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Truth, The Whole Truth 2

The Truth, the Whole Truth - 2

Of all the pictures I have seen of little Madeleine McCann, the above is perhaps the one I like best. From this I can tell Madeleine was a very happy, well looked after child.  I believe she was!  Such innocence,  so carefree a beautiful image, she oozes happiness.  

So what would possess her parents to not look after her in Portugal?

What happened when there, that caused them to throw all caution to the wind, and knowingly place their three little kids in the most dangerous situation - night after night?

Even when they were told by Madeleine that she and her baby brother had been crying the night before she was reported as missing, crying out for her parents to come comfort them, asking her parents why they had not done so - The McCanns say they STILL went out and left the kids again, in the unlocked holiday apartment?

Madeleine was reported missing that very night 3rd May 2007.

What became of this beautiful child after she was left alone in that holiday apartment in Praia Da Luz Portugal by her parents, on this FIFTH night of abandonment?

No trace of her has been found.   And no evidence of an abduction has been found either.

It is difficult to comprehend how two doctors who cared for their children when at home in the UK would act so recklessly, that they would put the lives of their young children in such danger - Yet according to them, the statements they gave police, that is exactly what they did!

Their reasons for doing so however - make no sense whatsoever.

If your child tells you that she and her baby brother were upset and crying when alone in the dark scary unfamiliar holiday apartment - You sit up and take notice.   You promise that child you will NEVER EVER do that to them again, leave them alone and afraid.  

Their little daughter telling them this should have been the WAKE UP CALL this couple quite obviously needed - though why two doctors would have ever abandoned their kids at all is a mystery.

It quite simply doesn't add up.

No matter what else doesn't add up in this case, and there is loads, first and foremost the story told of the checking of these children, the McCann timeline, and as Dr Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese Police Investigation stated - it is full of inconsistencies.  It has to be challenged.

It is not truthful accounts the McCanns and their buddies have given police.

Anyone interested in this case, those who have, and still do follow it, want nothing more than justice for this child.  For the Truth, the Whole Truth, to be discovered.

It is absolutely not about the ego of others - pandering to their selfish, self-centred ways, their 'see, see, me' attitudes - just sickening!  And the throwing of childish strops, in a desperate bid to get attention, is truly beyond belief and understanding.

Madeleine has been let down by so many, those closest to her - others adding to it, nothing short of disgraceful is their childish conduct.

It is about a little girl, a happy little girl by all account.  But a little girl who for some reason, was made to disappear on the night of 3rd May 2007.  A little girl who no doubt had a wonderful life ahead with her brother and sister - if only her parents had taken care of her.

It is this sudden lack of care and protection by her parents whilst on that holiday - that makes not a jot of sense.

It is such a leap from taking care of your children, never leaving them alone at home - to taking them to a foreign country on holiday, then abandoning them night after night, in an unlocked holiday apartment, that it simply doesn't ring true!

There are parents, bad parents who don't give a toss about their kids, would leave them to fend for themselves at the drop of a hat.

But McCanns, as far as we know, never did this with their three kids. So why on that holiday?

To say they felt it safe - is no more than a nonsense.  Any responsible parent, would never think to leave their kids so vulnerable- and say it felt safe!  No, No, No!    Not in a month of Sunday's would they feel comfortable doing this to their precious children.   Not because someone might enter the apartment through that patio door, BUT THAT HAS TO HAVE BEEN A CONSIDERATION - Who leaves a door unlocked, three kids inside, go out for the night,  and it doesn't cross their mind that someone could get in, or a kid could get out?

Responsible parents would have thought of all of the obvious dangers the kids getting out of bed having an accident, and more than anything, to me at least, that my child was alone in a dark holiday apartment crying out for me, afraid, distressed, would break my heart just the thought.

So no.  People who usually took great care of their kids - didn't just walk out and leave them so vulnerable, and not after being told by their daughter she had cried, as had her baby brother, the previous night.

You absolutely could not walk out that door and leave them!

And they absolutely would not say - 'We never gave anything, any dangers consideration, because it felt so safe!'

Responsible parents think of EVERY last detail, EVERY little thing that might cause their child to come to harm.  We ensure their safety as far as we can.  Be it a child safety gate at home being installed, cleaning fluids out of reach, sharp objects out of reach.  When you have such young children - YOU SEE EVERY DANGER THERE IS!

If you are a caring parent who always puts your children's welfare and protection above all else, and as it should be - you DON'T suddenly turn off!

You don't suddenly, sit round a bar table and tell your friends on holiday - 'Hey we've left the kids alone in the apartment.  Madeleine said she and Sean were crying last night, but hey we just left them again and we have also left the patio door unlocked so that Madeleine should she wake she can get out and come find us at the tapas bar.'

But this is the story the police are asked to believe by this group of people.

The McCanns expect the police to believe that:

  • They left the kids alone night after night.
  • That they left the patio door unlocked some nights.
  • That after Madeleine told them she and her baby brother had been crying when alone, they just walked out on them again, leaving the patio door unlocked for Madeleine to get out.
Would parents who clearly cared for her, made her the happy child she is in the above picture, then deliberately make her as unhappy and frightened as she must have been when alone in that holiday apartment, crying out for them?  

And I say 'made' to disappear as this child, did not wander off.

I  am not saying she was not able to exit that apartment through any unlocked door (if there was indeed an unlocked door) but the evidence gathered points to this child having died in that apartment. Possible she did get out, had an accident in the immediate outside area, was found and taken back inside for a time, but her injuries fatal.

And we must acknowledge that there is NO evidence of abduction.

That is a fact!

To discover the truth, the whole truth about what became of Madeleine, the statements by the McCanns and their tapas buddies absolutely have to be scrutinised their timeline of events questioned, as they don't add up.   

If we know anything about this case - it is that - The Tapas Tales are but that - TALES!

This missing child what became of her, there is nothing more important in this case than establishing that, there is no one, NO ONE more important in this case, than Madeleine.

Sadly it seems to be taking some a very long time to understand this - that they don't count!
19th August 2014
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