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Wayback/Wayout/Way Off?

Way Back/Way Out/Way Off?

I am going along with the WBM being wrong, not based on anything technical or scientific, but simply based on the fact that I do not believe that Madeleine's disappearance was planned in some way, and much as I think the McCanns, Gamble etc are the scum of the earth and have done everything in their power to cover up her disappearance/the truth of what happened to Madeleine, I just cannot go along with the theories that she died days before the 3rd May 2007, or that they planned before they left the UK for their daughter to be 'taken from her bed'  

The McCanns story that she was taken from her bed is of course outrageous in its own right!

I do believe the McCann parents and their buddies, went to the tapas restaurant and left their kids alone in the apartments, all of them, but I do not believe the McCanns left that apartment unlocked, their change of stories in this regard pretty much tell us that. 

Gerry McCanns story, which was his first statement to Portuguese Police, that he and his wife, Kate McCann, on independent checks of their kids, entered the apartment by the front locked door, using their key to open it, and his subsequent change to this story, to then, 7 days later, telling the police that OOPSY he just remembered, they had not entered by the front locked door using a key but had entered by an unlocked patio door - has to have every police officer around the world, every parent, every member of the public raising more than an eyebrow.

A daddy, who claimed to have for nights on end, marched up and down several times per night, from a bar where he was out enjoying himself with his buddies, to check on his kids, kids, the kids he had left alone in a holiday apartment, the same routine night after night, and OH, ON THE NIGHT HE REPORTS ONE OF HIS KIDS AS MISSING, HE FORGETS HOW HE GAINED ACCESS TO THE APARTMENT.


Yeah right McCann!

If he forgot which door he used to gain access to his kids only a half hour or so before one kid, Madeleine, was reported as missing, then he is not fit to have kids in his care, and not fit to have patients in his care with such a poor memory.  A danger to one and all.

Be like playing Russian roulette being a patient of Dr Gerry McCann. Before your consultation was over he would probably be unable to remember a thing about you.   He'd forget how he accessed his office. He may even think he came in through the window, curtains whooshing, or it may be the case he would forget how you as his patient entered the office, he may think you had jemmied your way in.

As for the theories that one member of the tapas group stayed behind each night to look after ALL of the kids. Not so sure about that either. There were 5 nights McCanns and their buddies left ALL of the kids alone, Sunday to Thursday. This is according to their police witness statements and the stories they have told when being interviewed.

And based on the statements they have given, only 3 of the 5 nights were there adults
'at home' shall we say.

One, the first night, or that is the
first night the kids were left alone, the Sunday, it was Matthew Oldfield who was missing from dinner.

Now Oldfield, he didn't know the McCann kids (
didn't know Gerry and Kate McCann either before the holiday had met Kate McCann once, worked for a short time at same hospital as Gerry McCann, but Oldfield states that what little he knew of the McCanns he had heard through others) or the Payne kids.

So WHY would he, Oldfield be FIRST UP to volunteer/be chosen, to take on such a job, as looking out for ALL of the kids, a bunch of kids, most of whom he had never cast eyes upon before that trip?

He wouldn't!   NO GUY WOULD!

By his own statement to police he said that on the night Madeleine vanished (the FIFTH night of the kids being left alone) he offered to do a check of the McCANN KIDS, as, by that time, he felt he
knew them better.  

By 'them' he still could NOT have meant the McCann kids, as he never had any opportunity throughout those five days to get to KNOW THEM BETTER (See blog above Checking the Children Oldfield) but either way, he stated clearly to LEICESTERSHIRE POLICE in the UK, that at the beginning of the holiday he would NOT have taken a turn to check the McCANN KIDS, as
he didn't know them, that it would scare them if he was to go into the apartment.  

And apart from anything else.  The guy said he was not at dinner Sunday night as he was ill.

A sick man, who didn't know the kids - he'd hardly be anyone's first choice to look after them!


Also on that night, the first night of the children being alone (Sunday night)  we have O'Brien saying he took the key of Oldfield's apartment to go check on Oldfield's kid.   But Oldfield was in his apartment on that night, the Sunday, he was ill he told police, therefore did not go to dinner.

