Lying in the Sun

Wright Little Weasel

Wright Little Weasel



Michael Wright, husband of Kate McCanns cousin took the witness stand at the libel trial in Lisbon.

He lied a lot, sighed a lot, mumbled, grumbled, and fumbled with his notes a lot - he was found out was he not? -

Caught out by Dr Goncalo Amaral's lawyer! 

Yip, he had notes!

He had written down, to remind himself, of feelings, and contacts he had in

relation to the McCanns.

This is a man, there to testify as to the distress the book by Dr Goncalo
====================================================== Amaral caused Kate McCann, and he had to have notes?

Had he witnessed any distress Kate McCann suffered it would be etched in his memory!

He would not need the use of notes!

Isabel Duarte the McCann lawyer, in her closing questions asked Michael Wright if he had anything else to say, to add to his testimony.



Do you have anything else you wish to tell the Court within the questions that you have been asked?


Without the use of his safety net –no notes for this one – he’d clearly never missed a rehearsal back home in the UK …


Michael Wright:

In terms of impact on the family, he saw in 2009 an e-mail from a British broadcaster, Channel 5, which offered Gonçalo Amaral €80,000 for an interview.


He adds that Kate's reaction was that it confirmed that all this had to do with money and not justice.


As Dr Goncalo Amaral was not part of any police investigation at this time, whether one thousand and one offers of interviews came his way, and no matter the amount offered – it doesn’t have any bearing whatsoever on this case.  Certainly not a jot to do with the greedy Kate McCann and her clan.

And, interesting he mentions the impact – What impact? 


Did Kate throw one of her hissy fits throw a few left hooks at her punch bag, smash up some church pews, howl in her front room while contemplating donning her inflatable armbands for a wee bash, and splash around in the briny?


Why was Wright waffling on about Kate McCann saying it was about money and not justice?


This libel action against Goncalo Amaral – erm what is it about?   What is it Kate McCann is after, oh yeah - 1 million bucks?


Had Dr Goncalo Amaral been paid for any interview he may have done - Why would that be the business of Kate McCann?


Duarte the nasty little lawyer, who spoke to reporters outside the Court, on the first day of the trial, one being Martin Brunt, Sky News, claimed she/they (McCanns) had not as yet found Dr Goncalo Amaral’s money, the profits from the sale of his book!


Who exactly do the McCann couple think they are?


What was it again that Michael Wright said in reference to Dr Goncalo Amaral – money and not justice?


(Loud laughter)


Seems money is more than important to Kate McCann – especially money belonging to others.

For some reason this couple appear to believe that the world should do their bidding, that they are owed something.

They have had £m’s donated to their Fund, which they have squandered, given to criminals.  Lost, legal actions which must have cost this Fund for Madeleine, dearly!  £m’s of UK taxpayers money is being spent on a farce of a police review – and they have the audacity to raise legal actions against others and expect huge monetary payout!

How can anyone respect them in any way?

Their little lawyer Duarte wanted to continue with this line of questioning, and we all know why – it was the McCanns attempt to paint Dr Goncalo Amaral as t greedy man…

The judge saw through this, and wisely over-ruled because as she knew, and everyone else did – Wright had no proof of any interview ever having taken place – Even so, had it taken place – not a jot to do with this unscrupulous bunch that is the McCanns, their extended family and their hangers-on!

The Judge recognised a weasel when she saw one, and a lying one at that!

She sent this particular one packing, long tail between his legs...

And another McCann weasel witness, bit the dust!

Weasels discharge a pungent odor when irritated - I'm guessing the Court was left stinking!
23rd September 2013

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