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Trust Kate and Gerry?

Trust Kate and Gerry?

Commonsense, logic, facts and evidence tell us - NO, and that is, as Gerry McCann would say, an emphatic NO!

The McCanns had we are told E.Fits of a suspect put together.   We are told they kept these E.Fits under wraps, hidden from the public for FIVE years.

Five years where little Madeleine, if she was alive was left to rot, this crucial information which could have helped her, buried.

DCI Andy Redwood released the E.Fits into the public domain in October 2013.   At that time Redwood, the Metropolitan Police had had them in their possession for almost 2 years!

Just think about that for a few minutes.  

Now think of this for a few minutes.

Parents supposedly desperate to leave no stone unturned in the search for their missing daughter, and they DON'T release the E.Fits at all in the public domain.  

Now think about this for a few minutes.

Parents supposedly desperate to leave no stone unturned in the search for their missing daughter and they, during that FIVE years of non disclosure of the E.Fits, ask the public:

  • To be vigilant, to look out for Madeleine on their travels...
  • To buy holiday packs and posters from their Online Market Stall...
  • To donate to their Fund to help a search to find her
  • To look out for the alleged abductor - that is the alleged abductor as per the image they had displayed on their WEBSITE, the image of the man their buddy Jane Tanner is supposed to have seen.

And all the while THE E.FITS of the man seen by the Smith family, a family where the head of the family Martin Smith told police the guy he saw carrying the child he believed was Gerry McCann!

Think about that.

It may not have been Gerry McCann who Martin Smith saw, it may not have been Madeleine either being carried off by this man, but the fact that there were E.Fits kicking around of this suspect for FIVE years - if that is not enough to make any distrust Kate and Gerry McCann, I can't think what else it would take.


Of course we don't have to look too far for many reasons not to trust in the statements they gave police.  Police both in Portugal and in UK (Leicestershire Police) were suspicious of the many inconsistencies in their stories, and that of their buddies.   As were retired British Police Detectives, in particular John Stalker who maintains the McCanns and their group ARE hiding something!   And the British Forensic Scientist who feels that the scene at the McCann holiday apartment appears 'staged.'

In fact, even their OWN PRIVATE detectives were suspicious of their STORIES.  This we learned when the story of the non-disclosure of the E.Fits hit the press, and the documentary - 'McCanns and the Con Man' hit our screens.

Both extremely damning for the McCanns and their holiday buddies.

But the Portuguese Police before involvement from any other area investigating party, had already established that the McCanns and their buddies were being far from truthful, and that is a fact.

Their stories of checking of their children simply don't add up. Members of their party telling whopping great lies - Russell saying he took Oldfield's keys to check on his child when all the while, Oldfield was at home looking after his child - As though in competition with each other the stories became more unbelievable grew feet legs, stories changed - When police discovered that something didn't fit or they had lied, the group 'tailored' (as Gerrie Nel would say) their story to take account of this.

Gerry McCann CHANGING HIS STORY SEVEN DAYS after giving police his first statement has got to be the biggest red flag of all in this case.

Dr Goncalo Amaral has always maintained that a reconstitution was needed.  But as we know the bunch REFUSED to return to Portugal to help Madeleine, by taking part in same.

DCI Andy Redwood has said that he would take his investigation back to ZERO - but if he had - NONE of these people would still be roaming around without having been charged with offences in relation to this case.

I'm not talking about neglect - though the neglect of these children ALL of the children was utterly appalling, and they should ALL have been charged in this regard - and I'm not speaking of concealing Madeleine's death, though quite probably if the evidence had been robust enough to secure a conviction the authorities would have pushed ahead I have no doubt charges would have been brought. The authorities then wanted to ensure as far as was possible that they would be convicted else there was no point in going to Court. McCanns have not been cleared, found innocent as some may think of all or any involvement in their daughter's disappearance.  They have never been charged with any offence, therefore never been cleared in a Court of Law of anything whatsoever.  Not being charged doesn't mean not involved.  In time that could change.   But what is astonishing is that charges of HINDERING a police investigation have never be been brought against each and every one of them.

One has simply to take the time to read their police witnesses statements to recognise that they gave the police the runaround.

If Madeleine's life depended on this group of people helping her...she drew the short straw!

We know the stories of their checking of the children are stuff and nonsense which is shocking when a child was missing that they dared invent the stories which they did to protect themselves and each other.

Despicable cowards the lot of them.

But it is Kate and Gerry McCann for this blog at least that interest me.

Gerry McCann testified in his FIRST statement to Portuguese Police that BOTH he and Kate McCann, on the night of 3rd May 2007, the night they reported Madeleine as missing, that they, on their checks of the children, entered the apartment by the FRONT door entrance using their key to unlock it. 

Seven days later he changed this to having entered the apartment by the sliding patio door (referred to at times as either the side or back door) which they had left unlocked.

Further in his statement to police, and speaking of the Sunday night (the second evening they spent in Portugal 29th April 2007) he said that on this night they had locked the patio door from the inside, and both left the apartment, by the front door, locking it as they left.

This we were told was their USUAL routine - but of course they changed this story too.   It was one of those stories which no longer fitted, when police discovered that there had been NO break-in, that there had been NO jemmied window or shutter.

