Lying in the Sun

Who's the Man

Who's the Man?

Which of the two E. Fits do Gerry and Kate McCann now believe best fits who they are looking for:

(a) (the description given by Jane Tanner) or are they happy to have had Tannerman eliminated, despite the elimination leaving Gerry McCann with a whole lot of explaining to do re that bedroom door?

They haven't said!

[GM holds up a sheet of paper showing the same two sketches]

Kate McCann: "We believe this is the man..."
Kate McCann: "We believe this is the man..."

 [points to 'Jane Tanner' sketch, on right 

'We believe this is the man...'

 (b)  The man described by the Smith family who was described as looking like Gerry McCann.  Are they happy to now go along with this, are they with DCI Andy Redwood on this one?

They haven't said!

Smith family e-fit / Gerry McCann

 Perhaps neither!

27th December 2013

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