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What Babysitter Saw - 2

What the Babysitter Saw - 2

The Parent Pack arrived in PDL on Saturday 28th April 2007.

Monday 30th April 2007 they made a block booking at the tapas
bar/restaurant.  They would eat there each evening, adults only.  The children they would leave alone in the holiday apartments.  They would not avail themselves of the child minding/evening creche facility on offer.

From Sunday 29th April until Thursday 3rd May the McCanns left their children alone each night while they dined out at the tapas bar (the block booking kicking in, on Monday 30th.)

They claimed that each night they would enter the apartment to check on their children by the front door using their key to unlock it.

(To reach the front door, they had to pass, and up close, the shuttered bedroom window of the room their children lay sleeping.
If at any time this window had been open when on their checks, it would have been impossible for them not to have noticed.)

That they would listen only for crying?

What we do not know is where they positioned themselves on entering, to listen for the possibility of crying.

Did they open the front door and just stand there to listen?
Did they venture a little further into the apartment to listen?
Did they venture as far as the bedroom door of the room where the children slept, to listen?  

Kate McCann claims that on the night Madeleine was reported to be missing that it was her intention, to stand just inside the patio door and listen for crying.  Not to go any further into the apartment.

Do we take it then, that when they entered by the front door this was the procedure too, to stand just inside the open doorway and listen, but not to go as far as the bedroom door?

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