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Where's My Sister?

Where's My Sister?

Diary Entry



Earlier today I found Amelie in our room looking at photos of Madeleine and she said:


'I miss my sister. Where's my sister''


I couldn't believe it.


I didn't realise Amelie's vocabulary and use of words was so good.


I just said:


 'I miss her too.  We'll find her soon.'


What a little sweetheart!


She then turned her attention to something else.





May 3rd 2007


Kate and Gerry McCann stated that Madeleine asked of them –


“Why did you not come when me, and Sean were crying?”


They responded:


“When was that Madeleine?”  "What do you mean Madeleine?”

They realised that Madeleine was very articulate for her age, and stated as much.


Further Kate McCann stated in reference to Madeleine:


‘She said what she did and then ‘moved on.”



Interesting how both little McCann girls spoke to their mum, said what they had to, and then – moved on – dropped it – turned their attention to something else.


Interesting also how McCanns knew Madeleine was articulate.

Yet they were clueless as to how articulate was Amelie?


How can a mother not know how well her child can speak?


And would a child, as young as Amelie was at the time Madeleine vanished, no matter how articulate months down the line she had become (though unknown to her mummy she had such a wide vocabulary or use of words) understand the concept of ‘missing a sister’ have those feelings for a sister who she could not possibly due to her age, have any real memory of?

I don't think this little girl Amelie was on the same wavelength as Inspector Paiva, asking the same questions.     I think that will need to be ruled out.

The fact that Kate McCann had NO knowledge that her little daughter could speak so well had such a vocabulary (which beggars belief) and the fact that the little one could not possibly have been missing a sister of whom she had no memory, I think pretty much rules this out too.

Kate McCann said she could not believe what Amelie had said.

Not many I would imagine believe that the child said what her mum claims she did!

Leaves me to think, this story, like so many of the others told, was plucked from thin air, or as many are too -  part of the McCann wider agenda!
27th July 2013

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