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What the Babysitter Saw

What the Babysitter Saw

Gerry McCann - Kate McCann - David Payne - Fiona Payne - Matthew Oldfield - Rachael Oldfield - Jane Tanner - Russell O'Brien - and Granny of the Pack, Dianne Webster (mother of Fiona Payne)

I'd love more than anything to be able to tell you what the babysitter saw but as most will know the above named Rat Parent Pack didn't bother to employ a babysitter - EIGHT children under the age of 4 years - 4 dark and scary holiday apartments, NOT a babysitter in sight!

Never fear though as I am able to bring to you the Parent Pack's Guide to Responsible Parenting.  Rubber Stamped I believe by a lawyer hired by Gerry and Kate McCann...or rather, that is the official line by Camp McCann, that they sought legal advice so as to be sure if how they treated their three children when on holiday in Portugal was LEGAL - as one does! 

Sure you have all done that.   Gone out for an evening, got home, then questioned the babysitting arrangements you had in place, then thought - 'hell I'd better just make sure what we did was right'  - Call the lawyer honey, there's an empty bed back here, I count only two kids, and I'm sure we left three...the one that wakes in the night and wanders, ain't here...something ain't right with our babysitting arrangements...we need to confirm that what we did was responsible...

But that is the story the official line by Camp McCann, and Clarence Mitchell their £70,000 per year paid mouthpiece said they sought legal advice and were advised they had acted responsibly, so stick that in your pipes and smoke it, if Clarence said they sought legal advice in this regard, then they must have?   Or was Clarence spinning another of his rather expensive stories?   What if they never sought advice, but simply said they did?   Anything is possible!  

The legal advice they were given, with regards their actions, was, that they had they had acted towards their children - within the bounds of responsible parenting.

Now hold that thought 'within the bounds of responsible parenting' while we play a little game - 'Bustin the Babysitter' 

The game involves the farcical tale of 9 adults, 8 children, and 4 dark scary holiday apartments.  As the tale unfolds, the object of the game is to see if you can spot where our '9 babysitters'  AKA the Parent Pack went wrong, where, when and if they stepped outside the bounds of responsible parenting (or to be fair to Granny Webster, she just wasn't checking at all, so let's make that our '8 babysitters' ) 

So let's play Bustin the Babysitter... 

Payne's Apartment - 1st Floor - 2 kids
Oldfield Apartment - Ground Floor - 1 kid
Tanner/O'Brien Apartment - Ground Floor - 2 kids
McCann Apartment Ground Floor - 3 kids

(to be noted, the apartment block is built on a hill.  The front entrance to McCann apartment at the top of hill on the 'flat' the patio (side/back entrance on the 'slope.'    To reach the patio door it therefore involved climbing a flight of stairs.  The stairs were narrow. This side of the apartment, the patio side we shall call it, was in effect equivalent to a first floor.  At the top of the stairs the patio/balcony area was walled.  There was patio furniture that is, a dining table and chairs.  A small child, unsupervised, climbing on a chair to look out, could easily fall over to the ground below, quite a drop from this patio area.  There was a child safety gate (in working order?) at top of the stairs to prevent a child using the staircase/falling)

On 28th April 2007 the Parent Pack arrived at the Ocean Club in Portugal and allocated their apartments.

There is babysitting facilities on site, day and night for a small fee.

The Parent Pack avail themselves of the babysitting facilities during daytime, but night - a whole other story - they decide in their wisdom, to 'go it alone'  How wonderful that they would decide to act so responsibly look after their own kids in the evenings...or was it?  Did they?

Well you decide.  See what you think of this brand of babysitting introduced to the world by Kate and Gerry McCann - Brand McCann.

We have four sets of parents.  At least one parent from each set is a medical professional in one field of medicine or another.   In the case of McCann couple and the Payne couple, both parents are doctors.

Each couple decided that they would leave their children alone in the dark scary holiday apartments of an evening while they went out to wine and dine together - Parent Pack Party Time!

Each couple would check on their OWN KIDS, not the children of any other couple, ONLY THEIR OWN, during the evening, and at intervals of their choosing.

The McCanns have stated that they did half hourly checks.

It must be noted that the HALF HOURLY checks were ONLY introduced by the McCanns on the night the child Madeleine was reported as missing.

How do we know this?   Well, the McCanns kindly informed us of this.

On the morning of the night the child vanished, she had said to her mummy and daddy at breakfast time (and this is according to McCanns, stated many times by them in the various televised interviews they have given) that she and her baby brother had been crying the previous night, and she asked them why they had not come when she had called out for them!

Due to this incident, the McCanns say they decided to check on their children more regularly than they had been on previous nights.

Stands to reason then, if, after making this decision, and if they implemented this new routine where they checked half hourly, that previously the gap between checks was greater. Hourly perhaps? Every 45 minutes?

Therefore ONLY on the night Madeleine vanished were these children the McCann children being checked half hourly - according to the story as told by Kate and Gerry McCann.

How often the other parents checked on their kids, really isn't documented for that week, maybe more often than the McCanns checked theirs, maybe not!

All of the couples said that when they left their children alone in the apartments, they would lock the patio doors (these locked from inside only) and would then exit their apartments by the front doors. All said they locked the front doors after exiting.

Thus far we have 4 sets of parents, 4 apartments, parents ALL saying they locked their patio doors, exited by their front doors locking them after leaving, and all stating that they checked at intervals of their choosing, during the evening, THEIR OWN CHILDREN AND NO ONE ELSES'   (See 'Just Checking' Blogs above) each time accessing their respective apartments by the front door entrances, using their keys to unlock.

The McCanns?

This, 'babysitter busters' is where the tale takes a twist, time to keep your eyes peeled, see if you can spot not only the babysitting boobs, the absolute no, no's those actions which are outside the bounds of responsible babysitting/parenting, but this is also where you get to hear, the babysitters - Gerry and Kate McCann - their stories, where they take us outside the bounds of belief...outside the realms of 'What the Babysitter Saw - 2'
27th July 2014

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