Lying in the Sun

Where's Madeleine?

Where's Madeleine?

Where she has been since 3rd May 2007 - Buried under a mountain of lies!   

A mountain that grows every time Clarence Mitchell on behalf of Gerry and Kate McCann,
and to earn his £70,000 per year, paid for by Madeleine's Fund, a fund which the public so generously donate to,  shapes another of his stories by way of protecting them.  Stories based on lies.

And the case of missing Madeleine is shot through with lies.

For 8 years the long suffering public have watched the McCann circus. Watched as Madeleine was failed over and over again.  Watched as Mitchell on behalf of his paymasters, created story after story in a desperate bid to paint what is black, white.  Blatant untruths to deceive and manipulate.

Money always at the heart of matters.  Self protection and greed appears to spur them on.

Madeleine has been missing now for over 8 years.  And still Mitchell is on the McCann payrol?

I ask - WHY would the parents of a missing child ever, and certainly not for 8 LONG YEARS, feel the need to pay for the services of what is essentially someone who is prepared to lie for them?

Mitchell has been paid handsomely from Madeleine's Fund over these years.   He didn't give up his job as a media spin doctor with the Government in the UK to work for McCanns, out of the goodness of his heart, and certainly not for peanuts.

It has been worth his while financially for sure, and as for the limelight the guy thrives on it.   How he sleeps at night is another matter, quite beyond my understanding if he does.

If a fraction of the energy Gerry and Kate McCann have devoted to suing others, devoted to their ever dodgy schemes had been afforded to a true and proper search for Madeleine, who knows, if the child is alive, she may have had a chance of being found. 

They employed all sorts of dodgy private detectives from the get go, persons with not a jot of experience in dealing with missing person cases, to search for her, whilst for themselves they employed, teams of legal advisers, in the UK and Portugal.  The very best of course, so that they would be protected.  And not forgetting their highly paid spokesperson Clarence Mitchell who has made a mint out of Madeleine, her Fund.

Sadly Madeleine the victim, the missing child, the only innocent in this mess, was not considered important enough to warrant the best of the best in the world of private detectives or anything else. No siree, for Madeleine it was a string of detectives, one more dodgy than the other, and mostly it would seem, of the criminal element.

How can that happen, that detective agency after detective agency employed by McCanns - are crooks and criminals?

And for her parents?  Top legal experts, spokespersons, but all prepared to sink lower than a snakes belly, if the price was right.   And in the Madeleine case the price has always been right for such types.  No expense spared when it came to legal protection for McCanns!  No expense spared when it came to paying for a spin doctor.

Mitchell is living proof of that!

The information gathered, the evidence in this case, points to involvement by Madeleine's parents and their buddies, to some degree in her disappearance.  There is no getting away from that.

Retired British detective John Stalker stated quite clearly, that the McCanns and their buddies are hiding something, have not been truthful in their account of the events regarding missing Madeleine.

And there is no arguing with that statement!

Interestingly, Mitchell has never made any comment in this regard. Well he is paid to see to it that the truth of matters is swept under the carpet!

From almost the moment Madeleine was reported as missing, money and lies have been at the heart of this case, it has not been about a findable little girl named Madeleine McCann, it has been about making as much money as possible!

Jon Corner, close buddy of the McCanns stated at the early stages, that this case would soon NOT be about Madeleine, but about Kate and Gerry McCann.   How well he must know the pair.

The Fund for Madeleine, as her dad Gerry McCann said is a BUSINESS!   

The Find Madeleine, No Stone Unturned, for those who are unaware, it is NOT a charity.

Today, we witnessed again the greed of the McCanns.  Frightened that the appeal by Dr Amaral will not be favourable to them that they will lose money, they went about doing what they always do, had their SOURCE who is Clarence Mitchell, create untrue stories, headlines, condemning everyone and anyone who dares go against them.

Seems if you don't believe their story you are to be painted as a nasty guy.

How much of Madeleine's money, from HER fund I wonder, did the outrageous and dishonest tales Mitchell/McCanns came up with today cost the missing child? 

