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We Let Her Down

We Let Her Down

McCanns when on holiday it seems hired a young couple to babysit their kids.  The couple were young medical students, hired for the spring/summer season at the resort as child carers.

What better people to look after the kids of holidaymakers, the kids of doctors, than student doctors.  

Parents could go off at night, safe in the knowledge their kids would be well looked after.  Safe in the knowledge that should any of their kids require medical attention due to a fall or some other kind of accident that the young medic students would know how to handle the situation they might find themselves.  Safe in the knowledge that these students of medicine would know how to perform resuscitation, should that be necessary.  Safe in the knowledge that the students periodically throughout the evening, would venture into the room to check the kids were all asleep, all well. Safe in the knowledge that should any of their children wake for any reason, a bad dream, feeling unwell, or just looking to be comforted, assured, that there was someone on hand to attend to them.   And, should the students require further assistance, they would know the first rule of medicine (as spouted by Gerry McCann ) to get help!   Funny that, I always thought that when we called the doc he would know what was needing to be done, not that the doc arrives and then has to call for help.  But we live and learn, in the McCann book of medicine, the doc must call for assistance!  Even if that means, in this particular situation, leaving, other kids alone and in danger.

The young medical students were hired to look after the kids on a nightly basis.

Unknown to the McCanns the student couple, after the McCanns left for the evening to meet up with friends, would sneak out to a tapas bar each night.  

The first couple of nights the students left the apartment by the front door, locked it on their way out.   And of course they locked, from inside, the patio door of the apartment before leaving.  They made sure the child safety gate outside the patio door was closed too.  It was at the top of a flight of stairs.  Wouldn't want that left open! And they closed the gate at the bottom of this flight of stairs also.  Outside this gate - a street with pedestrian and vehicle traffic.  So those gates had to be closed, as did that patio door.  Absolutely it must be locked.

The young student couple faithfully did this.  Sneaked off to the bar for food and drinks.  Never telling the McCanns what they had done.  

They were sure, had they told the McCanns that their kids were being left unattended every night while they, the students went out to meet their buddies, other medical students, that the Drs McCann would not approve, in fact they were sure had the McCanns known this that, they would have instantly been dismissed from their duties, and that the McCanns would report them to police and child care authorities for abandoning such young children in such dangerous circumstances, for abusing the kids in this way.  And child neglect/abuse is a serious crime.

Still the young student doctors decided it was okay.  They felt safe.

The children might not have been safe, but THEY felt safe.   They'd never have neglected the kids if they thought for a minute someone might steal one of them from the very bed they slept!  Hell no!   These students were responsible people.  The kids, well they knew how much the students had grown to love them in those few nights.

If any of the kids, particularly the eldest one, had been unhappy about the situation she found herself, being left in the care of the students, she would surely have given the student babysitters, and her parents, her tuppence worth!   And hell, it was their holiday too, a working holiday for the students, but a holiday none the less.   So they were going out every night, hell yes.  These kids would be okay.

One night, because of the noise (a noise, all these years later, they have still to explain to police and public alike. A noise in their heads?) they thought it would be a good idea to not bother to lock the kids in the apartment, to not lock that front door on their way out.   In fact, they thought, - hey, why don't we exit the apartment by the patio door instead of that front door...the patio door only locks from the inside, so if we do that then the kids will be in an UNLOCKED apartment, more vulnerable than on previous nights...but on the other hand, if Madeleine wakes up, she will be able to slide the patio door open and come and look for us in the bar.

Would she feel better if she could get out, or better if it was locked and she was left to cry, they pondered.  

Hell we only live once...let's take the chance...we'll be okay, kids might not be, but let's see what happens, hell, let's go for it, let's leave the kids in an unlocked apartment tonight....and they did!  

This was on the Wednesday night, the fourth night of looking after the kids, but the first night of leaving that patio door unlocked.  So say the medical students!

Thursday night arrived.  The parents set off as usual to meet their buddies at the bar.   The medical students there in the apartment to look after the kids.

