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Who Foots Bill?

Who Foot’s Bill?


If during the Metropolitan Police extended investigation they interview the 38 witnesses and gather information which leads them to bring charges against Gerry or Kate McCann:


Who foots the bill for their legal defence? – A rich benefactor?


And what of the Madeleine Fund?  


Those who contributed, I do not imagine did so, to defend any charges brought against the parents!


Are there proper records held by the Madeleine Fund accounting for every penny donated and by whom? 


What if those who did donate feel in such circumstance that their donation should be refunded?


What are the terms of the Fund which govern such a situation?  Was this scenario included in the terms and wrapped up as tightly as the other conditions – that, no one gets a penny from this Fund unless Madeleine, her body, being found, the perpetrators being caught?


But will this ever happen?  Pretty much depends on what/whose instructions the Metropolitan Police are operating under!


Whatever happens – No one will pay more than little Madeleine has – Horribly and cruelly neglected by her parents and perhaps more – she lost more than anyone else, she has paid the highest price for their selfishness – paying with her life!


Be interesting to see who comes forward if the McCanns are charged with crimes against this little girl to financially aid the defence of their heinous actions against her (her siblings)?


Wrap it up however they wish – but they must bear some responsibility, perhaps all, for whatever became of this child.


Six years on and still they do not accept the very real part they played.

28th July 2013

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