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Was It Gerry McCann?

Was It Gerry McCann?

World woke today still reeling from 'Redwood's Revelation'

Was it Gerry McCann who the Irish witness Martin Smith saw carrying a child of McCanns description, carrying a child of

Irish Witness Martin Smith believes so!

The Portuguese Police never at any time believed the sighting by Jane Tanner the holiday companion of the McCanns.

The Smith sighting they viewed quite differently.

The Portuguese investigation was shelved in 2008.

The McCann private detectives though for the past SIX YEARS have ignored the Smith sighting preferring to go with that of their companion Jane Tanner, despite the Portuguese insisting it was not credible

McCanns would not have it any other way - the Smith sighting, where the man carrying the child was described by the witness as being Gerry McCann - was dismissed by them for quite obvious reasons.

As Andy Redwood made his revelations - McCann is now once again under scrutiny!

Was it him or one of his tapas companions, two of them who look very similar to McCann?

It now begs the question - Was the child seen by the Smith family, not only by Martin Smith - Madeleine?

Was she alive at this time or had she had an accident earlier in the evening and this was someone taking her away from the apartment?

Andy Redwood by highlighting  this sighting by the Smiths, which the Portuguese Police did before him, back six years ago...has allowed the net to be cast wide...but perhaps it doesn't require to stretch that far?

McCann looked uncomfortable, to put it mildly on Crimewatch...and some may say understandably so now that they know he, McCann is who Mr Smith believes he saw carrying the child!

It brings into question too the £hundreds of thousand of monies donated to their Fund which they McCanns say they paid to private detectives.

Why was so many £hundreds of thousands of the money donated by the public squandered in this way - mis-directed?

Supporters of the McCanns who robustly refused to believe that the Tanner sighting was false - accusing Dr Goncalo Amaral in particular of being a keystone cop for suggesting that Tanner sighting was not credible, must today be wondering if they have been taken for a ride - and a costly one at that -by the McCanns.

It was the McCanns who produced - Madeleine Was Here and in this documentary plugged the Tanner sighting!

The Portuguese Police played no part in this!

And Kate McCann sold millions of copies of her book 'Madeleine' based on their story, which has now been proved to be false!

Ironically, Kate McCann is suing the retired detective Dr Goncalo Amaral - for publishing the findings of the police investigation in his book Maddie a Verdade da Mentira wherein he states that the Tanner sighting was not credible.

Seems Dr Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese Police got it right!

Kate McCann now needs to answer some tough questions as it is her book 'Madeleine' which now requires to come under close scrutiny!

The public in general must now be wondering what exactly has been going on in this case - so many have made huge profits from Madeleine's disappearance.  Her parents, their Fund, the many teams of lawyers in their employ and of course Clarence Mitchell!

(Clarence of course will have had a hand in this latest nonsense)

It is clear to all now that the McCann private detectives, the professional, Dave Edgar in particular, through IGNORING what the Portuguese Police said six years ago  - Tanner sighting just not credible - and insisting on going with the McCanns and their companions version of events, hindered their own investigation, and perhaps have prevented the discovery of Madeleine, what happened to her and her whereabouts.

It rather begs the question - Why would no one listen to what the Portuguese Police had already established, yet they are prepared to listen to the Metropolitan Police?

Dave Edgar today, and the McCanns also must now ask themselves why did they leave such a big stone unturned?

The Portuguese Police know why, and I am guessing the world now does too!  

Was Madeleine carried by her father?   By one of the other members of his group?  Was Madeleine alive at the time of this sighting by Martin Smith and his family?

Has Redwood opened a can of worms that Gerry McCann would rather have been kept the lid tightly and firmly closed?   Something which he, his wife, Clarence Mitchell, and Dave Edgar had managed quite successfully to do - until now!

So many more questions now requiring answers and the public will ask - there is no doubt about that!

The wider world too will now be asking 'WAS IT McCANN?

Perhaps one of the blonde haired German guys being sought as witnesses will say in answer - JA!

We could forgive the Portuguese Police if they were today having a 'WE TOLD YOU SO' moment!   And rightly too.

They told us 'so' six years ago!
15th October 2013

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