Lying in the Sun

Who's Kidding Who - 2

Who's Kidding Who - 2

The Bates Motel or Rothley Manor where would you choose to have Sunday lunch?

Neither, but if I really had to choose, if my life depended on making such a decision, I'd take my chances at Bate's!

And I'd thank my lucky stars neither have a vacancy, that it would only be for lunch as a night at Rothely must be quite a scary affair.

Some sinister stuff we know goes on at both, but nothing
more creepy and sinister than Gerry McCann and Kate McCann with a bUrthday cake for Madeleine (a child who has been missing 7 years) and a bUrthday card that reads -

'We love you and we're waiting for you, we're never going to give up.'

Now if I was the one they had treated so badly, and somehow some nice loving couple had raised me for past seven years, and I was happy - this would be one birthday invite I'd give a miss, the thought of them
'waiting for me'  Too scary!  

And I'd be asking - where was all that love all those nights they abandoned me,
when I was waiting on them, and where was all that love when I told them I was crying and scared in the apartment, my little brother too, and they walked out and left me alone and afraid?  I'd be asking why mummy said I was feeling under the weather that evening, pale and tired, and I couldn't even walk I needed carried home from creche/child care facility, but she still left me alone when I was unwell.  So no, I wouldn't want them or their bUrthday party, or the pretty pink room which is a shrine to me filled with stuff from people I didn't know and never would.

Their messages to Madeleine over the years have been the most forced and insincere of any parents I have ever heard who have lost a child in whatever way. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again someone in a professional capacity from a body dealing with children's services has to step in for the sake of the McCann twins.

Their parents have put these kids through the most awful time - with the stories they and their highly paid liar Clarence have created for publicity, none more frightening for them than there being a threat to kidnap them.

After such stories, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann seem very happy to sit and giggle with Kelly on a sofa.   Well they all know that the stories are not true are just part of their plans, Gerry McCanns wider agenda - but two little kids DON'T!

Why do these parents insist on putting their twin children through what they do?

And it isn't going to end here, in store for these kids courtesy of what I would describe as quite deranged parents - is a copy each of 'Madeleine' the book of lies.

I cannot think of anything more harmful they could pass on to these kids.

It is also only a few days since the despicable pair posted a message on their website telling the press to back off (that message in itself was one of their publicity stunts) leave the police in peace while they dig for their daughter, her remains?   

To be honest, to save the UK taxpayer any more expense, save them hiring expensive equipment which can detect whatever it is they are looking for - Scotland Yard should  just take the McCanns on a trip to PDL it would be so much quicker I'm sure they could pick out the spot faster than any fancy equipment, oh and give them a couple of shovels, as I'm sure they'd want to leave no stone unturned!

And here we have today, yet more of the McCann nonsense in the press - why wouldn't this poor distressed couple take their own advice and have a low key day, today?

Instead they chose to have this:

(the text in red, my responses)

Madeleine's birthday is so hard says mother Kate McCann

KATE McCann has sent a heartfelt message to missing daughter Madeleine on the eve of her 11th birthday tomorrow, writes Tracey Kandohla.

KATE McCann, Madeleine McCann, Kate and Gerry McCann, Portugal, 11th bithday, dissapearedSTILL LOOKING: Madeleine's parents are not giving up on finding their now 11-year-old daughter[GETTY]

It reads: “We love you and we’re waiting for you and we’re never going to give up.”

Stole that gimmick from Pistorius!

This mummy struggles to string two words together whenever asked if she has a message for Madeleine. Usually we get one of her huge sighs followed by a funny face

You're asking me to send her a message?

Kate wants the world to know she still clings on to hope that Madeleine is found alive, despite British police being poised to dig up areas of the Portuguese resort where she vanished seven years ago.

She's not expecting them to find her daughter's remains then, wonder why that might be - perhaps because she knows there will be no dig, or she knows they will be digging in wrong spot?

A close friend of Kate and Gerry has revealed they have asked Scotland Yard to delay any ground searches in Praia da Luz until after they have “celebrated” the youngster’s special day, with a cake and presents at home in Rothley, Leicestershire.

The Met Police are poised - just sitting around chillin' waiting for the cake to be cut, the candles to be blown out before they mosey on down to the garden shed to get their shovels...wouldn't want anyone to think they took the weekend off, long as the police are poised, Madeleine can wait a bit longer...

So, their daughter is missing seven long years, the Metropolitan Police have this past week, announced this big break through in the case, either they are digging for Madeleine's remains or some vital clue which will help them discover her whereabouts - but wait - down tools everybody, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann want to celebrate the 'youngster's special day.'   The youngster doesn't have a special day!

Oh how the McCanns their spokesperson, close family friend, and source, Clarence Mitchell can spin a tale, or just blatantly lie!  

Don't they know no one is buying it any more? 

Madeleine’s father Gerry said:

 “It is really hard. She won’t be here. It’s by far the toughest day of our year, every year. But we still have a birthday cake for her.”

Generous Gerry takes a few bucks from the Fund (?) to splash out on a cake for the daughter he knows is not going to be there to eat it!

Look out all you guys who have put your names forward for 'Father of the Year' some tough competition from Gerry McCann!

What a load of shit!  

Below McCanns on Madeleine's 4th birthday just days after the child disappeared.   Did they eat cake that day?

I can see it is by far the toughest day of Gerry McCanns life!

The McCanns leave church on Madeleine's fourth birthday, 12 May 2007

If you have a missing child, one you have told the world was abducted, one you neglected, left alone in an unlocked holiday apartment night after 'scary night' for the child - would the toughest day not be the anniversary of her disappearance, her death?  The day you abandoned her to that fate.

