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Why Gerry?

Why Gerry McCann?

We know that Gerry McCann when first interviewed by the Portuguese Police the day following the report of Madeleine's disappearance, stated that he had entered the apartment by the front LOCKED door using his key to open same.  His wife, Kate McCann he said had done likewise.

Days later he decided to change this stating that he did not in fact enter by the front locked door using his key but that he had entered and exited the apartment by the unlocked patio door?

My question is simple and straightforward  -Why Gerry?

This doctor for sure did not forget which door he entered and exited that apartment so why the need to change his story?

I have looked online to see if I could find anything about this, any reason that is, given by McCann as to why he changed his story?  I have found nothing. 

Perhaps there are others out there who have read/listened to an interview given by McCann where he has been asked this question and where he has given in reply a credible explanation? Though I cannot imagine that that is possible!   At least, not an innocent one!

And of course, I wonder if the Metropolitan Police have asked him why he needed to change his story regarding his movements on the night his daughter vanished?

The original investigation by the Portuguese Police without a shadow of doubt sure was hindered by this group of people, making what should have been straightforward, very much more difficult.

But everything they did, every action, every statement they made has a bearing on the case.

Which door he used to access/exit apartment 5A when he was checking his children of great importance.

If McCann entered and exited the apartment by the front locked door as he claimed in his original statement, that rather messes up the story by  his holiday companion Jane Tanner who said she saw a man carrying a bundle, a bag, or maybe a child, then definitely a child with bare feet, who she claims came from the very same direction as Gerry McCann had first claimed to have done - the front door of apartment 5A!

If this was the case, this alleged abductor had very little time to enter that apartment and take Madeleine.  And if he was already inside 5A as McCann had claimed - then the alleged abductor would know McCann had just exited the front door.  Why would he then immediately do likewise?

The window was not open at this time, and for the alleged abductor to have been back on the street immediately after McCann he would not have bothered to fiddle with shutters knowing McCann was in the vicinity.  That would be madness!  More importantly he clearly had no need to, he had accessed the apartment without having to open it - he had the choice of two exits, through either front or patio door!

A change of story was a must it would seem to aid Tanner's sighting, but even then - the patio door story doesn't fit either?  What it does though is removes McCann from the immediate vicinity of the front door, where 'all the action' was supposedly taking place!

It would have been difficult for McCann to continue with his 'front door version' as it would throw up many more questions which he would require to answer.

Somewhere between his first police witness statement on the 4th May 2007, and  his second of the 10th May 2007 McCann decided he needed to change his statement to police.

The question we need answered more than any other in this regard is WHY did Gerry McCann change his story, his police witness statement, and it is from McCann himself we need hear his reason!

Perhaps the lovely and giggly Lorraine Kelly will ask Gerry McCann and his wife Kate this very question, next time he has cause to sit on her sofa?
21st July 2013

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