It is the strangest thing, when I read their latest this morning, I could only think - oh its the McCanns, up to no good as usual, another poor me story, where they play the victim and in a
furious way.   It is the McCanns stomping their feet in temper once more when things are not going their way.  All old hat!

We have heard it all before many times over the past 8 years.  So many times that most know as soon as we see the headline what the story, what the script will be.

There was a time when one may have gotten angry at their nonsense, but not now.   We know that these people are what they are, nasty, selfish, malicious, bullies, greedy beyond belief.   That is the nature of the beast.  They will not change, because they cannot change.  

Their hate, their greed is ingrained.

They have had a taste of money, and there is no way as far as they are concerned, that they will go back to the days when they could not afford to pay their mortgage.  Money means everything to them.

Oh they will tell you they need it to search for Madeleine, as they did in today's nonsense story.

Truth is there is no search private search for Madeleine, hasn't been for a very long time.

Oh but they will tell you,
but we need it, to put aside, to keep it handy so that if the Metropolitan Police Investigation ends we will have money to resume a search. We will shift it around, move it from account to account as our spokesman stated recently in the press, but don't be alarmed by this.

If the Metropolitan Police don't come up with a culprit, and close this case which has thus far cost the UK taxpayer £12 m (and remember, the Met can close their case, but does it necessarily follow that the Portuguese would follow suit?)  then does anyone really have faith that the McCanns with YOUR money, after 8 years are going to come up with anything at all that the police authorities in two countries have not.  Dream on anyone who thinks that every penny donated will go to a search for Madeleine! 

Time for the McCanns to put their hands in their own pockets for any search?   I think so!

Where will they search?   Will they continue to search for the elusive burglar who the Metropolitan Police has failed to find.  The burglar who now retired DCI Andy Redwood suggested broke into the McCann apartment (guy didn't need to door was lying open) didn't steal any material item, but killed Madeleine and carried off a dead child.   As petty thieves do!

Will the £357,000 which THEY FEAR they might lose this week, will it go to hunting down this burglar?

£12 m of UK taxpayers money and 30 + Metropolitan Police detectives, murder detectives amongst them have failed to find this petty thief.

But hell if Gerry and Kate McCann can find him, go fill their boots, but do it with their OWN money!

In any search the McCanns might resume, first  in line for any payments would be Mitchell.   They would not part with his services.   Who would invent stories for them if not Mitchell, and let's face it, they will need someone to try to convince the public that they are closing in on the culprits, so that they can convince also the public, to keep putting their hands in their pockets!

Who do these people think they are kidding - they will use the £357,000 to search for Madeleine!  Yeah right!   They have it would seem, huge legal fees to pay, before they can spend money on Madeleine, but hey what's new?

Always though, when you think they cannot sink any lower, they prove us wrong!

This morning's nonsense was pretty much what was to be expected from them, the hate, the anger, the greed, the untruths, ALL the ingredients of a Mitchell/McCann story were there.  Same old, same old!

The only difference now, from when they first began with Mitchell Tales, is that NO ONE is fooled by them now.  NO ONE believes them.

Perhaps if every story was not about money, or silencing someone, then things might be different.   

Stories, claims of how their GLOBAL search for Madeleine was being hindered must be questioned however, as there has been NO SEARCH no private search for this little girl for a number of years..   Indeed the Fund still operates, still accepts donations, but there has been NO GLOBAL SEARCH hindered.

They tried to pull that one in Court too, and the JUDGE THREW OUT THEIR CLAIMS.

Their greed is GLOBAL. 

The case of missing Madeleine is an open case, a case being investigated at this time by the Portuguese Police.   The Metropolitan Police in the UK too have an ongoing investigation.   It is the Portuguese who take the lead.  The crimes against Madeleine having been committed in Portugal. 

It is interesting that when the initial investigation by the Portuguese Police was in full swing, the McCanns employed private detectives.  If I understand correctly this is not allowed in Portugal, but it did not stop the McCanns in being underhand in this regard.  They employed a Spanish detective agency who then carried out work for them in Portugal.   When the Metropolitan Police began their upgraded investigation, the McCanns then halted whatever was their then private investigation?