O'Brien also said he took the McCann key on that same night, the Sunday night, the night that Oldfield was sick and at home.   He claimed he checked on the McCann kids, used the key to go into the McCann apartment.  Then changed his story saying he went in through an unlocked patio door.



Well they say NO ONE went into their apartment on the Sunday night as it was ALL LOCKED UP TIGHTLY.  

No one checked on their kids on the Sunday night, or any other night.

Oldfield we know to cover in some way the true events of that night, came up with a story for police, stating that on the night Madeleine vanished he did two checks of the McCann kids.  First time just off his own back, he decided he said to go listen outside a shuttered window at the McCann apartment.   Second time around, he said he went inside the apartment through an unlocked patio door.   Kate McCann told him to do this he said.



And what is more odd is that Oldfield said, he thought it odd that the McCann kids bedroom door was open a bit to let light in.   Loads kids like the bedroom door open a little to let light in, or sleep with a light dimmed, a night light.  Nothing odd about this.

What is darn well odd is that Oldfield thought the kids needing a little light in the room odd, but he NEVER thought it, not just odd, but DANGEROUS AS HELL, to leave a patio door unlocked allowing anyone who cared to, to have access to THREE VULNERABLE LITTLE KIDS - just like the access he claims to have had.

Man needs dragged in to the Met Police Office as his story stinks, just like the shameful untruthful stories the rest of the bunch told police.

And if Leicestershire Police or the Metropolitan Police believe any of that (and the above is only the tip of the iceberg with regards the lies the McCanns and their buddies have spun) then both forces should have shut up shop a long time ago, and saved the UK taxpayer the £ms spent on the ridiculous investigation which is Operation Grange, a supposed investigation to discover what became of Madeleine McCann.

A kid could read those police witness statements by the McCanns and their buddies and know they are lying through their teeth.  The proof is there before the eyes of EVERY POLICE OFFICER WHO HAS READ THEM.

And back to wayback:

Ridiculous stories about wayback machine and Madeleine having died three days earlier, or her demise having been planned as much as three days before her disappearance was reported to police, are as ridiculous as believing that the LEICESTERSHIRE POLICE IN THE UK and the METROPOLITAN POLICE cannot see what is in front of their eyes.

But that is a whole other kettle of fish as to why the Metropolitan Police after 4 and a half years, £m's have only thus far managed to come up with silly stories about burglars, petty thieves who they cannot find.  The Met itself 'doing a McCann' and changing stories, changing the timeline of the night the child was reported as missing.

Think about it - Redwood had NO REASON, no valid, justifiable reason to change that timeline.

Yes he introduced 'crecheman' but that changed NOTHING IN THE TIMELINE.

He let the clock tick forward he said.   Quite obviously, for no other reason than it suited his agenda, not because he had any EVIDENCE or good reason to do so.

With no explanation as to why he would do this, and clearly not having taken account of the stories told by the McCanns and their buddies of their movements of that night, which do not fit HIS VERSION of events, he MOVED THE GOALPOSTS.

And by doing so, he protected these people.  Covered up/ignored their lies, the inconsistencies in their police witness statements.  Chose NOT to do a re-enactment of events which would PROVE BEYOND ANY DOUBT that they had NOT been truthful when giving POLICE BOTH IN PORTUGAL AND THE UK, their statements.

Instead, Redwood went for a fairy story about a man he discovered, who hoards his kids old clothes, his own too, keeps them for years and years, a man who has no sense of direction, a man who has not the sense to wrap his child warmly on a cold night, a man who carried his child around the village dressed only in her pyjamas while he was dressed all warm and cosy in his heavy jacket, long pants, and thick shoes, a man who didn't even hold his child close to him, didn't wrap her inside his jacket for warmth, but held her in outstretched arms, like an offering, as he walked aimlessly through the village.  The child never waking in the cold night air despite the LONG journey her daddy took her, the scenic route.  Meanwhile a petty thief was planning to go into the McCann apartment - of all the apartments in all of the world - botched it, and decides he'd rather steal a child from her bed (as all petty thieves do) and would you believe, AFTER STEALING this child, he too would decide to go walkabout through the village with the stolen child UNCOVERED, not concealed in any way for all to see.   A real dumb ass by any account (Redwood, not the burglar) 

I think we need an investigation to investigate the Metropolitan Police investigation as this bunch of murder detectives who have been working on the Maddie case for over 4 years have brought nothing to the case, except to bring new meaning to 'keystone cops.'

