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Would I Lie to You?

Would I Lie to You?

Clarence Mitchell - A hired Liar?

Clarence Mitchell explains to Bill Turnbull, BBC presenter why Mr Smith the Irish guy who witnessed a man carrying a child of Madeleine McCanns description being carried off on the night the little girl disappeared, by a man who fits Gerry McCanns description, cannot be McCann!  (Interview 2008)

Mr Smith believes the man he saw was Gerry McCann.

The McCanns private detectives we now know arranged for an image to be put together of the description given by Mr Smith of the man he saw.  The McCanns concealed the images for a very long period of time, years it seems.  This came to light during the Metropolitan Police review/investigation.

Why would these images not have been made public immediately, if Madeleine's life, her return to her family depended on them as the McCanns insist is the case? They say until they hear differently she is 'out there' yet they concealed crucial information?

Why would they do that, when the most important thing they keep telling the public is finding their missing daughter?  Keeping the E.fits under wraps, concealed was not helpful at all to the police investigation, and was an abuse of the missing child's rights!

All who knew of the existence of the E.fits should be held accountable!

Did Mitchell know of them?  Bet your bottom dollar he did!

(Blog – Failed to Circulate E.Fits)

One can only imagine the furore the McCanns would create if someone in Portugal a police officer for instance had kept such crucial information from the investigation.

The parents of the missing child accept donations from the public to find the child, to uncover information which might lead to her whereabouts, yet they keep to themselves information such as this, and no one bats an eyelid!

Are the UK public/press deaf, dumb and blind to what happened to this child at the hands of her parents?  At the very least they are indirectly responsible for whatever happened to her. Worst case scenario, they are completely responsible for what became of young Madeleine.

And how this guy Mitchell has been allowed to run riot in the press and invent stories on behalf of the parents for all these years is beyond belief.

There is not any excuse they can come up with which can justify their actions in leaving their kids as they did or more crucially for withholding those E.Fits.   By doing so they absolutely lessened the chances of their own child being found.

From the image below left, we can see why Mr Smith is so sure he saw Gerry McCann.

Embedded image permalink

Gerry McCann Man                                Gerry McCann                           Hey Presto!
(the man eye witness                                                    
Mr Martin Smith saw and
gave a description of so that
this could be produced.)

There is also the image of the man who was hired to play the part of Gerry McCann in a Crimewatch production which featured the case of missing Madeleine.  The man chosen because of his likeness to the is a dead ringer for McCann!  One would almost believe Gerry McCann played himself in the production!  (See Blog Gerry McCann Man)

I wonder who is this guy, who took part in the reconstruction, and where did they find someone just like Gerry McCann?

Let's see what Clarence Mitchell the guy who is paid a huge salary from the Madeleine Fund,the Fund made up of donations made by the public to search for the missing child, and a now 
very good friend to the McCanns as Gerry McCann has stated in interview with Sandra Felgueiras.  What did Mitchell have to say about Martin Smith his police witness statement where he said he believes the man he saw to be Gerry McCann?  What did Mitchell have to say about his very good friend Gerry being named as the person Mr Smith saw? 

***Note that Clarence doesn't mention Mr Martin Smith by name, he refers to him only as 'the man concerned'


1:46 on video
Interview (2008)

Bill Turnbull, BBC Presenter:

What do you make of this eye witness lead…?

Clarence Mitchell:  

As I said I am not going into a running commentary blow by blow, as you said 20,000 pages, I’m not going to do that.  However, as Steve correctly said there are a number of independent witnesses who placed Gerry very very clearly at the tapas bar having a meal at the time this alleged statement was made, and also the man concerned is said to have made his views known based on seeing Gerry on television weeks later.


I must ask:

Does it make any difference in this case if Martin Smith came forward one week, two weeks or however many it was to make his views known as Mitchell put it?  Does it make any difference that his memory was sparked by seeing McCann?

If the Metropolitan Police are now asking persons to come forward almost seven years later based on the E.fits, and those E.fits look like Gerry McCann - is not their memory being jogged by a visual image?  And what then if any witness comes forward and identifies the man as being Gerry McCann, has it to be dismissed because of the time gap, or because the police (not Mitchell) do have absolute solid evidence that McCann was in tapas at the time the Smith family saw the man carrying the child?  Do they the police have a number of independent witnesses who place Gerry McCann very very clearly in tapas at the time of the Smith sighting?

But what is more, to be noted Mitchell does not welcome the 'lead' which Bill Turnbull asked him about, the sighting by the Smith family, and that is kinda troubling.   You see,he clearly doesn't want anyone to believe it may be Gerry McCann, but if Mitchell is so sure it wasn't McCann, and he has the independent witnesses he claims to have, who can provide McCann with an alibi as to where he was (at that moment as McCann would say - though that in itself does not exclude him, McCann of involvement in his daughter's disappearance, not by a long shot) then why would Mitchell be so defensive? 

Why would Mitchell, not say, 
'great we have this lead, yeah the guy looks like Gerry, it wasn't Gerry but we are so pleased to have such a great lead, that someone saw a man carrying a child who looked just like Madeleine it's the best lead we have, it gives us hope that Madeleine may be found.'