It makes one wonder why they attempted to deceive the Portuguese, continued with a private investigation during their investigation, yet when the Met became involved, they ceased with a private investigation.   Of course they said it was so that information didn't cross, but would the same not have applied in a Portuguese Police/Private Investigation scenario?

When we get a flood of McCann Tales, money is most almost at the root of.   Money means such a lot to them.  In their legal action against Dr Amaral, they thought the money was, in the bag!

The Court awarded them £357,000 in damages (a fraction of what they were after.  Seems the Judge threw out most of their claims as they could not prove them, hey ho!) but they were also ordered to pay a huge sum in legal costs.

And of course Dr Amaral has appealed this judgement.

McCanns were not bothered by this.  They knew Dr Amaral did not have the financial means to defend himself in this action.   They knew this, as it was through other legal actions they took against this man, that brought about this situation.   They had his assets frozen, leaving him no means to defend himself.   They were home and dry.  Or so they thought!   That was until many very kind people decided it was time to give Dr Amaral a fighting chance, and a Fund was started to raise the monies needed to allow him a legal defence.

Not all who donated necessarily are in complete agreement with Dr Amaral his theory regarding missing Madeleine. Not all who donated agree with the McCanns theory (Mitchell said 'abduction' was but that, a McCann theory) that she was abducted by a paedophile, or abducted at all, but EVERYONE who donated believes in the right of all to a defence.  A right to freely state their opinion.

McCanns have spent so much time, energy and money in preventing others that right to freedom of speech, the right to defend themselves.

What makes these despicable people believe that they have any more rights to anything, than anyone else in this world?

£hundreds of thousands paid to Clarence Mitchell, to lawyers, to invent stories for them, to silence others, to deny them their rights and freedoms.

It is this that the public reel against, and their reason for offering support to Dr Amaral be it financial or other.

The success of the legal fund for this man has clearly sent McCanns into one of their temper tantrums.

We have all witnessed these many times too.  Sometimes she. Sometimes he.  Sometimes together, a double act, where they try to outdo one another.  Its like a comedy sketch.  She gets angry.  He gets angrier - with each other that is.   They step on each others toes. They pull sour faces, she when she feels he is getting more air time to vent his anger than she is, and vice versa.

At times Gerry McCann so consumed with anger that I thought he would strangle Kate McCann.  His rage out of control.  The videos are out there!

But always their anger is they claim at Dr Amaral, and always, money is at the heart of it.

Never have I seen this pair sad or angry over their missing daughter. Never!

Mention money - Well it either brings a smile or a temper tantrum depending on whether they are winning or losing.   But always emotion of some description!

Today everyone and anyone was to be targeted by them.  Everyone was against them, according to them!  

No one was to be left out of their latest full blown temper tantrum.  

The world owes them, that was their message.  

The world according to Gerry and Kate McCann was to do as they bid, give them your money, keep your mouth shut and don't ask awkward questions about how their daughter came to be missing. Don't dare ask why they have not been honest.   Don't dare ask them how the monies have been spent.  Don't dare ask them WHY still the need after 8 years they pay from Madeleine's Fund for their mouthpiece Mitchell, and NEVER ask WHY Gerry McCann gave in his witnesses statements to police TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS OF THE EVENTS OF THE NIGHT HE REPORTED MADELEINE AS MISSING.

NO, never dare ask why that is.  How that could be.


Gerry McCann on Crimewatch 2013 said that these E.Fits were MADELEINE'S BEST CHANCE.



Oh how they dressed that message up to try and gain sympathy - If he Amaral wins, we don't get our £357,000 and we need it to search for Madeleine!

What a sickening, scummy, scheme to have thought up, to once again use Madeleine in this way for MONEY!

The public owe this pair NOTHING!  Nothing at all.

It is they who OWE the PUBLIC.

They owe FULL AND HONEST explanation and answers to the many UNANSWERED questions in this case.

Not just questions that remain unanswered because no one has asked. Questions which they have deliberately side stepped when asked.  Questions which they PAY MITCHELL to paint over with one of his ludicrous stories!

