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Why Madeleine?

Why Madeleine?

I doubt anyone with a modicum of commonsense really believes that the McCanns went out night after night when on holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal, and left their three under 4 year old kids in an unlocked holiday apartment.

I doubt that anyone with a modicum of commonsense really believes that the McCanns after being told by their young daughter Madeleine that she and her baby brother had been crying, distressed in their absence, that they then WALKED OUT on the kids that very night, once more leaving the patio door unlocked.

And I doubt anyone with a modicum of commonsense believes that Madeleine told her parents she had been crying, I think most would know that this story told by Kate and Gerry McCann is just one of many they invented.

And more than anything I doubt anyone with a modicum of commonsense thinks for a split second that the McCanns left these kids night after night and DID NOT as the McCanns claim is the case - give a thought for the kids safety, the many dangers leaving such young kids in such a position might result in.

But that is what they told they world.  That they did NOT give any thought to any dangers.  That it just felt so safe.

How can it possibly feel safe to leave three under 4 year old kids in an unlocked holiday apartment in a foreign country?   And how is it possible for two parents both doctors not to have recognised or considered  the obvious dangers?

How is it possible after two parents being told by their little daughter that she and her baby brother cried in their absence for them to then walk out on the kids again, leaving them in the unlocked holiday apartment?

Didn't happen!

Fiona Payne, Kate McCanns best friend, told police that Kate McCann told her that they (the McCanns) had left the patio door of the apartment unlocked so that Madeleine could exit the apartment into the night if she felt she wanted to go look for her parents when they were out at the bar with their buddies.   Kate McCann of course tells a different story.

But why would her best friend lie?

That's an easy one.  She lied because that is the story they were going with as the cover for the truth of the matter, she just didn't bargain for her police statement to be made public, nor did she bargain on Kate McCann appearing on TV on the Tubridy Show, a very long time later, and telling a quite different story.

Truth is, they both lied in their different ways and got caught out.

There were 8 children in total in the holiday party.  Only one boy, one of the McCann kids.  

Madeleine was the eldest of the group, just days from her 4th birthday.   The ages of the other kids ranged from 1 year to around 3 years.

So SEVEN little girls, all sweet, all cute, just like Madeleine, some with fair hair also.

All in the same position as Madeleine, that is, being left alone in a holiday apartment by their parents night after night.

Madeleine was prone to waking in the night.  Getting out of bed and going to her parents room.

Sometimes she woke due to the crying of her younger brother and sister.  She would go alert her parents to their crying.   The McCanns said on this holiday Madeleine alerted them on more than one occasion to the crying of the little ones.

Kate McCann said that when she first noticed Madeleine not to be in bed that she assumed the child had gone through to her and Gerry McCanns room.

Gerry McCann said when he earlier that evening noticed the bedroom door to be more open than he had left it, that he first thought likewise, that Madeleine had been awake and had gone through to their room.

So not unusual at all for the child to get out of bed at any given time of night.

What is most unusual is that Gerry McCann said when he saw the bedroom door open, he established that Madeleine had not been out of bed, said she was still asleep in the position she had been when he had put her to bed that night. She had not moved a muscle.  He knew the patio door had been unlocked, which allowed anyone at all to gain access, yet he did not check out the apartment to try to discover WHO had been in the apartment in his absence and opened that bedroom door.

Now that is just not believable, that any parent having left their kids so vulnerable and finding that someone had been in the apartment and opened the bedroom door (how else could the door have come to be open wide) would just turn about and return to the bar to be with his buddies and leave his kids in such danger.

McCanns would have us believe that they and their holiday buddies were being watched during that week by a paedophile gang.

It is hardly likely that a paedophile gang was in this little quiet village, let alone watching the McCann group and then targeted Madeleine.

Why would they?

Kate McCann has often stated that they must have been watched, and that the person who removed Madeleine was still out there and could strike again.

Interestingly he never struck before or after Madeleine's disappearance.

I agree with Kate McCann that the person who removed Madeleine from the apartment is still out there, but I think we may disagree as to who that person is!

But why when there were SEVEN little girls, all alone in the respective holiday apartments did an intruder choose Madeleine?  

  • Madeleine the child who was prone to wake in the night.
  • Madeleine the child who her granny said would scream her head off if a stranger approached her, who was known for throwing screaming temper tantrums.
  • Madeleine, who her mum said would give any paedophile who may have abducted her, her tuppenceworth.   Yeah, Kate McCann said that, just one of the many truly bizarre and sickening things she has spouted in the last few years about her missing daughter.

And why would they choose a child from the McCann apartment, the most exposed apartment?   The apartment that had constant pedestrian traffic going by?   Being situated on a corner, the side/back/patio door leading onto the street below also would have persons holidaymakers and locals alike persons passing at any given time of the day.

And if we listen to what Redwood said there were lots of people around that week.  He chose to describe most of them as lurking around.  He chose to speak of most of them as somehow suspicious persons.  I think it would be much closer to the truth to say that they were simply people going about their business.

