other remember seeing or hearing anything on that night?


Trickey said he went to Portugal at the request of the McCanns as the twins were asking Where Madeleine was.  He helped answer this question for them- presumably by offering the parents advice.


This he said was ‘some’ weeks after Madeleine vanished.


So, at this early stage after the disappearance, the children, still had a memory of Madeleine?


They would not have been asking where she was if they did not remember her at that time (of course there is the possibility their memory due to being so young would no doubt fade through time)


We now know too from Trickey’s testimony that the twins could also talk – they had at least enough vocabulary to ask - Where was Madeleine? 


And, a level of understanding to know that Madeleine was not around and should have been!


Enough understanding, for Trickey to have been able to answer that question!

Trickey I take it advised the parents of what to tell the twins should they continue to ask – Where is Madeleine?  And Suggested to them I would imagine, what they might give as a reply, a reply which would have been appropriate for the level of understanding the twins in their separate ways had at that time.


I again stress the twins are not one, but two persons.  They won’t think the same, remember exactly the same things.  One may have had a great vocabulary at that age the other not.  The kids are individuals.


Which brings me to my next point: –


As the twins are individuals, two separate people, is it not MORE ODD that both of these children were in a deep sleep almost comatose, not simply two children sleeping but two children who could not be roused, with the mayhem that surrounded them? 


During that week in Praia da Luz one or other of the McCann twins would wake and cry in the night, this generally woke Madeleine who went in search of her parents.  Sometimes the parents were at ‘home’ sometimes they were not.  Gerry and Kate McCann have confirmed this.


Amelie and Sean are twin children, but that does not mean they did everything in unison, cry, pee their nappies, wake, at the same time, SLEEP DEEPLY in an almost comatose state at the same time.


And it does not mean that they both had the same level of understanding were at the very same stage when it came to level of vocabulary.  Indeed, at the same developmental stage but children of same age develop in the different areas at different times. One might talk quicker, the other crawl or walk more quickly.


Why I wonder did both Amelie and Sean have exactly the same sleep pattern on the night Madeleine vanished - both dead to the world?


Rachael Oldfield the wife of Matt Oldfield two of the McCann companions on that holiday, stated in her police witness statements that if Madeleine had been injured needed resuscitated who better to be on holiday than with a team of medics who could have resuscitated the child if necessary. (not verbatim)


The flaw in that argument is – depends as to whether the ‘team of medics’ reached the child before it was too late!


Some have suggested the alleged abductor may have drugged the twin children?


Which takes us back to Rachael Oldfield – who better than two anaesthetists, the children’s mother Kate McCann and best friend Fiona Payne to have watched over them to have determined if the twin children were drugged?


It would have been simple, for either of these two to have determined immediately, if the twin children had been drugged?


Who better qualified to determine if any harm had come to these children at the hands of the alleged abductor, than the mother of the children a doctor, an anaesthetist also, who obviously knew them well, that is, how well or deeply they normally slept, whether as deeply as they did on that night?


And who would, more than anyone want to have this checked out immediately, than the mother of the comatose children?  Or her very best friend an anaesthetist also who remained by Kate’s side that night to comfort and watch over the twins?


The twins then later being transferred to the apartment of Fiona Payne!


In her professional capacity as an anaesthetist surely Payne would have checked these children, the children of her best friend Kate?


Did not Gerry and Kate McCann say that the first reactions to events for medics, is from that angle – professionally?  


Would not Fiona Payne in her professional capacity ponder as I am doing now, as to why not one, but BOTH children slept through the madness?

Would she not automatically have slipped into medic mode as Gerry McCann tells us medics do, and try to discover why this might be?  Especially so as these were the children of her best friend, the siblings of a little girl gone missing only a short time before?

Would not Trickey, when called to meet Sean and Amelie make sure that he was well informed as to all of the details of that night – the soundly sleeping children surely something which would have to be taken into account when he assessed as to whether Amelie and Sean would in the future remember anything…If they had been drugged, that most definitely would allow him to form certain opinions…


I find more than anything that in this case there are so many professionals – who either, are, for whatever reason unable to give clear and concise details/accounts when asked their 'paid for' professional opinion, and in fact a lot of the time they come across as knowing very little about the case, about the children, just not bothered to become informed?  Trickey seemed, and as he himself said, in response to questioning in particular about as to whether these children remembered being left alone by their parents to sleep - he was not aware!

Seems to me that Trickey's awareness of matters was on the selective side!

Trickey after his performance at the Palace of Justice at least for now, tops my list of shall we say, uninformed professionals, or shall we just say those paid to say what is required of them.

Why did both Amelie and Sean not wake..?

Trickey, Payne, K. McCann/Gerry McCann, or indeed their holiday companions may be able to throw some light on that one a professional capacity of course...?
18th September 2013

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