Lying in the Sun

Would I Lie to You? - 4

Would I Lie to You - 4

A Hired Liar?


Interview 2008

Clarence Mitchell:

"The lawyers acting for Kate and Gerry in Portugal have seen this since last Thursday, so they’ve had a slight, head start on the media but not much of one.   They are going to go through it incredibly methodically they’re looking for two areas really, the first priority is anything in there, that could help to find Madeleine, it’s obvious but it has to be said. What wasn’t done? Where wasn’t searched? What sightings or leads weren’t followed up?  That needs to be gone through, and that could take them a good part of a month to do that.  Secondly, the lawyers will also be looking at it from the legal perspective.  If there is any incompetence or anything worse than that then under Portuguese Law they could bring charges against individuals or the police as a whole but that's not the priority.  The priority is finding Madeleine."

BBC Bill Turnbull

Is there anything that’s leapt out at them so far?


If there is I’m not aware of it YET but as I say this is a very methodical process,  a lot of it will mean a lot to the investigators and all of that will done privately.  We are not going to to give a running commentary on what we’re finding in there.


"The priority is finding Madeleine"
 said the McCanns hired bullshitter!  That was their FIRST priority!

In 2008 Mitchell declared
Madeleine was the priority, the priority was NOT bringing charges against any individual police officers, the police as a whole, for any act of incompetence or anything worse than that which the McCann lawyers in Portugal might find.

years on from Madeleine's disappearance and 6 since Mitchell gave that interview, and how does the land lie?

Well the McCanns did take legal action against a now retired Portuguese Police Officer.
Not for any act of incompetency, nor for anything worse than that.   Seems they did not like that he published a book which contained the findings of the Portuguese Police Investigation. They are suing the retired police officer for over one million Euros.   Their case incidentally is going badly.  They introduced as witnesses a bunch of family members, some dodgy friends, and a pretendy psychologist, who, in true Team McCann fashion - were not exactly truthful in their statements made in Court....oops!

But the point I make is -

That all of these years since Mitchell made that arrogant and abnoxious statement - turned out Madeleine was
NOT as he declared - the priority

 she had ever been priority, THOSE E. FITS put together in
2008, THE SAME YEAR THIS INTERVIEW TOOK PLACE would have been published immediately.

That didn't happen.
   They were hidden away by her parents, from the public, until the Metropolitan Police saw fit to release them in October of 2013!    


From this we can see WHAT EXACTLY took priority in the world of Kate and Gerry McCann, Clarence Mitchell and everyone else who knew of these E.Fits, and it was 
not in finding young Madeleine Beth McCann!

Bill Turnbull, BBC asked Mitchell directly if there was anything which had leapt out at the McCann lawyers while they trawled through the files and information.   He replied not that he knew of as yet.   That may have been so at that time.

  • But at what point in 2008 did McCanns obtain those E.Fits in relation to this interview?
  • At what point was Mitchell made aware of these E.Fits?
  • At what point were the McCann UK lawyers made aware of these E.Fits?
  • At what point were the McCann lawyers in Portugal made aware of these E.Fits.

Did this information not leap out at any of them from the McCanns own files?  Or, did it not have to, as:

  • They all were already aware of the existence of the E.Fits

  • They were all already aware that they were being suppressed by Kate and Gerry McCann, and their team of Directors at the Madeleine Fund?   (A team made up of the child's family members, and close friends of her parents)

I suggest this lot, the lawyers, the family, the friends, the lawyers, the spokesperson, all in Team McCann knew of the existence of these E.Fits long before the Metropolitan Police issued them, and that further, Madeleine was never the priority in this regard!

That much leaps out at us!

One wonders if Madeleine's grandparents were privy to this information?

Either way, those who did know have behaved despicably!

Quite clearly these E.Fits are of immense importance to solving the case of this missing child, else the Metropolitan Police would not have issued them!

So what do the Met think of this suppression of crucial information? Did they question the McCanns as to why they withheld it?

This child was not the priority of her parents, her family, their friends, their lawyers,their spokesperson, and anyone who was making money out of this missing child, when it came down to E.Fits which looked like her father - HER FATHER WAS THE PRIORITY!
6th April 2014

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