Oh how the mighty Met has fallen.  Petty thieves took Madeleine McCann in a botched burglary and they cannot find them.

McCanns their buddies their lies sitting in files which they, the Metropolitan Police have been trawling through, so they say, for FOUR YEARS (and at this snail's pace it will be another FOUR YEARS OF NONSENSE THEY FEED THE PUBLIC) and we are asked to believe that they cannot see the obvious?

The second adult missing from dinner was O'Brien, who it is claimed stayed home to look after a sick daughter.  O'Brien and Tanner (his partner the mother of his children)  debated which night this was. Tanner finally saying, during interview with LEICESTERSHIRE POLICE, UK that  it was the Tuesday night, she recalled that it was the Tuesday night, as her daughter did not go to creche the following day, the Wednesday because she had been poorly the night prior to. 

Then we have Rachael Oldfield on the Wednesday night supposedly ill. But again this is someone who did not know the McCann kids, someone who did not like the dark who would not have gone wandering from apartment to apartment in the dark of night. 

So I don't hold with the theory that one member of the party stayed back to look after all of the kids. If this was the case, why were the McCanns not involved in this routine?

The Payne's perhaps we could see not being a part if they were happy with their child monitor. But why would McCanns not have had a turn?

And a
sick Matthew Oldfield and a sick Rachel Oldfield, and a sick O'Brien child, hardly makes these people the best people to look after the kids of others. And even supposing they had not been ill, and they had used sickness as their reason for staying back, the Oldfield's still did not know the McCann kids. 

If there is any part of Matthew Oldfield's police witness statement that I believe it is when he stated that HE DID NOT CHECK ON THE McCANN KIDS:


Now all of that makes perfect sense.  That is EXACTLY what you would expect of a guy who didn't know the kids, that he would NOT wish to go check on them.   And not when everyone was checking ONLY on their own kids.  And not when Kate McCann said Madeleine and her baby brother had been crying when alone the previous night, and that she'd left a patio door unlocked for the little girl to leave the apartment to come find her mummy and daddy.

No guy is then going to volunteer to enter that McCann apartment in case he finds exactly that CRYING KIDS WHO HE DOESN'T KNOW.

What doesn't make a hoot of sense is for OLDFIELD to have done a complete U-turn on the night this bunch parents reported Madeleine as missing, by:

  • Doing what he said he would never do - presume and take it upon himself to go listen at window of the bedroom where the McCann kids slept.
  • To go inside and check on them, looking in the bedroom, something NOT EVEN the McCann parents had done that week, they said they ONLY ever listened, didn't do visuals.

And for all of the kids to have been in the one apartment? Which apartment? The McCanns? Where did all of these kids sleep in the McCann apartment while a member of the group babysat them? 

Now that would have involved a fair bit of mucking about before and after an evening out, transporting kids all over the place. McCanns had the largest apartment so one would imagine if this was the case, that it would be their apartment that would have been used. 

And we have the dizzy Dianne Webster who I believe told the truth when she said that the group did in fact leave the table each night, going back and forth, not to check on each others kids but to check on THEIR OWN kids.

Had there been one person assigned to babysitting duties, no need for this to happen. 

And the great big red flag here is that the McCANNS did not check on anyone else's kids, not according to the stories they have all told police.

Now that in itself tells us that the CHECKING OF THE CHILDREN stories are but that, stories and lies.

Jiggery pokery has gone on in this case for sure, but I have still yet to be convinced that Madeleine's disappearance was planned in any way in advance of arriving in Portugal.  

I do believe the kids were left unattended, and during that time, something terrifying happened to little Madeleine due to the neglect of her parents.