The McCanns needed to change that story and change it fast they needed another point of entry for the alleged abductor.  The Police had ruled out that window being bashed open from the outside. Added to which the only prints on the window area belonged to Kate McCann.   The window had clearly been opened from the INSIDE.

Kate McCann of course changed her story too coming up with would you believe the tale of an alleged abductor opening the window, the purpose, to create a red herring.

In the documentary 'Madeleine Was Here' Gerry McCann speaking to Matthew Oldfield, states that they, he and Kate McCann had originally been entering the apartment by way of the front locked door when coming to check on their kids.

He states that because of the noise - they changed this routine, so as not to wake them.

What Gerry McCann never explained was, what was the noise?  

And, if as he stated also - that his children had never on any check woken up - why would he want to change a routine that was working perfectly?

Had any of his children been disturbed by either of them coming in through the front door, perhaps reason to change routine, but when both McCanns state categorically their children didn't wake not ever when they checked on them - seems then there was no reason to change.

So why did Gerry McCann speak of a noise?

What McCann didn't do either was tell us WHICH night they changed their routine from entering through the front locked door to entering through an unlocked patio door?

In a statement to police he said that by the WEDNESDAY night they had ALREADY begun leaving the patio door unlocked.

He is pretty ambiguous on this.  He doesn't say the Wednesday was the first night of this new routine ONLY that by the Wednesday it was in place.

We know he told police that :

Sunday they entered by the FRONT locked DOOR.

and now we have 

Wednesday they entered by the sliding PATIO DOOR.

What we don't know is what happened what was their choice of door on the Monday and the Tuesday evening?

Well, that is, there is no mention in their police witness statements as to which night they changed routine.

But, as we all know 'Madeleine' by Kate McCann was written for that very purpose to counter any inconsistencies in their stories.   Written to PLUG up any holes.  Anything that had been pointed out in a forum, Kate and the team made sure they came up with an answer.

So what did Kate have to say about this checking of the children which door they used to enter the apartment?

Kate McCann, 'Madeleine:'

Thursday 3rd May 2007

"Just after 8.30 pm, Gerry checked on the children and then we left for the tapas restaurant.  We exited via the patio doors at the back, facing the restaurant and pool area, just as we had done the PREVIOUS THREE NIGHTS"

So there we have it, Kate McCann answered in 'Madeleine' what they had each failed to do in their police witness statements.  That on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night they had left their THREE tots in an unlocked holiday apartment, for anyone to get IN and for Madeleine to get OUT!

But the burning question remains why then did GERRY McCANN tell Portuguese Police in his FIRST statement that he had entered the apartment on 3rd May 2007 by the FRONT LOCKED DOOR?

Quite simply because that is EXACTLY what he had done!

Kate McCann was the ONLY PERSON in the group who claimed to have entered by the unlocked sliding patio door.

But what neither of them has explained as yet?


(a) to leave their children night after night alone in a holiday apartment, one they locked, leaving their babies in the most dangerous of situations,

and then change routine to:

(b) leaving them in an unlocked holiday apartment where they left a sliding patio door unlocked for anyone to get IN and Madeleine to get OUT?

What would possess two doctors, two parents to act so recklessly, to place their children in greater danger on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night, than they had on the Sunday night?

And WHY was it ONLY on the Thursday night, the night that Madeleine vanished that the other members of the group became aware, that the McCanns had left the patio door unlocked to allow Madeleine out should she wish to go and look for them.  They were informed of this by Kate at the dinner table on that night.

(I may be incorrect but I have the feeling I read in Jane Tanner's statement when she was spinning her story for the police, saying she had noticed the McCanns popping up to the patio door of an evening but she never thought to mention it to anyone, bad habit Jane has)

The more you delve into the 'checking of the children' the tales told by Gerry McCann, Kate McCann, Russell O'Brien, Jane Tanner, Rachael Oldfield and Matthew Oldfield, the murkier it gets.

There is absolutely no way the Metropolitan Police can disagree with the findings of the Portuguese Police and the Leicestershire Police as to the untruths told by this group of people in relation to the checking of the children, their movements on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.

And unless the Metropolitan Police get to the bottom of the lies, then I cannot see how it is possible for them to discover what became of Madeleine.

Discovering what happened to Madeleine does not lie with alleged burglars and smelly intruders.  To discover what became of her, the Met Officers must first deal with the McCanns and their buddies but of course they know that but do they ever intend doing that?

Three and a half years on and the evidence of the dogs in apartment 5A, DCI Andy Redwood knows that Madeleine McCann was not alive when removed from apartment 5A, that is his latest suggestion.

What he has to decide is whether he is going to go along with his ridiculous theories that a burglar killed the child and carried off her dead body, or whether Madeleine had a fatal accident in or around apartment 5A?

Even Gerry McCann has stated that the chances of a British child being abducted in Spain or Portugal is 100 million to one!

Was Madeleine that one in one hundred million or was she a child with the misfortune to have to have parents who walked out and left her alone in a holiday apartment with a sliding patio door lying unlocked?

The dogs indicated there was a cadaver in that apartment.  There is no record of anyone ever having died there.

Madeleine is the only one missing!  Go figure Andy!
24th August 2014

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