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Unlocked Door Wednesday

Unlocked Door - Wednesday

Now here's a thing.

Kate McCann tells the group at the dinner table on the Thursday night, the night they reported Madeleine as missing, that Madeleine and Sean had cried in their absence the previous night, the WEDNESDAY night.

She further explains to the group at this time, that due to the children crying the previous night, that she/they had decided to leave the sliding patio door unlocked, so that if Madeleine woke again on this night, the Thursday, Madeleine could exit the apartment and go and look for mummy and daddy.   According to Kate McCanns best friend Fiona Payne, the statement she gave Leicestershire Police, Kate McCann asked them what they thought of this idea.  Kate McCann asked them also - and also according to the statement best friend Fiona Payne gave to Leicestershire Police - Did they think it was best this way, the door left unlocked so that Madeleine if she woke could get out and go look for her and Gerry McCann or would it have been better if she had locked it, and Madeleine couldn't get out.

In Kate McCanns book she tells us though that the sliding patio door was left unlocked on MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY NIGHT ALSO.

WHY then say to her friends she had left the door open on the Thursday, and ask their opinion of this action, ask them IF they thought it was a good idea, IF she/they had in fact been leaving the sliding patio door unlocked since the Monday evening?

That makes no sense.

And IF the McCanns had left that door unlocked for Madeleine to get out at what point on the Thursday did they TELL Madeleine that the door would be unlocked for her to do that?

If they had told Madeleine this before Thursday, then, when she and her brother had cried on the Wednesday, chances are the child would have slipped open that unlocked door on the Wednesday night to go look for them.

And IF Kate McCann did not say at the dinner table that she had left the door unlocked for Madeleine to get out, then her best buddy FIONA PAYNE TOLD A GREAT FAT LIE TO THE POLICE!

I so hope Andy Redwood is looking at all of these lies, inconsistencies in their statements!  Because they sure in hell have hindered an investigation!   And he has had over THREE years to do exactly that figure it out and sort them out!

Mrs Fenn the elderly upstairs resident had said that she heard a child cry for over an hour - poor Madeleine, an hour is a very long time for children to be distressed and crying (this was the Tuesday night) so two nights that we know of that Madeleine was crying when alone in the dark scary and lonely holiday apartment.

The Wednesday night, the McCanns said Sean was crying too.

But if Madeleine cried for over an hour on the Tuesday, would not Sean and Amelie have woken too and become upset?  We are told they slept in the same room?

Mrs Fenn could hear this crying from the upstairs apartment.

Rachael Oldfield said that the apartments were not exactly sound proofed children crying in one apartment could be heard in another.

On the Tuesday night Russell O'Brien stayed in his apartment, Jane Tanner it is said took a meal to him in the apartment.  Did he not hear Madeleine cry, cry out for her daddy?

A child crying for over an hour with the tapas bunch marching up and down past that apartment is one hell of a long time, and would be difficult to see how none of them on their checks heard Madeleine cry.

The checking of the McCann children could not have been half hourly either on this night, else Madeleine would not have been crying for over an hour, unless the child was crying when one of her parents was IN that apartment?   As she was crying for her daddy, presumably he was NOT in the apartment.  Was her mother, Kate McCann there?

On Wednesday night the night Kate McCann said that both Sean and Madeleine were crying - Rachael Oldfield was in the apartment next door.  Did she not hear anything?

And again did none of the others on their way past the McCann apartment to check on their own children not hear these McCann kids cry?

The group stayed out later on the Wednesday night too, to have drinks in the bar once the meal was over, more chance of Madeleine waking, the longer she was left alone, and how long did Sean and Madeleine cry on this night?

The Wednesday night also was the night Kate and Gerry McCann had a tiff or rather Kate MicCann was miffed that Gerry McCann left her standing at the bar while he headed back to the apartment on his own. 

The Wednesday night Kate McCann slept in the kids room.

The Wednesday night also is the night Gerry McCann told Police that he believed David Payne was in his apartment checking on his kids, and didn't report anything unusual.

Only thing that was unusual was that MCann knew when he told Police this story, that the Payne's didn't do checks of anyone's kids! McCann invented his story!

Gerry McCann seems to be at odds with ALL of the tapas team regarding this checking of his kids.

And why would anyone believe that everyone ran around checking HIS kids when he and Kate McCann DID NOT check on anyone else's kids?

We wouldn't because it never happened!

Kate McCann said that after the last check of an evening it could have been 45 minutes before they got back for the night, therefore much longer than the usual 30 minute checks and if the Wednesday was a late night?

Dr Goncalo Amaral and the Portuguese Investigation team were spot on with this bunch their stories are suspicious to put it mildly just not possible for the most part.

So what is Redwood doing about it?

They lied for a reason to cover for something.  Some say it was to cover for neglecting their children but they have by the very content of their statements admitted they neglected their kids!

Was their 'cover up story' to mask the EXTENT of the neglect, or something more?

The dogs tell us - something more!
24th August 2014
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