They read the kids a story.   Usually the students took the kids down to the play area for a short time before their parents left to meet their buddies, but that night the kids were too tired.  Madeleine was especially tired, feeling under the weather too, but she told the students SHE'D HAD THE BEST DAY OF HER LIFE.  The students thought that a bit odd the best day of the kid's life being one where she was tired and feeling unwell, looking pale, needing to be carried home by her mummy from the dining area.  Her best day being a day when all of the other kids, the kids of her parents buddies, got to go to the beach with their mummies and daddies, and get dinner at the beach and ice creams, when she Madeleine was stuck in the creche with kids she didn't know.  Not even with her own brother and sister, who were stuck in yet another creche with kids of their own age.

Madeleine was essentially alone!

The other families, the buddies of her parents, their kids all together.
Her mummy and daddy, together, jogging, playing tennis.
Her young twin brother and sister together.

Madeleine, alone with strangers on day she was last seen by anyone who knew her.

The students gave the kids milk, cookies, crisps and other treats - they'd just finished having tea at the kiddies dining area, but hell, nothing wrong with stuffing kids right after, with cookies, crisps, milk and other treats.  They did wonder if doing that would give the kids sore tummies, keep them awake, have them getting out of their beds in the night, but hell, they weren't their kids, McCanns were qualified docs they could deal with the fall out of all those treats at bedtime.

But the only thing was - WHAT ABOUT BRUSHING THEIR TEETH?

Madeleine didn't have a toothbrush.

How odd the students thought.  Why would that be, that the children didn't all have a toothbrush, to brush, clear away all the debris from those cookies, crisps and treats they'd eaten just before bedtime, no toothbrush for good dental health,and hygiene?

Undeterred by the fact that they were abusing the rights of these kids to be protected, and not neglected, the students astonishingly were buoyed with having gotten away all week long with sneaking out to a tapas bar, and having  abandoned the kids on one of those nights in an UNLOCKED holiday apartment, and they were now looking for a little more excitement.

The eldest kid had given them an idea.  She had told them while sitting drinking her milk, that the previous night, she and her baby brother had been awake and crying, she asked these young students 'where were you when Sean and I cried last night?'

The students looked at each other -'what can she mean?'   Does she mean, when we were bathing her and her siblings?   Of course not. How stupid of us.  Madeleine was bright, articulate, she wouldn't be asking where were we, if we were WITH HER!  IT HAS TO have been WHEN WE WERE NOT WITH THEM!  WHEN WE WERE OUT AT THE BAR!

Their medical training had sure kicked in again.  Their powers of deduction, amazing!

They agreed, the kids must have cried when they were out at the tapas bar (though not the same one as the parents, that would have been real stupid and this story is not stupid, it is so believable) and agreed also that if the kids had cried, then they must have cried for a very short time, and gone back to sleep again really quickly.

Content with this assessment of the situation, the two medical students decided, that they would go out again, and leave the kids alone.  Yeah, they had been awake and crying the previous night, but what the hell.   The eldest kid was  almost 4 years old, she was smart, a little mother, she'd fight off any intruder, she could scream for Britain too, they'd heard her!    And she was known for giving her tuppence worth in any given situation.  Should anyone intrude on the property, she'd give them it, both barrels!  And besides, anyone with kids, knows that kids cry, at night, said the arrogant male student, so what the hell, and it was their holiday too, albeit a working holiday, but it was their holiday too.   'let's do this thing' said the female student.  And they did!

They headed off, met up with their buddies, other medical students, and told them what they had done.  They told them that the kids had told them they had been crying the previous night.  The other medial students assured them the kids would be okay in that unlocked apartment.  

One medical student by name of Fiona, later told police that, it was terrible, but that the female student babysitter, had told them of how she had left that door unlocked for Madeleine to get out of the apartment.  Another male  student, offered to go back to the apartment and check on the kids.   He didn't know them, had seen them running around at the tennis courts on a couple of occasions, and had only known been in contact with the two babysitting medical students very briefly during evening meal on a couple of nights, but he was happy to go and look at these kids whom he didn't know.  He thought it would be
a nice thing to do.  

If those kids were awake, they'd get the biggest scare of their life, a strange guy walking into the apartment, no mommy or daddy there to turn to, but it was done deal.  The babysitters could continue making merry while the kids in their charge, were gonna be scared shitless by the male student and stranger!  And, if they were awake, the
'happy to help' student, was gonna have to run pretty smartish right back to that bar to fetch the real babysitters!  

