Lying in the Sun

What Do They Know

What Do They Know

Five years after Madeleine's disappearance the McCanns as part of their self promotion, and arranged by their £70,000 per year spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, took part in an interview in Sweden.
Mitchell, I believe had some financial interest in this company if I recall correctly.  As in all things arranged for McCanns - like Kate being made Ambassador of Missing People Charity and being given an award for services to missing people, child alert systems - it is by people who are their acquaintances, friends, and as in the case of Mitchell, a very close friend according to Gerry McCann, and all are benefiting finanacially, making a lot of money out of whatever the venture. They keep all of these business ventures, as that is what they are, within a close circle of their friends.

The interview was a 'poor me' fest.  Kate McCann speaking of how she has been persecuted, of how if she laughs, or cries, either way, she cannot win.

It was an Oscar winning performance.  

The Swedish host at all times a little wry smile as though any moment he would burst into laughter at her antics.

She told her story, paused, inhaled, exhaled...looked around to see how it was being received, waited, hoping for sympathetic reaction before was comical!  She has this stunt down to a T now, a performance perfected over the years.

You said you'd written the book for the twins.  How much do THEY know?

Probably as much as we do now to be honest!


At the time of this interview the McCann twins were 7 years old.

Seven years old, and Kate and Gerry McCann said they they know as much about Madeleine's disappearance as they do?

She finished her statement with 'to be honest'  by way of assuring the host and listeners of her truthfulness.

Gerry McCann, answered - virtually!

Do this pair really think anyone believes, that these two seven year old children, as they were at the time of this interview, know, probably or virtually as much as their parents do about the disappearance of Madeleine?

Now, 4 years on, at the age of 11 what exactly do they know?

And here's the biggie - IF at the age of 7 they knew virtually all that there is/was to know about the case at that time, then it follows that they knew all there was to know about the case against Dr Amaral which is part of the Madeleine case.  

Also, Kate McCann claimed in Court in Portugal that her young son heard for the first time, and when on the school bus, from the radio about the libel case, and of Dr Amaral's book the Truth of the Lie, claiming that the child heard it said, that Dr Amaral had in his book, stated that Kate and Gerry McCann had removed Madeleine from the apartment and concealed her body. 

Apart from anything else, the story as ever is a Kate McCann concoction, and the Judge in the case saw it for what it was.

But the point I make, is, IF at seven year of age, the McCann kids knew, probably or virtually ALL there was to know in this case, then I suggest that the position at the time of the court case around 2014/2015 was the same, and that these twin kids must have known about the book the Truth of the Lie by Dr Amaral, and the Libel action which their parents had against Dr Amaral and the reason behind that action, as in their claims, at the time of the Swedish interview which took place in 2012 when the twins were 7 years old!

I suggest that if the McCanns were truthful when speaking in the Swedish interview (a long shot I know) but if that was the case, then the little McCann boy, IF he heard anything on the school bus (which is utter nonsense but to play along) then in 2014/2015 it would not have been anything that the child was not already aware of!

The McCanns in court made the case that the book by Dr Amaral had, due to their son hearing of it on the school bus, affected the child in some negative way.

But the child surely, if he knew as much as his parents about this case back in 2012, would not have been surprised in the slightest to hear anything about Dr Amaral when on the school bus?

It must be noted that Kate McCanns story of the school bus has never been verified by the driver of the school bus, by the school which he attended, and neither has it been verified that any such story was on radio in the UK at that time.

She did not provide any evidence of this for the court.

Wicked webs!

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29th February 2016
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