Lying in the Sun

Where and When Andy?

Where and When Andy?


Much has been made of the Metropolitan Policing being very different from that of the Portuguese Police, particularly so where the secrecy laws which exist in Portugal are concerned.


The McCanns and their companions complained in this regard – they could not tell the public this, could not tell them that.  Could not, they claimed, answer freely during interviews, particularly so when they were made arguido ‘persons of interest’ by the Portuguese authorities due to the restrictions of these laws.


Yet, when their arguido status was lifted, still they could not or would not explain, give answers to specific questions asked of them during interviews.


Seems they used the arguido status when it suited them – Fair play one might say.


But their gripe in general was that the Portuguese, according to the McCanns their spokesperson, ‘leaked information’ despite there being secrecy laws.


This got me wondering.


Andy Redwood, the Metropolitan police has been leaking like dear Old Henry’s Bucket for months now – No Dear Liza, Dear Liza, to fix it, to fix it… and to my knowledge, the McCanns their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell have not voiced their concerns in this regard.  Not offered Dear Andy, Dear Andy, some straw, nor suggested, he use his head to mend mend it, to mend it…

Double standards it would appear.


So what has the Redwood Bucket leaked?


Well for one –


He has announced he wants to (but requires the permission and assistance of the Portuguese authorities) to interview 38 persons who have previously been interviewed by the Portuguese Police during the initial investigation.


They are not suspects. 


Redwood said he could not go so far as to say these persons are suspects…So they are NOT!


The persons have though in the UK press been wrongly described as such – but that is what happens when the Metropolitan Police leak information using wrong terminology…(deliberately to get the attention and desired effect) and then back-track somewhat…


These persons are simply persons picked from the Redwood hat!   Persons whose names appear in the original police files as witnesses!


At this point in time, they remain exactly that - witnesses in the case of missing Madeleine McCann, same as:

Kate McCann

Gerry McCann

David Payne

Fiona Payne

Matthew Oldfield

Rachael Oldfield

Russell O’Brien

Jane Tanner

Dianne Webster


So why did Andy Redwood decide to describe the 38 witnesses differently from the other 9 witnesses which make up the McCann party?


As yet he has not according to reports, re-interviewed these people, that make up the 38. 

Whatever it is Redwood thinks he “may” discover by re-interviewing these 38 persons it is clearly not at this stage anything of credible value not sufficient to have this case re-opened in Portugal.

Had Redwood anything of any real value, that is the route he would have gone down – a re-opening of the case with any “evidence” he felt he had uncovered being delivered immediately to the Portuguese authorities so that this could be considered and perhaps a re-opening brought about.


So, why did Redwood see fit to leak this information, in so doing one might argue, alert the 38, and should any of them have played any part in this child’s disappearance (though extremely doubtful else why have they not moved with haste in this regard) they will have taken the opportunity to fly the coup - knowing that Andy and his team are hot on their heels – well, perhaps not hot on their heels – more dragging their heels…

Or, if the 38 have nothing to fear, nothing to hide, they will happily be re-interviewed and perhaps they may even be able to throw some light on the McCanns and their companions - be able to allow the Met to discover why their stories do not tally, and why also they changed them?

One never knows!


So much has been made of the ‘38’   So much hype, so much made of them perhaps being re-interviewed.  Quite extraordinary really, not simply because it would alert any would be suspect – extraordinary in that the same procedure, same practice was not applied to Kate and Gerry McCann and their companions.


For many weeks, months now we have heard the hullabaloo re this re-interviewing of 38 persons.


But when the McCanns and their companions were to be re-interviewed/were being re-interviewed by the Metropolitan Police – we heard nothing!


No drum rolls – No Jerry Lawton announcing to the world that the tapas bunch, all of them disgraced parents, were either about to be re-interviewed or that they had been re-interviewed.  Nothing to announce to the world, question why, Gerry McCann CHANGED his story regarding his movements on the night Madeleine vanished.  

Now is that not strange?

Strange that Andy had not a thing to say then...

... but stranger still that Gerry McCann changed his police witness statement after colluding with his holiday companions!


