Lying in the Sun

Will They, Won't They?

Will they – Won’t they?


There is no one I can think of who wants more than any other for the case of Madeleine McCann to be re-opened in Portugal, and for her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, and the companions who holidayed with them,

David Payne,

Fiona Payne,

Matthew Oldfield,

Rachael Oldfield,

Russell O’Brien,

Jane Tanner


Dianne Webster

to appear in a Court of Law and tell the truth of matters as to the night Madeleine McCann was reported as missing, than Goncalo Amaral a now retired Portuguese Police Inspector who was tasked with co-ordinating the investigation into missing Madeleine.


There are no persons I can think of, who want more than anything NOT to appear in Court than the above named persons.


To-date they have done all in their power to ensure that they did not have to 'meet' again with Portuguese Police authorities in any capacity, in any way to help Madeleine since their return to the U.K.


They deliberately chose to fail the missing child – (Tapas Refusals)


Whether the case of missing Madeleine will ever be re-opened with all of the above named being called as witnesses...or...– only time will tell.


There is however a libel trial set to commence 12th September 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal, an action raised by Kate and Gerry McCann against Goncalo Amaral.


Press reports thus far suggest that Kate and Gerry McCann will not attend.


Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell has been quoted as saying that it is not necessary for them to attend that their solicitor has it all in hand so to speak.


It is possible Clarence may have been casting his weather-eye over the internet to gauge public feeling as to what most see, as the McCanns running and hiding, having made serious accusations against a man, and then not having the courage to make an appearance in Court to face him.  Not having the courage to defend Madeleine whose name is included in the action.


For this reason I would suggest that it would come as no surprise if the duo, have had a re-think and are now planning to make an appearance, if not on the opening day of the proceedings, but on one of the other dates set. 


In fact, it would come as no surprise if they had planned to attend all along and the story of their non-attendance, simply that, one of their ploys.


We have had the silly reports that Scotland Yard advised the McCanns not to attend as the Yard is at present working in Portugal and they don’t want a media circus.


Unless the Yard are planning making an appearance at the Court in Lisbon, not a remote chance of this happening.


Another excuse was that it would be upsetting for the McCanns to hear the ‘old ground’  poured over again.


Hey, they raised the action!


Reports also, that they will though, send in some family and friends to explain the distress suffered by Kate and Gerry!  


My money is on Granny Healy!

They won’t risk any of the McCann's, not Gerry’s LOUD MOUTHED bunch…oh no, no, no…Aunty Phil, she'd stray from the script for starters.  Her and her wee brother 'Tiny Tears' together, temper tantrums on the Court steps - we'd need a translator too...och aye the noo we would!     And dare I say it – Could the Fund, survive the hit – cost of sustenance for Phil could clear it out!   Donuts ain't cheap these days!

Granny Healy, well she seems to have been getting groomed for the occasion. 

They gave her an airing in Portugal around the 6th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, and I really don’t think it was to hold Kate’s hand and visit Kate’s friends to mourn Madeleine as was suggested at the time!  

A bit of preparation perhaps to ensure a perfect performance from Granny Healy in her role in the McCann latest - 'Vampire Slayers - 2'
Bit of a bummer for Granny - her debut -  and her 'Court audience' will be turned to dust if Izzy Duarte has her way!


But what do I know?


Back to Kate and Gerry -

Non-attendance leaves the public to not only ponder whether they are in hiding but whether 
 they have something to hide?

Will they, Won't they, risk this?  Will they, Won't they attend?


To Goncalo Amaral I have no hesitation in wishing not luck, but support and every good wish during this trial and beyond.  

He is not fighting the McCanns but defending the accusations they have made against him.  On that we must be clear.


His ‘fight’ is, and always has been for truth and justice for young Madeleine Beth McCann – in that too he has the support of many -
11th September 2013

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