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Very Best to Dr Amaral

Very Best to Dr Amaral

Wishing Dr Amaral every success in his fight for the right to speak of the truth of the Madeleine McCann case through his book A Verdade da Mentira.

He speaks for Madeleine, has been her voice since the time of her disappearance, speaking louder, and in a way that no other, not her parents not the highly paid Clarence Mitchell ever could, ever bothered to. He defends this child her right to justice with absolute passion, in a way that no other has been able to, that no other would have had the strength to survive, in the way that he has, with honesty, integrity whilst being tortured by the McCanns.

In his now almost 8 years of being hounded, harassed, by the McCanns, in his pursuit of justice for this missing child, their daughter, he has continued - and I honestly struggle to understand how this most decent of men has been able to, such an unequal fight in ALL ways against the McCanns who are out to destroy this man his family, in every sense of the word - to stand tall, never wavering from what he knows is right, never veering from that path. 

The abhorrent conduct of the McCanns, of Kate McCann in wishing this man dead, wishing that he feel, misery, feel fear, is truly shocking.

The McCanns whinge when justifiable challenge is made of their story of abduction.  They cry out for people to be silenced.  Only they are to be allowed to speak.

Yet that is what they are attempting to achieve by this action against Dr Amaral, they are trying to silence him.

They whimper, whine, and whinge about being harrassed by others, yet they have conducted a most vile inhuman campaign of hatred against this man, his family, his children.

Kate McCann wishes this man dead.


Because he knows the truth, because he has fought so hard for justice for this little girl Madeleine Beth McCann that the truth of her disappearance, the facts be known.   So many times I am sure he could have given in, given up, in particular when the McCanns petitioned the Court to have his finances frozen.

It takes pretty loathesome nasty people to behave towards a fellow human as the McCanns have, to have put the lives of Dr Amaral's children in jeopardy through lack of financial support, is truly abhorrent.

Children are precious, all children, but clearly not to Kate and Gerry McCann that they should do such a thing against the Amaral family his daughters.

But then, we are speaking of the parents who abandoned their three kids, or so they have told the world, night after night in a lonely, dark, unlocked holiday apartment, in a country unfamiliar to them, despite their daughter telling them, that she and her baby brother had cried in their absence, cried out for her parents to come to attend to them, but they did not come.

They were out with their buddies boozing!

Perhaps McCanns are the exception to the rule, where others could not harm a child in any way, no matter whose child, no matter what one feels towards the parent of a child, they seem able to and with the utmost of ease, without blinking an eye such is the degree of their bitterness and hatred!

Kate McCann on the steps of the Lisbon Court spat vile against Dr Amaral. this female could not disguise it.  Both she and her other half Gerry McCann lied re this man while standing there spouting for the benefit of the waiting press, their hatred of Dr Amaral the man who was searching for their daughter, when they the parents, were too busy to search said Kate McCann, but in a whimpering voice said that she would have liked to, but for being so busy.  Depositing also their twin children in a creche just hours after reporting Madeleine missing (so not afraid that the alleged abductor may return, pah!) and jogged and played tennis, but days later, laughed with friends, walked along the beach hand in hand while Madeleine they said was with paedophiles!

What can one say, other than Madeleine Beth McCann, sadly was not looked after as she should have been by those responsible for her safety, her parents those who should have cared most.  

Sadly in life bad people do bad deeds which often go unpunished.

Since the time of her disappearance though, this child dead or alive has had but one constant, Dr Amaral has being looking out for her!

Sincerest of good wishes to Dr Amaral, may the outcome of this legal action bring an end to the pain and suffering you have endured these long years, at the hands of this despicable couple, be an outcome which is fair brings justice, and peace for both you, your family, and of course Madeleine.
20th January 2015
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