For the parents of a missing child under suspicion of involvement, to some degree in their daughter’s disappearance, the involvement of their companions also – why was there silence?


Why did Redwood NOT leak information to the media before re-interviewing the McCanns and their companions, as he has done in respect of the 38?

Perhaps a little matter of a libel trial which has the McCanns running scared?


The McCanns and everyone else in those files, the 38 included were/are witnesses, not suspects but witnesses in the case of serious crimes committed against a then 3 year old Madeleine McCann – So why the difference made between the two groups of people?

In fact WHERE and WHEN were the McCanns and their companions re-interviewed?


Did those interviews if they ever took place, discover why


Gerry McCann

Kate McCann

David Payne

Fiona Payne

Matthew Oldfield

Rachael Oldfield

Russell O’Brien

Jane Tanner


did not give the Portuguese Police honest accounts of the events of the night Madeleine was reported by them as missing?


Did they discover why the stories and accounts by this group of people have changed over the years, particularly so that of Kate and Gerry McCann.


If Redwood was to be asked would he be able to tell the public –




Would Redwood be able to do likewise with Kate McCanns account?


If he can do, he should be knighted!  


Would he be able to tell us which account is the truth in respect of those given by the companions of the McCanns specifically so:


Matthew Oldfield

Russell O’Brien

Jane Tanner

David Payne


They have all given accounts which are not truthful!


So how did Redwood and his team establish their innocence, or rather come to the conclusion they are not suspects?


We must remember, Redwood cannot declare them innocent only a Court of Law can!


Just as Redwood cannot declare that Madeleine is alive he has no proof of this.


One understands he is basing his comment as he said on not having any definitive proof otherwise.


One would assume then that he is speaking of a 50/50 chance dead or alive if he has nothing to go on…


But that throws up a problem…there IS within those police files, much to go on, which would allow the pendulum to swing in the direction of death having occurred in the McCann apartment… Redwood it would appear has missed this information?


Has he?

But Redwood is not saying, based on having no definitive proof that it is 50/50...


He has also stated that he genuinely believes that there is a good chance that Madeleine McCann is alive…


So there has to be something, something within those files which has allowed this man to reach such a ‘genuine’ belief. 


Perhaps his ‘genuinely’ new leads?   Hmm!


Thus far his genuinely new leads have taken him back to old haunts, and as he himself said – he still cannot guarantee any result!


These genuinely new leads, whatever they are supposed to be (and please not the taxi driver story – even Clarence Mitchell, Kate and Gerry McCann are yawing at that one) they just don’t seem to hold any urgency!


We have had heard again, the stories that Madeleine may be alive and that the McCanns may know who took her…drip drip drip…which brings us rather nicely back to the McCanns, and their companions being re-interviewed by Andy Redwood/Metropolitan Police…


For Andy to have reached any conclusion as to them not being suspects they would have of course had to explain away all of the lies…and from reading their statements in particular with regard to the night Madeleine vanished and their checking of the children – that is pretty much impossible without having to resort to the truth…


And resorting to the truth, they then have to explain why they lied in the first instance, which HINDERED a police investigation into the disappearance of a little 3 year old girl?


And that is pretty serious stuff…


And if they were able to supply Redwood with any information which has led him to ‘genuinely’ believe that Madeleine may be alive –


What could that information have been?


If it was, that they, the McCanns and their companions know who took Madeleine – WOW then they are in deep trouble…and a little matter of a Fund comes in to play also…


So what has made Redwood genuinely feel that Madeleine may be alive?


Where and when exactly was the tapas gang re-interviewed, and what information gathered, allowed Redwood to announce that none of the party was a suspect? – a statement, which in itself is ‘suspect’- and what allowed him to state that the perpetrators of the crimes against Madeleine were not known to McCanns?


Unless Redwood knows who the perpetrators are – he cannot possibly make such a statement!

So many ridiculous stories and statements made by Redwood and the Metropolitan Police and not just in recent months...Redwood started rolling out the 'abduction by a stranger ball' in May 2012...and its been bouncing along since...


Redwood is genuinely leading some, straight up his garden path...

But just who is he leading up there, the public or the tapas gang?
31st August 2013

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