Redwood simply was 'keeping up appearances' the appearance that his elite squad had somehow discovered what was already in the files from the original investigation and what it has to be said had already been checked out and ruled out.

The front doors of all the apartments (those on the ground level) were all together and more secluded.  An intruder could have had his choice of any of these apartments, his choice of kids to remove.  In fact a paedophile gang could easily have taken all of the little girls in the ground floor apartments, and perhaps the two Payne children also who were in the upper apartment.

It just doesn't make any sense that paedophiles or burglars would have removed this child from the apartment.

Based on the unlikelihood that the McCanns left that patio door unlocked, and knowing that their front door was not jemmied open, and that the window and shutter were opened from the inside, it is difficult to see how there could have been an intruder. There is just NO evidence to suggest or back this up.

And for that reason one would have to assume that Madeleine was not abducted but that the child became injured, a fatal injury perhaps. Her death, her body concealed by the McCanns and their buddies.

  • Madeleine was the only child in the group prone to waking and wandering around for whatever reason be it to alert her parents to the little ones crying or just to let her parents know she herself was awake and looking for attention and comfort as young children do.
  • Madeleine was the only child in the group to sleep in a bed, the rest slept in cots.
  • Madeleine therefore was the only one who was able to get out of bed and wander around.
  • Madeleine was therefore the child most vulnerable to the many dangers that could befall a young child alone in the environment of the holiday apartment simply because she could get out of bed, wheras the others could not get out of their cots.

I believe that is what happened, that this poor child met her fate in the holiday apartment.

I believe whatever happened to her was a tragic accident of some sort, an accident her parents and their buddies concealed, and I believe that is why they have told so many lies, why there are so many inconsistencies in their stories.

If this child was abducted by a stranger there would have been no need for them to lie as they have, and they surely have.  They have been falling over themselves lying.

I believe Madeleine poor child was a victim of her parents selfishness, their need for everything to be about them and not their children.

I don't believe there is any great mystery that cannot be solved and has not been solved.  I think this case for the Met Police is pretty simple and straightforward (not least because the Portuguese solved it back in 2007) and I believe they know exactly what happened to this child, and it does not involve any stranger be that a paedophile or a burglar.  

They may not have sufficient/robust enough evidence to be able to make any charges stick, and the Metropolitan Police remit may not be for them to bring charges no matter the evidence but I believe that the squad of 30+ elite detectives as they have so often been described, know EXACTLY what happened to Madeleine and know EXACTLY those involved, and who should be held accountable.

Why Madeleine?

No not because she was charismatic and all of the other nonsense spun by the tapas group and Jon Corner about this child (most of whom did not know this child at all) all the attributes they said she possessed which would make her attractive to a paedophile.  This was a little girl not quite 4 years old, and this bunch spoke of her as though a teenager or much older child.

Madeleine wasn't targeted, 'it was Madeleine' because she was quite simply the only child able to get out of bed and wander around in a dangerous environment, the others in their cots in this respect were more safe.

And of course because her parents didn't quite care enough to ensure her safety.  They were into each other, as Kate McCann said.  The kids didn't come first.

For Kate McCann to have said they didn't give any thought to leaving the kids it felt so safe.   Of course they gave it thought, the simple fact that they said if FELT SAFE, tells us that they gave it thought.  

They gave it thought alright, but decided to gamble, take the risk.

If an accident was going to happen to any single child from this group of 8 children, odds on it was going to be Madeleine the only child who rarely slept through the night, the child, the only child who could get out of bed and did so at times when her parents were at home, and when they were not.  The only child who could get out of bed have the freedom to roam around unsupervised in a holiday apartment, making her more vulnerable in many respects.

Leaving her so, was an accident waiting to happen.

What happened to Madeleine was so preventable with just a little serious and genuine thought for her safety her protection she would still be here today.

It was not a case of the parents feeling it was SAFE, but rather a case of them deciding to take a risk with their kids safety.  They gambled with Madeleine's life, with Sean and Amelie's and they lost.

I read a twit message a few days back, some moron posted in reference to the McCann v Amaral trial, that no matter the outcome, Madeleine had already won.

One of those jaw dropping moments.

A statement posted by someone for no other reason I imagine than to score points with whomever this person was arguing with.

Madeleine hasn't won anything.  This poor child lost her life.

There are no winners in this case.  

The McCanns might have made a buck or two for themselves along the way, but they are not winners.   They may indeed escape punishment for the part they have played, and they played a part for sure, but they will never be winners in life,  How can they ever be having treated their children as they have, having treated others as they have.

Why Madeleine?  

She was the one child in the group free to roam unsupervised by an adult, the child placed in arguably greater danger than the others.

She was the little girl who had placed upon her very very young shoulders the responsibility of looking out for for her two, two year old siblings.

For that and much more Kate and Gerry McCann should hang their heads in shame.
17th March 2015
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