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Who are the Conmen?

Who are the Conmen?

Might have been easier in this case to list the goodies as a whole load of baddies to get through.

Let's see who we have - Halligen - Definitely a baddie, but how much of a baddie was he in the McCann case, what part did he really play in the missing £300,000/£500,000 from Madeleine's Fund, and how is it, that such a formidable team that is Team McCann did not know the guy was a 'wanted man' and how did he Halligen, probably the only private detective in the world wanted by the FBI for fraud, just happen to walk into the lives of Kate and Gerry McCann? Now what are the chances of that?

Of all the gin joints..!

  • Why is it that Clarence Mitchell told the world that Halligen had done a great job for the McCanns?
  • Who within Team McCann was responsible for hiring Halligen?

For sure as hell, someone was, the guy didn't just show up unannounced!

And why did Halligen claim he did not receive the sum of money the McCanns claim to have paid him?   He didn't say that he hadn't received money, just not the sum claimed by the Madeleine Fund!

The McCanns made an appeal for more cash, back in November 2010, as the Fund was in trouble in danger of running dry by the following spring, spring of 2011.  If the public could dig a bit deeper, oh, and ignore the fact that the 'Fund' had mismanaged the monies already donated by them and that Fund had inadvertently given it to a fraudster, Halligen, but it would be great all the same, if the public would just be daft enough to again donate, to replenish the McCann coffers.  McCann re-assured the public that they were not to be concerned that the Fund might fuck-up, muck up again, as guess what - Enter Edgar - he, dear old dodgy Dave (of Madeleine is in a lair and he thinks it will take ten years to find her fame) feels he can be accountable for every penny of any 'spend' that he is involved in.

How positively re-assuring!

From that statement given at that time the public were to believe that Madeleine, in her lair, would remain there for 10 years, meanwhile dodgy Dave would not go find the lair - way much too difficult a task to travel to
Lair Land he said - but they were to be re-assured that McCann said, the he Edgar, would be accountable for every penny of your money (which he would spend NOT looking for Madeleine!)

And from that time on, until present day - Dave kept his word, at least on one count that we know of - He never did go to Lair Land!
-maybe he preferred Disneyland - He could certainly afford it courtesy of the fees charged to missing Madeleine Fund!

As for his 'spend' well I'm sure if a Judge ...if he was asked by a member of the public, one of those generous, kind people who had parted with their cash, to produce all his receipts, he would be able to.

But who were/are the crooks in this somewhat seedy case, not in relation to Madeleine vanishing, but in relation to monies?

At the time of these appeals for cash the McCanns had signed a book deal, the book to be launched in April of 2011 the very time they claimed the Fund monies might run out, yet in this interview they made no mention whatsoever of any book deal, just asked for cash?

Incredible as it sounds the daring duo had no qualms about doing an Oliver and asking for more!  Almost £1m down the drain, paid to to two separate private detective companies, and they wanted more, and they'd happily take it from anyone willing to part with their cash, kids, old folks, people who had little, made no difference to them where it came from as long as they got the cash.

Did the McCanns, one has to wonder, ever put a dime of their own money into the pot - not the monies they were awarded in libel actions, but put their hands in their own pockets and donate monies which they had earned, to help Madeleine?

It's doubtful they did, as what we do know is that they paid two mortgage payments on their home from this Fund, £2,000 a pop - so seems unlikely they made a donation!

But back to Halligen.

Darshna Soni interviewed the McCanns in November 2010 she quizzed them on Halligen the dodgy detective and the even more dodgy, slippery Gerry McCann, well he ...he dodged the questions...

Darshna Soni:

You've also spent money on your own investigators, as you've said, and there have been reports that...that some of these detectives have...have taken money but then not delivered; they're DODGY DETECTIVES, if you like.   HOW CAN YOU REASSURE THE PEOPLE THAT...THAT MONEY WON'T BE SPENT ON PEOPLE LIKE THAT IN THE FUTURE?

Gerry McCann:

Well, we've very much had, errm...for the last two-and-a-bit years, errr...we've had Dave Edgar, err...who's a very experienced, errr...detective, errr...who was near retirement; he's been working with us.  Errr...he's very much accountable for the spend.  Errr...He feels he can justify every penny.  Errm...But, at the same time, I hope public realise as well - as directors of the fund, and particularly when we were arguido, and there was no search going on - that it was incumbent upon us to continue a search in very, very difficult circumstances.   so we have made decisions along the way which have always, we felt, been in the best interest of the search to find Madeleine and, errr...we're accountable. All the expenses are there, errr...receipts and we've got quite a tight-knit team, errr...working on this but we need them.  Without it there would be no-one there to go and interview people and follow up leads.  

