Lying in the Sun

Trust the Tapas Team?

Trust the Tapas Team?

Err, well, erm, erm, to be honest, erm I'm not lying, erm, that's gotta be erm a no, not an emphatic no, erm just a GREAT BIG FAT NO!

Why would anyone trust them when then have been far from truthful?

They claimed jemmied windows and shutters
They changed that story.
They claimed a securely locked apartment
They changed that story to unlocked patio doors
They checked the kids.
They didn't check the kids
They went in through patio doors.
They didn't go in through patio doors
They checked at shuttered windows
They didn't check at shuttered windows
They checked each other's kids
They didn't check each other's kids
They went in through locked front doors, out through unlocked patio doors.
They went in through unlocked patio doors, out through unlocked patio doors.
The had a listening system going on
They didn't have a listening system going on
They locked their apartments
They didn't lock their apartments
They saw some kids breathing.
They didn't see other kids at all.
They saw bedroom doors open more widely
They saw whooshing curtains
They saw a darkened bedroom so dark they couldn't make out Madeleine lying in her bed.
The saw a bedroom where light shone so brightly they could see twins in cots
They saw bedroom with enough light to see clearly Madeleine
They saw a bedroom so dark they couldn't see Madeleine in her bed
They looked in a bedroom her parents, to find Madeleine
They didn't look in her OWN bedroom to find her?

Why did they or rather OLDFIELD NEED to find her?  

WAS SHE KNOWN TO BE MISSING BEFORE KATE McCANN raised the alarm already removed from 5A?

Do read the Police Files to get the extent of the misleading stories this bunch told police (available at McCannfiles) read the blogs above 'Just Checking' blogs and you will soon gather that this myth that they ALL checked on each other's kids and had a listening system in place is a whole lot of NONSENSE, or to be more precise LIES!

And do remember the operative word in all of this as Kate and Gerry McCann, the couple who have never accepted any responsibility whatsoever for the disappearance of their daughter, for the life this has dictated Sean and Amelie must now live - that all of the tapas kids must live, is COLLECTIVE!   Always COLLECTIVE.

If the tapas team thought they could wriggle out of any of this, they sure in hell got a rude awakening, because Gerry and Kate McCann make it clear at every opportunity, that it is COLLECTIVE!

Good to know who your friends are!

Does Gerry trust any of them?   Do they trust each other?

They really don't have any choice.   One goes down they all go down. 

It's  a collective thing!

Let's not forget Madeleine's disappearance is NOT only about Gerry and Kate McCann it is about a whole bunch of doctors, a solicitor (Mrs Oldfield) a granny, oh and Jane Tanner the STAR witness!

Why else do Gerry and Kate McCann keep reminding us that it is COLLECTIVE - No way if push came to shove are that pair prepared to accept sole responsibility, at the moment they don't accept any!

Interestingly Russell O'Brien though he too in his statement makes many references to their decisions 'as a group' lost count the number of times he uses this phrase, Russell, aka laundry man, he seemed a bit pissed off when he spoke to Leicestershire Police his gripe amongst other things was the press.  Seems when it comes to cash, things are not as collective, and unlike Gerry and Kate McCann he and his partner didn't have any funding to fight accusations the press made against them.

McCanns not sharing their Fund then.   It can be used for for family and friends, their needs. Perhaps the Fund Directors didn't feel Russell and Jane's need to raise libel cases were a great as theirs?


"I mean, maybe, I mean, I'm seriously, seriously considering, well, we've already looked into it in loose terms, taking the Portuguese Press to task over what they've written, but, you know, just like the PJ have had difficulties in International Law with us here, well that's no, that's no mean feat to achieve it.  And, you know, we are not, we are not, you know, we're are not people who have got, you know, certainly Jane and I aren't somebody with disposable income to start, to try and fund international libel cases, but libeled we have been and many, many, times."

But back to their statements re the checking of the children - seems Russell and Gerry are at odds with each other.

Gerry McCann said on the Sunday night he locked up the apartment, front and patio door both locked, and no one but he and Kate McCann was in there.

And Russell well he claims:

"I'd been in, I'd been in their apartment twice, I think before, I don't know on tape at least, but err I went, I did a VISUAL check of the children on the Sunday night, entered through the patio door, so I'd been in through that part of the door, err that part of the building.

So Gerry or Russell who is telling the truth, because one of them ISN'T!

And darling Kate confirmed in her book that the patio door was left unlocked Monday to Thursday - NOT SUNDAY!

Russell also had this to say:

"...We AS A GROUP have nothing to gain by giving false evidence or creating false leads...'

Begs the question - as individuals did they have something to gain, because he and McCann cannot both be telling the truth!

You know as a group, collectively of course the dogs had nothing to gain by "giving" false evidence, false leads!

Gerry McCann said they the dogs cadaver dogs are incredibly unreliable.

What is clear here is that the POLICE WITNESS STATEMENTS by the McCanns and their holiday party, are INCREDIBLY UNRELIABLE, in relation to their movements, not only on the night Madeleine vanished, and in particular to their claims made in relation to the checking of the children.
25th August 2014
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