The McCanns, their buddies, their entire team, have been far from honest regarding the disappearance of this child.

This evening when I returned home it was to see more stories in the press regarding their fury (at the chance of losing money) there was little mention of Madeleine, with the exception of the usual - 'we need the money to search for her, please believe us, it is for Madeleine' -
NONE of this is for Madeleine.

That is what makes it all so terribly sad.   It is as Jon Corner, close friend of the McCanns said - NOT ABOUT MADELEINE but about her parents.

Of course his implication was that the media would make it about his buddies Kate and Gerry, when in actual fact, it is the McCanns who pay Mitchell to see to it that the MSM make it about them.   How they have suffered, how people don't like them, blah blah blah, how they are furious, exasperated, frustrated, hurt, the list is endless.

No mention of Madeleine's suffering.  The fear she must have experienced night after night alone in that vacation apartment, no mummy or daddy to comfort her.

No mention of how she may have in a state of fear, and out of bed, looking for her parents, had a fatal accident.   

No mention of the fear the child must have experienced if she was as Redwood suggested DEAD BEFORE BEING REMOVED from the apartment, her fear before that happened.


No mention of the fear the child must have experienced if as her parents claim she was removed from her bed by a paedophile.

No mention of Madeleine, except in relation to money, in relation to cold hard cash.   And that is what makes these people tick!

It made for depressing reading - not that I read it all, skimmed most of it, not hard to quickly get the gist of a McCann tale - that once more Madeleine was to take a back seat to these whinging greedy, self absorbed parents.   A back seat to the cash they can see slipping through their fingers, and which had resulted in their desperate and shameful stories of yesterday.

I felt hugely sad for Madeleine, a little girl who lost her life through her parents negligence, and has been failed by them since.   

I felt hugely sad for the mother of Ben Needham, who the McCanns in their grasping greedy, desperate moment, brought this mum, her missing son, into the murky world of McCann.

I didn't feel angry at the McCanns, only disgust at the depths to which they will sink, that they would hurt others and deliberately so we have witnessed for years now, their cruelty to others is what they are known for.

They have pulled some cruel stunts in their time, but to mention Ben Needham's mum, to use her, the case of her missing child, to cover their own asses, for the monumental and appalling message their webmaster (is that what they call the lady who they claim sends twit messages or whatever it is this person does on their behalf ) posted, is an unforgiveable act.  

Unforgiveable that they should have treated the Needham family as they/their webmaster did, and unforgiveable that they chose to make it headline news citing and including the Needham name in their reasons for closing down the site or whatever it is this webmaster does.

Simply they could have closed it down.  Slipped away quietly.  Left alone the Needham family.

Their actions are abhorrent!

But that is not the McCann style.  McCann tales they are exactly that - tales, and the one they told in this regard, I have little or no doubt, they have not been truthful in the reasons they have stated for closure.  Always there is some undisclosed reason behind a McCann tale, but a reason that inevitably has a way of catching up with them, coming back to bite them on the ass!

This latest, has left the world in do doubt what kind of people are the McCanns, and I am sure it has left thousands asking -  Where's Madeleine?

She was nowhere to be seen or heard in this latest fiasco.  

Kate McCann wrote in her diary that her youngest daughter, aged two at the time, asked her 'Where's my sister?'  I miss her, the child stated.  Kate McCann claimed at that time she had no idea that this young daughter could speak so well as to be able to ask such a question.  Kate tells so many stories, that the truth of it may well be that the child did not say such a thing, nor could she have articulated such a statement.

Kate McCann said she told the child something along the lines that they were looking for her.

I wonder what she has told this child now age 10, if anything, about this global search, the £357,000 that they say they will use to search for her if they can just get their hands on it.  If Dr Amaral will just stop being so awkward and stop trying to put up a defence.  At 10 years of age this little girl will most definitely be able to ask Kate McCann - Where's my sister?  or  Where's Madeleine?

Lost a very long time ago amongst the deceit, the circus that is the McCann case, buried under that ever growing mountain of lies.

And that's unforgiveable too!
6th October 2015
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