Darshna Soni:  

What about the...some people might say that...that the judgement of the trustees is sometimes questionable because you have employed people like Kevin Halligen, who's now facing extradition.

Gerry McCann:

Well, you know, we're doing the best in very, very difficult circumstances, errr... I think that's key. We'll always take advice, due diligence is done, references are sought and, you know, the fund is accountable and, errr... as directors we're responsible for making those decisions.


Well folks what d'ya think of McCanns words of reassurance, that he wouldn't lose again £half million of your money, if you'll only just part with some more?  Dave Edgar McCann said, FEELS HE can justify every penny, and HE'S the one who is very accountable for the spend!  Oh and Gerry has some receipts!  

So if it all was to go wrong again, never fear folks, it won't be anything to do with McCann Fund Directors, who are Kate McCann Gerry McCann, and various members of their family and friends, nothing to do with them, Dave will take the blame!

But what of the money that did go missing?

Was Halligen
not very accountable?

And if he wasn't, and he clearly wasn't - if we believe the McCanns story - Why was this lack of accountability not discovered by Kate and Gerry McCann and the then Board of Directors which included, Gerry McCanns brother John McCann, Kate McCanns Uncle Brian Kennedy, and an assortment of their good buddies, Gerry McCanns boss at the hospital where he worked too was part of this group.

So how did the McCanns and their buddies, not notice that month after month as they paid this guy Halligen, that they were not getting any reports, or meaningful reports from him in relation to missing Madeleine, nothing in return for the vast sums of money they were paying him?

Was it not these above named persons who were/are responsible for sanctioning
 monies leaving the Fund and paid to Halligen or whomever?

This Board has a lawyer, a retired accountant, and various others, how did they manage to lose £300,000/£500,000 to this guy Halligen?

Was it paid directly into a bank account in Halligen's name?

What a joke!

McCann is taking the piss out of the public in that interview, playing them for fools - he didn't answer the question asked!

Who cares if McCann thinks, that Edgar thinks, he can justify a 'spend' - that doesn't answer how he/The Fund is going to re-assure the public that they will not lose more £millions donated by the public to dodgy detectives.  

And he has the audacity to say that the public should realise that it was incumbent on them, Gerry and Kate McCann to search for Madeleine -  Well that makes it all okay then - folks start raiding your kids piggy banks - Gerry McCann has spoken!  Like a modern day highway robber - stand and deliver, and don't forget to feel sorry for them at the same time!

McCann goes on to say 'due diligence' is always done, references sought, and that the Fund is accountable!

How in hell then did Halligen manage to get his hands on Madeleine's money?

  • What references did the Board of the Madeleine Fund obtain in relation to Halligen?
  • Are they able to produce them?
  • Who specifically, which Board member carried out the 'due diligence?'
  • Was it John McCann, Gerry McCanns brother?

I ask about brother John McCann as he gave up his job almost immediately Madeleine vanished, to work for the Fund.

I somehow don't think the guy was working for nothing!

Somehow I don't think the guy was that well off, that he could live without earned income.

And brother Gerry and sister-in-law Kate were in no position to pay him whatever his salary was before giving up his job, they were hard-up' it would seem, as why else would they "borrow" from the Fund to pay for their mortgage, which they did!  A loophole that was later closed preventing them making any further mortgage payments on their home from Madeleine's money!

Darshna Soni quizzed the McCanns about "Brother John" and also Gerry McCanns boss who too was a member of this Board.

Darshna Soni: 

And there are also reports that you'd fallen out with some of the trustees, WITH YOUR BROTHER AND YOUR BOSS WHO HAVE RESIGNED?

Gerry McCann: 

Well, that's nonsense. That's absolute nonsense. Why do you say we've fallen out? I mean the fund has changed, errm... over three years, three-and-a-half years. Errr... It's very different, errm... initially we weren't on the board, errr... because we were based in Portugal.

Kate McCann:

Nobody thought, you know, three and a half years ago that we'd be in this situation today. Its a big commitment, you know, and things have changed. We've got different phases, in the last three and a half years, so inevitably there's going to be changes.