And the Smith family sighting is the best lead in this case thus far.   The best lead there was in 2008, and the best lead they have in 2014.


Why did Mitchell not say way back then, we are eager to find this guy?
Why did McCanns hide the e.fits of the guy?
Why did Mitchell pooh pooh this lead simply because the "man concerned" came forward weeks later, why would that have mattered if it helped Madeleine?

If Mitchell was so sure back then and remains so sure now that his best buddie Gerry McCann was not that man, why were, and still are Mitchell and McCanns so rattled by the Smith family sighting?  Why did it rattle them so much that the McCanns concealed the E.fits?

Did the McCanns and Mitchell have the E.Fits at the time of Mitchell’s interview with Bill Turnbull of the BBC?

Their reaction to the Smith family sighting is much the same as when the McCanns heard of the blood being found, thought to be Madeleine’s. Instead of being so concerned that it may be their daughter's that something terrible might have happened to her, they began to make excuses dream up reasons why there could be blood, looking for anything at all as long as it wasn’t to look at the possibility of it being from Madeleine.

The sighting by the Smith family clearly never gave the McCanns 'hope' the hope they claimed then, and now, to be clinging to of finding their daughter alive. The hope Mitchell spoke of in that interview was not evident in their reaction to the Smith sighting. It seems to have had quite the opposite effect and that has to be a huge red flag in this case. 

The fact they kept from the police, and the public for a great length of time, five years it was reported, the E.Fits - damning to put it mildly!

Even the avid McCann supporter Hairy Berto had to acknowledge that the E.Fits which were hidden were of ‘some’ value, to the case.  Couldn’t quite bring himself to speak of the huge value they are and that they would have been of greater value if the McCanns had not suppressed them, it would have given Madeleine if alive a better chance of being found, and the police a better chance of finding her.  He must be bewildered devastated, questioning why those he has supported would do such a thing to their missing daughter.

Heriberto Janosch González
 ·· Madrid, Spain

"It seems the Oakley International report did not fit to the facts. Scotland Yard only rescued one thing of some value from it: the e-fits. "

Why is it then that the McCanns, their private investigation, did not make these valuable E.fits, known all those years ago, and even now have not made a public statement as to why they would have withheld crucial information which may have led to the discovery of their missing child?

For all who believe in the McCanns this must have come as somewhat of a shock!

From Gerry McCanns change of story re which door he used not only on the night Madeleine was made disappear by whomever, but on all nights, to Kate's story of whooshing curtains, broken shutters which was a lie,  and their holiday buddies stories of all checking each other's children, none of which are true - from Fund monies being spent on expensive lawyers to protect them, spokespersons, press agencies, legal actions taken against others, dodgy private detectives, Fund monies used for just about everything, and little on the search, Fund monies given to fraudsters, not fully co-operating with police - the whole case stinks!

If this guy is not Gerry McCann then some guy who looks like him is out there, some guy who 
looks just like him carried a child who looked just like Madeleine on the night the child vanished.

The village from where Madeleine was made vanish is a sleepy quiet little place. In low season like most places even more quiet.  It was in low season the McCanns were there.  Realistically, what are the chances that a Gerry McCann look-alike was in the village at the same time as Gerry McCann, carrying a child who looked like Madeleine McCann on the very same night the child was made vanish?

Extremely unlikely, but the possibility cannot be ruled out.   The Smith family either saw Gerry McCann or they saw someone who closely resembles him.  It is one or the other there is no escaping this.

Either way, whichever it is, this individual needs to be questioned by police, he needs to come forward and make a statement.

If the guy was a local taking home his own child he would be easily identifiable, the whole village, one would think would have recognised him, his uncanny resemblance to McCann.  In fact when McCann arrived in the village for his holiday, locals would no doubt have noted McCann looked like the local man, it would have been the talk of the town!   Even more so when McCann arrived with a little daughter who matched the description of the local man's daughter I would imagine. What a coincidence that would have been.   A holiday maker a ringer for a local man, and each having little blonde haired three year old daughter's!

So a scenario which I think we can rule out.

Makes one wonder if when McCann saw that if he saw his doppelganger, and it scared the life out of him!

So how many guys looking like Gerry McCann were in Praia da Luz on the 3rd May 2007?

That is what the Metropolitan Police, and indeed the Portuguese Police have to discover, as the 
Smith sighting is the only credible lead they have!

They can forget the gypsies, tramps and thieves, burglars, bandits, black men, swarthy foreigners, petty thieves -
 finding 'Gerry McCann Man' has to be the priority!

Wherever this guy is I wouldn't think he should be too hard to find not when he is a Gerry McCann lookalike, and McCanns face is now known the world over.  That has got to help!

I'm just surprised that such a man has not been tracked down already by Andy Redwood!

In this 2008 interview we can see that Mitchell was doing his darn well best to bury ‘Gerry McCann Man’

Seeing him resurrected in 2013 must have had Mitchell and the McCanns hot under the collar!

Would Mitchell lie to us?   Without a shadow of doubt! He would back then, and he would now, at the drop of a hat!
5th April 2014

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