Just imagine, if it was the parents who had sent a stranger to look in on their kids, he too would have had to hot foot it straight back to the bar and fetch the parents had he found them awake and crying!

McCanns would never have done something so incredibly unbelievable, so incredibly stupid and cruel as that which the student babysitters did surely - to allow a guy who the kids didn't know to check on them in a dark and scary holiday apartment!  How creepy would that have been!  How terrifying for the kids.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, the students left by the front door.  Locking the kids inside.   Wednesday time to mix it up a bit.  Exciting times eh? - They left apartment by patio door entrance, leaving kids more at risk than on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

And Thursday, knowing the kids had been upset and crying on the Wednesday night, alone and afraid calling out for their parents...they decided, yip - to sneak out and leave the kids again.

  • They reckoned the McCanns would understand, that kids cry in the night, don't all parents?
  • They reckoned the McCanns would understand that it was their holiday too, that it felt safe to leave the kids alone all of these nights. 
  • They reckoned the McCanns  would understand why they had allowed a guy they had just met, who didn't know the kids, who the kids didn't know, to go look in on them.  
  • They reckoned the McCanns would understand all of the reasons they the students would give for having abandoned their kids every night!

The male babysitter decided  however, on this Thursday night, that he would be the first to check on the kids (they never did say if that was usual routine for the male student to do first check each evening?)  - so returned to the apartment, saw that the bedroom door to kids room was wide open, not how he had left it, so he looked inside.  Kids all there, all safe. They hadn't moved muscle.  Fast asleep.   He was sure of this. He knew they hadn't been out of bed.  He was sure of this too. He stopped for a moment just to look and the kids and thought how lucky Gerry McCann was to be the father of these three beautiful children.

But WHO then opened that bedroom door he asked himself.    'We left the patio door unlocked/open, could someone have come in through the open door and opened the bedroom door, as hell, someone did open it, and it wasn't the kids.

But the bar is beckoning, so hey ho, it's off back to the bar I go. What does it matter if someone had been in the apartment with these kids, they're not mine!'  And what does it matter if that person returns and harms the kids, they're not mine.  And what does it matter if I don't bother to tell the parents of this.   Would Gerry McCann tell his wife when he went back if it was HIM who had discovered someone had been in the apartment and opened the bedroom door, the yound male student asked himself.  Probably not, he decided.

Then the
'happy to help' stranger/medical student, took a turn to check on the kids.   He saw two kids.  Didn't bother looking for a third.

And then the female student/babysitter took a turn to check. Fuckin' hell, one kid was missing!   She looked in the closets, all around the apartment, then WHOOSH a gust of wind blew the curtains open and she saw that the window and shutter were open wide.   She just knew instantly that Madeleine had been taken.  Taken from her bed.  The bed that every night the child would get out from when she woke in the night, and went looking for her parents.  But for some unknown reason, the students wanted everyone to believe that on this ONE night, Madeleine never did what she normally did.  

Strange one might think that a child who always got out of bed in the night, that she wouldn't do so on the night she and her brother and sister had been stuffed to the gills with treats and cookies, and crisps, and on a night Madeleine was feeling unwell, that on THAT night, she didn't get out of bed at all. Strange too that her siblings didn't wake and cry either. One or both normally would wake, causing Madeleine to wake also.

Parents around the world will be trying that bedtime routine if it keeps them asleep - milk, cookies, crisps and treats straight on top of evening dinner, and fed to one child who was already feeling under the weather!

The female student flew out of the apartment (
first rule of medicine to get help, remember according to Gerry McCann in interview with Sandra Felgueiras) leaving the twin babies in their cots in the cold dark room window shutter open.   She ran to bar where her student friends were sitting, and as soon as she saw them she shouted - She's gone, someone has taken her.   Amazingly the male student, and the rest of the student group knew it was Madeleine that was gone, and not her little sister.

That's when it all started really,
said the young female student, in a documentary she later took part in!

The student doctors had gotten it right about how understanding the McCanns would be about their children being left alone at night...they were less than understanding!

McCanns could not understand why the student doctors/babysitters had left their kids alone.  Why would they have put the lives of their kids in such danger?   McCanns were livid.