No parent of a missing child should be able to laugh this heartily just days after her disappearance, and not when those same parents told the world their missing child is in the hands of paedophiles.

And no loving caring father could possible only a couple of days later be this happy


Former GP Kate, 46, and heart doctor Gerry, 45, and their nine-year-old twins Sean and Amelie will also lay presents in Madeleine’s pretty pink bedroom which has become a shrine since she vanished nine days before her fourth birthday in May 2007.

And this is exactly what I'm talking about - those poor twins, they cannot possibly remember Madeleine, yet they are made to celebrate with birthday cake, cards, and lay presents in the bedroom that was Madeleine's, now a shrine.

Not that is not healthy for any child.  Do they sing happy birthday, set out a place for Madeleine?  Keep her a slice of cake?

Letting these twins grow up in as normal a situation as possible must be difficult, there is no question about that, but when their parents are the instigators of much of what can and will have a detrimental effect on the young lives, of the twins and indeed, their entire lives, the irresponsible actions towards these children, their well being, by their parents has to be questioned, has to be addressed.  

It is not the fault of Amelie and Sean that Madeleine vanished, the full responsibility for that lies FIRMLY with Kate and Gerry McCann.  These young children should not be made pay for the crimes, sins, the heinous, cruel and neglectful actions of their parents.

Kate said: “The room’s absolutely the same but she might want to change it a bit now she’s a bit older!”

How sick is that - she might want to change it, now she's a bit older?   Now does that sound like the distressed mother who only this week complained about the press, told them to give the police peace to dig up her daughter?

Has the world gone mad - they must have if anyone is still swallowing this shit.

Kate’s uncle Brian Kennedy, 75, a retired teacher, who also lives in Rothley, said: “None of us expected to be in the same position, not knowing, seven years later.

Not knowing what exactly?  What 'same' position?

Not knowing when they'll all get knock on the door, be asked if they'd all like to accompany an officer of the law to the local cop station, and a free ride in a shiny cop car thrown in?

Is the dopey old guy trying to tell us he has not been paying attention to the goings on in PDL this week, that he has not a clue what happened to Madeleine?  

Yeah, Scotland Yard have been dragging their feet - 3 years and nothing - and now a postponement of a crucial element of the investigation, because there is a creepy celebration going on with cake and candles behind the locked doors of the Rothely residence (or maybe they are not locked, well they might be, or maybe not - then again maybe they leave them unlocked so that Madeleine can walk through them, just as they did in Portugal) as you do.

McCanns never seem to have a problem with the length of time the Met are taking - funny that!

Where do this family 'get off' - they asked the Metropolitan Police to postpone digging until they party!  Pull the other one - it plays 'I Believe'


"But we are grateful for all the support we’ve had from the public and our village, who along with us, never gives up hope.”

Wouldn't it be good to have a poll of THEIR village (and when did the village become theirs?) I think they may just get a nasty shock to find that the village is not going along with them - the poor turn out at the anniversary should have been the wake up call for Uncle Brian and the rest of the family!


And so the McCann PR Machine powers on - seems there is no stopping it, the lies, the deceit, no lack of Fund monies (monies donated by the public to help Madeleine) to pay for the protection of her parents, and to line the pockets of the very many who have benefited financially these past seven years from the child's demise.

The McCanns I don't believe have escaped the long arm of the law because they are innocent of all involvement in the disappearance of their daughter (if they were there would not be the gaping holes in their story, and the very many lies, the need to retain the legal teams they have this past seven years, like the Met (at least according the the McCann source) they are poised, always ready just in case they get the knock) and it is not because someone
up there likes them - Their God - is not protecting them.  

But someone is, a someone we have yet to hear of!

Gerry McCann and Kate McCann at the time of Madeleine's disappearance were two hard up doctors, nothing special about them, no class.  Chavs I think is the expression used in England for their likes.

To imagine that the protection they have received was for them alone - somehow doesn't fit!

What other case in the UK has received such attention, such funding for a crime not committed on UK soil?  Whenever has a team of 30 + detectives been allowed to work for 3 long years, coming up with nothing but ridiculous stories fed to press, and be allowed to still continue beyond this time?

In a case which has so many red flags, so many obvious lies and inconsistencies told by the parents of the missing child, so much circumstantial evidence pointing to their involvement in the child's disappearance seemingly ignored - why would the two still be walking the streets some might ask, escaping also any charges re the neglect of their children.

The Portuguese investigation pointed to  Madeleine coming to harm in the apartment.

Retired British detective John Stalker believes the McCanns are hiding something,

and not forgetting the words of Professor Barclay

“Having seen the circumstances and the lay-out of the apartment, it looks to me more likely, the priorities are higher, that some harm happened to her within the apartment. No more than that.” 

Professor David Barclay – British Forensic Scientist .

It leaves us with one question will the McCanns, their celebrations, their toughest day of the year, their party, ever end or will the protection continue?

Until someone asks Gerry McCann the big question - why he lied to the Portuguese police, telling them he entered the apartment on the night of Madeleine's disappearance by the front locked door using his key to enter, and then SEVEN days later changing his story completely, stating he entered by an unlocked patio door at the side/back of the house, and until Andy Redwood can offer the public an explanation as to why this has been ignorned - there will be no justice for Madeleine.

Her dad lied, changed his story -WHY!

As the magnificent Gerrie Nel the Prosecutor in the Pistorius trial would say - Gerry McCann tailored his tale!
11th May 2014

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