Then followed rushed attempts to conceal what had happened to the little one, to save their own necks, accounting for the many, many lies they have told, ALL OF THEM.   It explains their refusals to help the police, their refusals to co-operate in the case of a missing child. In the case of the McCanns their own missing child.  In the case of the buddies, the child of their 'friends'

Wayback Machine has been a huge distraction, but I am sure a welcome one for the McCanns, every hour, day, week, month that is spent going round in circles over this nonsense is an hour, day, week, month not talking about the obvious, the disappearance of Madeleine, and that TIMELINE.

The timeline the McCanns and their buddies gave, anyone can see, is lies, invented to protect them all.

The timeline Redwood came up with, anyone can see is lies also, invented for the Met agenda...  

Are we still to believe that he was, during his time on this investigation holding out, playing the long game, before he pounced on the real culprits?

I think not.   Rather I think he was holding out, playing the long game until he picked up his retirement cheque!

No Officer of the law, about to break, arguably the most well known child disappearance case in the world, steps down, doesn't stick around to take the glory... 

The obvious in this case is being ignored, and the obvious is most certainly not the wayback machine.

I cannot claim to know the technology behind it, but logic, common sense, tells me that I'd be foolish to waste precious time over it, that I'd be barking up wrong tree.

What is needed in this case is for the investigating body, the Metropolitan Police to go way back to the beginning, haul in the group of buddies, and do one of those nice little Crimewatch Productions that was done previously re the Madeleine case.  Only this time, maybe they could do it properly.

Have the bunch play the parts they did on that night, or have actors play the parts, but the parts MUST BE played to the EXACT letter of their POLICE WITNESS STATEMENTS.

  • We have to hear Kate McCanns words when she sat at the dinner table telling Fiona Payne that she had left the patio door unlocked for Madeleine to get out.

  • We have to hear Kate McCann ask Fiona Payne what she thought of this.

  • We have to hear Rachael Oldfield state how Kate McCann told her at the dinner table that night, of Madeleine and her baby brother crying the previous night when left alone.

  • We have to hear Jane Tanner tell the same story, just as she told it to police.

  • We have to hear Matthew Oldfield as he stood up, offering Kate McCann to go check on her kids.

  • We have to hear Kate McCann tell Matthew Oldfield to go in through the unlocked patio door
  • We have to hear Matthew Oldfield tell Gerry McCann that the had listened at the shuttered window without McCanns knowledge
  • We have to hear McCanns response to this, as Oldfield said McCann was not happy at this.
We have to hear from Jez Wilkins.

And boy oh boy do we have to hear from CRECHEMAN!

As sure as eggs are eggs, IF THIS GUY EXISTS, he sure in hell saw Jane Tanner, Gerry McCann, Jez Wilkins, and they ALL sure in hell saw him!

And they ALL sure in hell heard each other on that quiet street!


As soon as such a true and proper production was aired, not a living person would believe the story told by McCanns and their buddies.

But THAT is precisely why Andy Redwood NEVER WENT WITH THE TRUTH when he did his little piece for Crimewatch.

And THAT is precisely why the McCAnns NEVER WENT WITH THE TRUTH when they did the little pieces/documentaries they put together along with Dodgy Dave Edgar their private detective.

No need for wayback machine to solve this case, just do the obvious, take the McCanns and their buddies back, tot he night they reported Madeleine as missing.

Simple logic!


Well he's just gotta be the the most crucial witness in this case now, and such a guy, one who could go way back 6 years, who could remember the items of clothing he wore and what his kid wore (and still produce them too) well he's gotta remember who and what he saw and heard that night.

He's gotta have a terrific memory.   He could probably tell us what Tanner, McCann, Wilkins were wearing too!

Wayback machine?   

Who needs it when there is Crecheman, and a bunch of parents who need to put their police witness statements to the test by simply doing a re-enactment!

One for TV of course, as as the group said they wouldn't see how it could be beneficial unless it was aired for the world to see.

Get to it then McCann, a re-enactment, based on the words of your police witness statements!
4th July 2015

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