Darshna Soni: 


Gerry McCann: 

No, not at all.

Kate McCann:

Certainly not.


I think Darshna hit a raw nerve with those questions!  The duo doth protest too much!

So what happened to John McCann where did he disappear to - and why did he resign from the Board of Directors of the Madeleine Fund?

McCanns didn't seem keen to tell us why Brother John vanished!

Gerry McCann did continue with one of his usual garbled responses, you know the ones he likes to use when attempting to muddy the waters further or wriggle out of something.  I've broken- down the last paragraph of Gerry McCanns response so as to highlight the absurdity of what he is saying ... which still doesn't explain the reason why brother John either jumped ship or was pushed overboard!

Gerry McCann: 

In fact, any of the changes we have made recently are to make the fund more efficient and more responsive.

Errm... Kate and I always feel, you know, there's still an urgency.

It doesn't get easier and we don't need a large board, as such.

We're trying to run the fund like a small business, in many ways, so that it's focused and that the directors, by and large, are hands on and responsible for certain areas.

Kate and I are integral to all the parts of it.

We've got legal advice; we've got specialist media, errr... liaison, etcetera;

We've got a retired accountant; and, you know,
We've got Kate's uncle who is there and is a good governance, errr... sort of person.

So all of these are taken on board and, errr... we've got a very experienced fund administrator as well.

  • So let's get this straight, McCann is saying that after brother John left the Fund this change and others has allowed for the Fund to be more efficient and responsive?  He just doesn't tell us - IN WHAT WAY it became more efficient and responsive?
  • He and Kate always feel there is an urgency?  For what exactly, to get the kids to bed and go out for a drink? To use the bathroom?
  • It doesn't get easier and they don't need a large Board as such!  Well why does their now Board, now pretty much number the same as from the outset? 
  • They are trying to run the Fund like a small business? The Directors are focussed and hands on, responsible for certain areas.   Well that should have made it easier for them to figure out: Which of them was responsible for the hiring of Halligen, who checked him out, who did the due diligence? Which of them them was responsible for signing off the payments? And which of them reviewed the reports received from Halligen? Brother John has to have been responsible for at least one of the aforementioned (he didn't leave his job to sit twiddling his thumbs at Fund headquarters wherever that might be!  Where do they meet this band of buddies?) but at the end of the day - the entire Board is responsible, decisions to hire a private detective and pay out vast sums of money to him for zilch, aren't made by one individual, and payments are never made, signed off, authorised by one person where there is a Board.
  • He and Kate are integral to all parts of it!  Well that is comforting, or is it?
  • McCann said they have legal advice, specialist media, err liaison(Mitchell ?) an accountant, and they have Kate's uncle who is err a good governance, sort of person.  And they have an experienced Fund Administrator as well, all on the Board of Directors.
So why is it then that all these persons, experienced persons, professionals, managed to be fooled by this guy Halligen?

And Kate McCanns dithering old Uncle Brian - 'A good governance, sort of person?'

The guy must have switched off during the period the monies were being handed to Halligen, he didn't exactly manage the Fund resources or finances well did he?  

His 'decision making' seems to have been that of a 'sort of good governance person, a pretendy governance person, and NOT that of a good governance person!

You gotta laugh at McCann - Well what position would you like on the Board Brian?  Brian - I'd like to be a good governance sort of person, got any vacancies Gerry?

In case anyone is left in any doubt that Gerry McCann was more than reluctant to answer the questions posed by Darshna Soni, let's see what he had to say when asked about WHERE the Fund monies have gone, and how Kate McCann tries to get him out of an awkward situation.

And still he did not give any indication, confirm that the money, £hundreds of thousands went to Halligen - Or did it?  

Darshna Soni:

And you're appealing for more funds. What happened to the money that you had previously? There's... there's around, I understand, £350,000 left. What happened to the previous money that was donated?

Gerry McCann:

Okay. I think the first thing to say is that the priority today is very much about asking the public to help us with the petition, errr... to get the government to do more. We have been fortunate - although it's not helped us get where we want - by having a fund. And the fund was set up in response to people offering money; and it was set up properly; and the fund is very accountable; and it has independent auditors. We have a fund administ... fund administrator, who's got lots of experience, but the vast... the vast amount of... the vast majority of the money in the fund has been spent directly on search fees. It's obviously supported other things; awareness campaigns; errm... we have a part-time co-ordinator now; we have, errr... media liaison to deal with things like this here, and in Portugal, in trying to get our messages across. But the most of the money... the vast majority of it's been spent, errm...  

