Lying in the Sun

Turning a Blind Eye

Turning a Blind Eye

Lies, Deceit, Burying Information, Silencing others, dishonesty… and that’s before we touch on the search Fund.

We’ve seen and heard it all in the case of missing Madeleine – private detectives, spies, special agents, extradition lawyers, criminal lawyers, libel lawyers – private jets, luxury travel, posh hotels, and no I am not speaking of Kevin Halligen – dodgy detectives, an even dodgier spokesperson – Yeah, McCanns have done it all.

There are forums, blogs dedicated to discussing the mystery of this little girl’s disappearance, everyone it seems wants nothing more than for a miracle, that she is found alive, well, and returned home.  But they know  that this  is never going to happen, that Madeleine is dead most probably died on the night her parents Gerry and Kate McCann reported her as missing.

The Portuguese Police have known this from the beginning of their 6 month investigation.  The Leicestershire Police too who worked on the case at that time knew this also.   It was obvious to them as to most of the rest of the watching world, that the parents are involved in this in some way.

The Metropolitan Police however more than three years into their review turned investigation, have only now suggested the child is dead.  They of course knew from the day and hour their investigation started that Madeleine was not alive, but they have gone through the motions.

Why it has taken this length of time to reach, or that is, openly announce this latest, is a bit of a mystery in itself.   Portuguese Police knew from the start, yet the Met were handed all of the Portuguese Files, have a team of 38 or whatever number, detectives working on case and it took more than 3 years to reach where they are at now!

Quite incredulous!

But what makes someone hide information regarding a missing three year old child?

What makes those who know who is involved, those with information not speak up?

It is easy to understand that those involved will lie and cheat their way through.  The McCanns and their buddies for sure have done exactly that - no prizes for guessing why that might be.

But what of others in this case, who were not directly involved, but who have chosen to cover, who have chosen to turn a blind to the information available, to the damning evidence contained in the police files? 

For the lawyers, the dodgy detectives, the Clarence Mitchell’s of this world – it is money – simple as that.  They are getting paid vast amounts, in Mitchell’s case, to lie – and therefore he is happy to go along with the deceit – probably the best gig he’s ever had, ever will have.  Easy money and he gets to travel around the globe feeling important.  A high profile case like this, suits this vain and arrogant man, propelled him into the public eye in a way that would never otherwise have happened in his lifetime, and he loved it, lapped it up.

What makes some, when they hear the McCanns being interviewed telling one of their tales, and then later when they hear them change their story telling a completely different tale, turn  a blind eye, refusing to accept that something must be wrong that the McCanns are being dishonest? 

Gerry McCann told police he entered the apartment using his key to open the front locked door.

Seven days later when interviewed again by police he had a completely different tale to tell.  He told them he had left the patio door unlocked and had in fact entered the apartment by this route.

Now that is nonsense.  He lied!

Kate McCann said that it was not possible for Madeleine to exit the apartment through this unlocked patio door, she was too little, too young to slide open said door, and close it over.  Too little to draw the drapes open which hung at the patio door, and close them over.  Too little to open the child safety gate at the top of the stair just outside the patio door, and then close it over.  Too little to open the gate at the bottom of the stair and close it over.

Yet her best friend Fiona Payne told police that Kate MCann said to the group over dinner that night, that Kate McCann told them she had left the patio door unlocked so that if Madeleine woke up she could get out of the apartment and then go and look for her parents.

They are both lying of course.

Yet those who support the McCanns refuse to accept this even when they hear the words straight from the horse’s mouth.

In essence they too, are happy to go along with the McCann farce, the lies.

They seem not to understand that they are covering for them in an indirect way, and of course they fail the missing child.

We know the group have lied their reason for doing so, that they are all involved in some way, all played their part.  So we know why they have lied, why they are protecting each other and why they did not do all that they could to find Madeleine – they hindered the police investigation in fact.

There was a message left for me a short while back on the Guest Book page.  I approved it for publication.  The writer spoke of a very well- known forum, at being shall we say, a little disgruntled at the ‘goings –on’ there the unfairness.  Not long after I received another in the same vein regarding the same forum, obviously this first message had been read, and had encouraged the writer of the second message to write also. This time the message left, much more detailed.  Then I received another, and another.  Before long I had quite a number. It got me thinking. 

People will disagree on forums no question of that, but it had become obvious to me that this was something more than persons disagreeing.   This was persons, if their view didn’t fit they were to be silenced.

When someone has a blog they post whatever takes their fancy, their blog, they are free to do so.  If readers don’t agree with it – tough.

On discussion forums though it is a bit different, yes indeed there are some, particularly in the case of missing Madeleine where the members are expected to be either, for or against the McCanns.  So if a supporter gained membership of a non-support group they would most likely be barred as soon as they made their opinions known. 

But what of the forums where the members are all of the same thinking, all either believing the McCanns are guilty, or all believing them innocent of any involvement in their daughter’s disappearance – what happens there when they hold the same opinion with regards Madeleine’s parents but not on particular aspects of the case?

The number of members who left me messages voicing their grievances about the forum in question, I found surprising, clearly something was not right, but why tell me?

Today I received a copy of a conversation which took place on the site between two members.  To keep it brief.  Member One had asked a fellow member to stop posting his views on a particular topic, said it would hinder the police investigation, and further that it would frighten off the Irish witness Mr Smith, and that the press would pick up the story and run with it.

Most unlikely!  It was kinda crazy sounding stuff.
What kind dumb ass writes this sort of thing, and what kinda dumb ass would it take, to believe it!

I read on.  