McCanns had many questions for the pair.  How could they not have understood the obvious dangers, they were not just bright young people, they were medical students.

McCanns hit the roof when the students produced a timeline of their movements of that night.   They had ripped the cover from Madeleine's little colouring book - how could they have been so heartless?

Their anger built when they read this. and discovered that the medical students had allowed a guy, unknown to them to go into the apartment and check on their kids...anger increasing by the moment when they realised the students had left the patio door unlocked...

McCanns were angry that the students did not physically search for the missing child.  Not that night, not the coming week, not ever!

The McCanns were angry that the students told a TV crew that they might not have physically searched but that they were extremely busy doing other things.

McCanns were angry when they saw the students out jogging together when they could have been helping search.

McCanns were angry when the students suggested that they allow them to continue to place the young twins in the creche and for them to continue to babysit them in the evenings.

McCanns were angry when the young students began to make derogatory remarks about the police, calling them fucking tossers.

McCanns could not understand why anyone would treat speak ill of a police authority who were doing everything in their power to search for their missing daughter.

McCanns were angry when they heard that the students complained at not being offered tea when at the police office to answer questions.

McCanns were angry, that these students contacted the press, went against all the advice given by police.

McCanns were angry when the students started collecting monies for Madeleine, placing collections cans and old buckets in shops and other premises in Praia da Luz,

McCanns were angry that the female student had taken Madeleine's soft cuddle cat toy and had used it as a prop for the press photo shoots.   They took legal action to have it returned.   By that time though the female student had washed it.  She said the smell of Madeleine had gone, that it was covered in sand and sun lotion.  Not from Madeleine having taken it to the beach, the poor child never got to do that, but all sandy as the student repeatedly posed for pictures for the press with the soft toy. And the student was ALWAYS covered in sun lotion!

McCanns were furious, and they know how to be furious, that someone would disrespect their missing child in this way, use her precious toy in such a callous way.

McCanns were angry when they discovered the students, and their buddies whom they sneaked out to meet each night were telling police different tales.   All contradicting each other.  The inconsistencies and lies great in number.

McCanns were furious, more furious than they had ever been in their lives before, when they discovered that the male student/babysitter told police he had entered the apartment by the front door using his key to unlock it, and had, a few days later, CHANGED HIS STORY!   Seven days after his first statement to police, he said he didn't enter by the front door, but by the unlocked patio door.

McCanns, said that was IMPOSSIBLE.  

Impossible that a bright, well educated young man, a medical student, no less, could FORGET by which door he entered that apartment.  

They, themselves could never have forgotten which door they used, if they had been the ones checking on their kids, no way they said could they forget such a thing, forget by which door they used to check on the most precious people in the world for them - their children.

McCanns could not understand either why this young man had told police that the female babysitter/medical student had entered by the front locked door using her key to open it, when SHE told police, she had entered by the unlocked patio door.

McCanns furious that the students, by telling the police one story, and then changing it seven days later, in effect hindering a police investigation, had caused their daughter not to be found.

McCanns could not understand why the students had said the shutter and window had been jemmied open, when it had not!

McCanns could not understand why these two intelligent students would lie in this regard. 

McCanns could not understand why the female student would at some point later have to retract her/their statement re the shutters and window being jemmied, but still insist that an alleged intruder had opened the window from inside so as to create a red herring.  Kate McCann said that statement by the student was a huge red herring in itself.    They could not understand how or why two medical students would come up with anything so ludicrous.

McCanns said the tale told by the student doctors was beyond belief. And the world agreed with them!

McCanns would have these students arrested, charged with child neglect, abandonment.

McCanns would sue these students, sue the holiday company, sue anyone in fact who they deemed responsible for the loss of their child. 

The students sought legal advice, they had wealthy parents, and their lawyers were on this in a flash. The wealthy parents, their spokesperson released a statement, clearing the students of any fault - they had acted within the bounds of responsible babysitting.   If something had happened to any of the children whilst in their care and whilst they popped out for a drink, then how could that be deemed their fault?

Was it not the British way their spokesperson said, to put kids to bed and then for adults to enjoy ME time!  And these student medical doctors were British.