Kate McCann:  

We've had to find fund an investigation for two years now which, as you can imagine - with several more than that personnel - costs money, you know, and...

Gerry McCann:

Staff; expenses; interviewing; we run a 24-hour, errr helpline, which is available; we run a web site - that costs money, updating it; communications.  You know, all of these things do add up, errm...and without having the fund there wouldn't be a meaningful search today.


Good to look back and refresh our memories of Halligan-gate, see hear what McCann had to say about it and watch him squirm at the questions put to him by Darshna Soni, and what struck me apart from all of the usual ducking and diving, evasive answers we have come to expect when the McCanns are being interviewed is that Gerry McCann said:

"We have been fortunate - although it's not helped us get where we want - by having a fund."

So three and a half years after Madeleine had vanished, the Fund monies had not produced Madeleine, or any clues, leads.  So why was he still asking the public for more?  How could they possibly justify that, especially in light of losing almost £half million?

Oh, but  I think the Fund DID help them to get exactly where they wanted to be at that time, and it has definitely been more than helpful in getting them to where they are now!

The Met investigation I guess put a spoke in the wheels of the Fund, to some degree, and now that DCI Redwood has also said that Madeleine was perhaps not alive when removed from apartment 5A - ouch!

This upcoming documentary about Halligen:

'This documentary explores the story of 'Operation Omega' in which a man named Kevin Halligen CONVINCED the parents of missing Madeleine McCann, he was a SECRET AGENT. It soon transpired he had actually been CONNING the family the whole time,however, evidence he had gathered has since been used in the Scotland Yard case. In this film, ex-FBI agents, ex-military officers and ex-MI5 personnel discuss the con and the subsequent use of evidence.'

Interesting that it states Halligen 'convinced' the parents of missing Madeleine McCann that he was a secret agent.

From this I think we can safely assume that the McCanns are going to be portrayed as the poor unsuspecting victims of crime as they always are.

Sounds good for them and bad for Halligen when they put it that way - poor parents of a missing child, duped by the fraudster.

Wouldn't look so good if it read:

'Team McCann, the Board of Directors of the Madeleine Fund, consisting Gerry McCanns brother John, and Kate's Uncle Brian, a good governance, sort of guy, together with a lawyer, a retired accountant, a consultant at the hospital, Gerry McCanns boss and buddie, and other family and friends, with input from the other Brian Kennedy the wealthy backer who for some time funded the paid liar, Mitchell's fees, not forgetting the experienced Fund Administrator, together with Kate and Gerry McCann both doctors, were all duped into believing that they had a secret agent working for them!

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it?  Wouldn't get the same sympathetic response that they are probably hoping for when this documentary airs.

Do we really believe that these "poor parents" were duped - the parents who have hidden e.fits of their daughter, ducked, dived, have been evasive, acted out just about every trick in the book and then some..?

As they say, you can't kid a kidder, and you can't con a con!  

The above transcript I took from mccannfiles (what would we all do without McCannfiles, the tremendous work by Nigel Moore)

The full interview is there together with the videos.

Worth a look (if you can stand to listen to McCanns squeaky high pitched voice and look at his weedy little tight mouth, as he dictates) the video - Part 2 of 2, and at 0.47 secs on the recording Darshna Soni questions McCanns re the Fund, and of course about Brother John?

McCann, wriggles in his seat, becomes flushed, scratches his head, almost tugs at his ear, then quickly refrains from this, he is evasive and he becomes angry at being asked about Brother John - tugs at his sleeve when asked about Dr Amaral - smirks when he thinks he has given Soni a clever answer, the self same expression as in the Paxman interview - Classic McCann!

So who is conning who?

Are the McCanns conning the public?
Did Halligen con the McCanns?
Did someone on the McCann Board con the other Board Members?

And why now with this documentary on Halligen?

Are they all in it together?

From where I'm sitting - Wouldn't trust any one of them!

McCann said he his Board of Directors are a tight-knit team - I think he forgot to mention tight-lipped also - when it comes to the truth about Halligen, his brother John and much else - their lips are sealed!

On surface looks as though this documentary will be slanted in favour of the McCanns, but let us see!
25th May 2014
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