Member Two, responded, stating it was wrong of Member One, to tell a fellow member to not post their opinion.   Also, that it was wrong to have stated categorically that this would have a negative effect on the forum and the police investigation also.

It is crazy sounding stuff eh?

Member One, played dumb!  Wouldn’t respond to Member Two, that is, wouldn’t respond to the points raised, preferring to act all hairy fairy dumb, replying as though in response to something entirely different, something which had never been raised – trying to be a smart ass in other words.

Member Two pointed this out.

Member One continued in this vein, believing himself/herself to be a smart ass but the reality, being a dumb ass, acting all innocent, and in the process making false statements concerning what Member Two had said, and quite deliberately so.  It was calculated.

Member Two pointed this out in an extremely robust, and very honest reply.  Straight down the line, told it like it is, that Member One had conducted himself/herself in a less than honest or honorable fashion.

Again Member One continued to act like a dumb ass, again wrongly quoting Member Two, and deliberately so.   And so on and so on.

Why am I speaking of it here?

  • 1.   Because I have received so many messages in this regard re this forum.
  • 2.       Because my curiosity as to why it is that people can stand by and watch something which they know to be wrong and not stand up and be counted.

It reminded me of little Madeleine.  Whether this child died on 3rd May 2007 or not, the child mysteriously vanished, around that time, and so many people have turned a blind eye, so many people have not been prepared to stand up and be counted.  Not prepared to see what is in front of their noses, the lies, inconsistencies in the stories told by the parents.  People in the public eye especially, who could have helped Madeleine, who were in a position to have helped discover what became of her but chose instead to pander to and protect the parents. 

The forum where the discussion took place, is one where their aim, as far as I can see, is to reach some understanding as to what happened to this child, one where they believe in truth and justice, where they consider their honesty is above reproach, where if they see an injustice, they will speak up.

In the case of Member One and Member Two – It didn’t happen!

One single member popped their head above the parapet and commented that it was wrong to ask someone to not post their opinion.  But did not address the fact that Member One had lied, acted the dumb ass, and had not apologised to Member Two for being less than honest.

Another member popped up, this time to tell Member Two, that they had been too harsh on Member One.  Member Two had used the terms – dishonest, lacked integrity, preposterous, silly when describing Member One/content of his/her post.  Hardly a hanging offence...

This member too, did not address the question of Member One’s blatant dishonesty, or the fact that Member One had made fantastic claims about the press, the investigation being hampered, and Mr Smith being frightened off, all said in a bid to prevent someone posting their thoughts on the case.

Another two members then popped up.  Each lodging comments of two words, derogatory, and sarcastic comments aimed at Member Two, not having the courage of their convictions to post proper comment. Once more not condemning the actions of Member One.

These forum members we are to believe seek truth and justice for Madeleine.  Hard to believe when before their eyes there was injustice and not a one spoke out.

From the copy of the forum discussion I received – nothing to indicate that any member was in any way interested in any kind of justice to the point where they were happy to overlook the dishonesty of one member to the detriment of another.  Just as long as it didn't affect them, happy to turn a blind eye.

Not a single member came forward in support of Member Two, and said to Member One – 'hey, you have lied, been dishonest here, you should not be trying to silence other members, take from them their right to post, the right to voice their opinions, and thoughts, and should not be be using threats telling members that all manner of drastic and dreadful events would occur if they do voice an opinion. You owe Member Two an apology also.'

Not a single one did that.  They all turned a blind eye.   All happy to ignore what they could see Member One was doing.

I have wondered many times why people will not stand up and be counted, why they cover the truth of matters in the Madeleine case, why it is so easy for them to do so.  Wondered also what kind of people would behave in this way.

Looks like a whole bunch of this type has been brought to my attention!

Those members who left messages for me – were absolutely right in what they said, of how they are silenced if their opinion is not in keeping with certain other members.

The forum in question, cannot speak of concealment, the silencing of others, by the McCanns as being wrong, when their practice is to do likewise – silence those who challenge a wrong, or are have the guts to speak up when there is an injustice.

It can never be right to silence someone.  To threaten them in an attempt to "persuade" them, as Brooks would say, that it would be best if they did your bidding.   Only cowards behave in this way.

Member Two was 'silenced' for speaking the truth. For using the terms preposterous, silly, dishonest, lack of integrity when describing Member One - for defending the rights of all members to be able to voice their opinion.  I guess truth isn’t acceptable in some quarters!

Member One - Was not, and lives to lie another day.

When there are steps to 'silence' at this level, and more importantly when others witnessing, are not prepared to stand up and be counted at this level, not prepared to make a stance, do what is right, when they see it as having nothing to gain by demonstrating fairness, decency being of noble it any wonder that in the case of missing Madeleine a high profile case on a different level altogether, where there is clearly corruption where those involved consider that they have more to lose than they have to gain by speaking up for a missing child, that they are able to get away with it, by way of threats.  How easy we make it for them by staying schtum, just as the members on that forum made it easy, enabled the perpetrator of the threats.  By staying schtum they allowed Member One, the Brooks of their Board - to get away with 'murder.' Threats, consequences laid down, and no one said a single word! 

I wonder what the outcome would have been if only one member had shown support on that forum for Member Two, had stood up to be counted?

And I wonder what the outcome might be if only one member of the tapas lot decides to do, what they must know they should, stand up and be counted for Madeleine.

To all those who left messages which prompted this blog, thank you, and I hope it in some small way restores your faith. 

Not all of us are happy to silently stand by, look on, not act, turn a blind eye!

Not all of us want to silence others!

Those who do, know who they are, what they are, what their cowardly motives for doing so.
10th June 2014

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