Of course the McCanns the British public were incensed by this, as obviously it is not the British way, or the way of any nation, to put kids to bed and then abandon them to whatever fate.   That is the way of negligent parents!    But when one has the money behind them, any story they wish to be published in the press to protect them, their actions can be bought.   And that is what the parents of these student doctors did protected their offspring!

The students stated that leaving the kids alone was simply the same as if they had been looking after them at home in the UK, and they, they students had gone out to dine in their back garden.

McCanns were so furious, really furious, utterly furious, but they would have to accept that the actions of these students in neglecting their kids in the most horrible of ways, abandoning them, alone and afraid, no one to answer their cries, in an unlocked dark and scary holiday apartment, night after night - was within the bounds of responsible babysitting.   They would have to accept that these students would not be prosecuted for their heinous act which caused the loss of a precious child.   

  • They would have to accept that one day the female student who had abandoned their children in that vacation apartment would become the face of a charity for missing persons.

  • They would have to accept that the students would make £m's from a fund which they set up - their way of searching for the child.

  • They would have to accept that the students would become famous, travel the world, telling their far fetched story of the events of that night.

  • They would have to accept that the private detective agencies the student hired to search for the missing child were crooks, criminals.

  • They would have to accept that the monies the students raised, mainly from public donations, would be given to these crooks and criminals, with no return, no child found and returned.

  • They would have to accept that the students while spending fortunes on self protection, the best lawyers money can buy for this purpose, didn't afford their missing daughter the same consideration - when it came to private detectives, the worst in the land were appointed!

  • They would have to accept that the wealthy parents of the students would sue anyone, anyone at all, who dared suggest that the story told by the students had holes in, and lots of!

  • They would have to accept that the Metropolitan Police declared the students of no interest to their investigation.

  • They would have to accept that the students backed their fellow students, and in particular the 'happy to help' guy, when they refused to assist police with a re-enactment of events of the evening they reported Madeleine as missing, in fact condoning their decision to refuse to help their daughter, who they believed was in the hands of paedophiles!

  • They would have to accept that the students all consulted with lawyers, sought legal advice, and had their lawyers issue police authorities with notice that they would not assist with their investigation in relation to a re-enactment.

  • They would have to accept, though not understand, why students who insisted on their innocence would refuse to help their missing child.

  • They would have to accept that the students for years would spout that Madeleine had come to no harm, when clearly the simple fact that she was missing, told the McCanns otherwise.   Every time they heard the students spout this nonsense, the McCanns became...well err...furious! 

  • They would have to accept that the female student/babysitter refused to assist police, refused to answer when questioned, refused to answer more than 40 questions.

  • They would have to accept that the only question this female student was prepared to answer was when asked by police -  Do you know that by not answering your are hindering the investigation into the disappearance of a child who was in your charge at the time she was reported as missing  --

Her answer - If that is what the Investigation thinks!

No matter how cold and cruel that answer by the student, no matter that the student appeared not to give a shit about the missing little girl, no matter that it was her right to not answer when questioned by police - the McCanns would never understand how anyone could treat their daughter so appallingly, their missing little girl, with such coldness, with such indifference for her life, her suffering.  Never would they ever understand why the student babysitters, the 'happy to help student, and their buddies, would care so little for the life of a precious child... 

Yes, Kate and Gerry McCann, let down their kids, Madeleine and her younger twin siblings.  

Madeleine was let down, and not by student doctors, the story of the student doctors, is a mirror of the far fetched tale told by the qualified doctors - by doctors who are her parents, and their doctor buddies too.

Had Madeleine needed to be resuscitated, said Rachael Oldfield, Dr Oldfield's wife, there were enough doctors in their group to do so.

What Madeleine needed, before being reported as missing by Dr Oldfield, and her parents, are we to understand, it was something they could not provide, or, if resuscitation was what she required, that their efforts and attempts in this respect came much too late to save the child's life?

Doesn't matter if there were 10 or 20 doctors in their group, if not a one of them reached her on time, to successfully resuscitate.

Could that be why these people WERE  NOT prepared to help police authorities?  Were not prepared to help a child who they say was abducted, and in the hands of paedophile, because they all knew she was no longer alive?

Was this little girl let down by the group, before, and after they reported her as missing, this group of people who ALL claim to have been checking on her, but who ALL ALSO claim not to have been checking on her?

2nd January 2016

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